Storage of 35mm slides in carousels


My mother kept hundreds of photo slides in carousels, which I have inherited. Each carousel holds numerous slides of one subject in plastic holders.  These holders keep the slides from touching each other.  The carousels fit into a projector, which allows them to be viewed on a screen.  The projector (which has since died) was able to move between slides through use of a remote control.  When a button on the "remote" was pressed, the projector would move between slides by ejecting one and dropping down the next. This process positioned a slide in front of the light source.  The "slide show" continued until the whole carousel had been viewed. Each carousel is still housed in a cardboard box that accompanied it when purchased.  The boxes have been, and continue to be, stored in a closet inside the house. They have been kept this way for 50+ years, with no damage that I can detect. 

Is this method of storing them sufficient to keep the slides from being damaged over the next hundred or so years?  If not, would you recommend removing them from the carousels?  If so, what alternative storage option would you recommend?

Any information you provide will be appreciated.

- Toni B.

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