Preserving an accounting book


I am in possession of my grandfather's accounting book. It starts in 1989 and continues to 1936 when he passed away. It contains every penny he earned. This book is something he bought at I would think Woolworths (at the time) and comparable to Walmart today. I live in Arizona and am concerned about how to preserve these books (there are 2). My family lives in the Baltimore area so these books will be passed on to them. My grandfather was well educated but because he was deaf (a result of scarlet fever at the age of 5) he was not considered to be capable to hold a job as an accountant. What strikes me is his handwriting it is beautiful and consistent, like he wrote it at one sitting. Unfortunately because of his disability he could not get a job as an accountant, he had to work in a canning factory in Baltimore City. I need to know how to preserve these books so that future generations can enjoy them. I am coming up on the big 8-0 so need to pass it on to my children and grandchildren. What advice can you give me?

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