About Us


Mission Statement

The Audiovisual Media Preservation Initiative supports the preservation needs of Smithsonian audiovisual collections through an innovative, pan-institutional approach. 


  • Initiative Coordinator 
    The team lead for AVMPI by coordinating all preservation program activities, including conservation treatments, collection packing and shipping, metadata generation, digitization, and budget oversight.   
  • Curator for Recorded Media 
    The content specialist for the history of audiovisual collections across the Smithsonian and works closely with unit staff to determine collection preservation priorities for AVMPI.   
  • Audio Preservation Specialist
    The specialist for the physical stabilization and digital transfer of analog audio collections.   
  • Video Preservation Specialist 
    The specialist for the physical stabilization and digital transfer of analog video collections.  
  • Media Collection Specialists
    The specialists for the overall preparation of collections, including physical handling, conservation treatment, and cataloging, for digital transfer.  
  • Rights & Reproductions Specialist
    The primary point of contact for the research and resolution of copyright issues for audiovisual collections preserved through AVMPI.   

Task Force Members  

  • Alison Reppert Gerber, Preservation Coordinator, Smithsonian Libraries and Archives (Chair) 
  • Blake McDowell, Media Archivist, National Museum of African American History & Culture  
  • Daisy Njoku, Media Archivist, National Anthropological Archives | Human Studies Film Archives  
  • Crystal Sanchez, Video and Digital Preservation Specialist, Office of the Chief Information Officer| DAMS 
  • Jennifer Snyder, Archivist, Archives of American Art 
  • Kira Sobers, Media Digitization Manager, Smithsonian Libraries and Archives 
  • Dave Walker, Audiovisual Archivist, Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage  
  • Jessica Warner, Senior Digitization Program Officer, Office of Chief Information Officer | DPO 

Advisory Committee Members

  • Joshua Bell, Acting Director, National Museum of Natural History | National Anthropological Archives 
  • Sherri Berger, Digital Program Officer, National Museum of American History 
  • Karri Brady, Director of Leadership Gifts, Office of Advancement 
  • Deron Burba, Chief Information Officer, Office of the Chief Information Officer 
  • Tamar Evangelestia-Dougherty, Director, Smithsonian Libraries and Archives
  • Richard Kurin, Interim Director, Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage 
  • Emily Niekrasz, Web and Social Media Content Manager, Smithsonian Libraries and Archives 
  • Tammy Peters, Interim Chief Archivist, Smithsonian Libraries and Archives 
  • Rebecca Snyder, Digital Media Specialist, National Museum of Natural History 
  • Bill Tompkins, Director, National Collections Program 
  • Michael Zisk, Program Manager, Smithsonian Facilities | Office of Planning, Design, and Construction