Appraisal help?


I have an object that I would like to have appraised by the Smithsonian. Can you tell me how much my object is worth?




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The Smithsonian Institution does not offer monetary evaluations, and we have developed the following pages to assist you in finding an appraiser of artworks and historic objects:

  • "Artifact Appraisals: A few references to help you determine the monetary value of your collectibles."
  • Encylopedia Smithsonian - Can the Smithsonian provide appraisals of objects?
  • Specific to books, the Smithsonian Institution Libraries have developed their own page of resources, that starts from their Frequently Asked Questions page.

  • Information about Old Books
  • Additionally, auction catalogs, databases, and collectors' manuals and price guides on appraisal can often be found at your local library or historical society, where there may also be public access to Artnet, which is an online database of auction records. Most art libraries will have access to this in their reading rooms.

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