Help with a damaged item/Find a conservator


I have a damaged item. Can you tell me how to fix it, or can you give me a recommendation of who should conserve this item?


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The Smithsonian Institution cannot provide specific recommendations for the treatment of your objects. However, we can help you understand the nature of the problems within this forum, and we can help you to find professional conservators and/or appraisers in your area.

The American Institute for Conservation provides information on finding a conservator which offers guidelines for selecting a professional conservator. To retrieve the best results for your area, you might want to start with a search of within 100 miles. Their website also provides information about the professional conservation practice in the United States, how to care for your own treasures, and free brochures on caring for your personal collections.

Our colleagues at Connecting to Collections have put a very interesting discussion online about when and how to find a conservator for individuals or collections, and about the training that distinguishes conservation from other methods of caring for art and artifacts. You don't even have to register to view it!

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