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  1. Unidentified woman, Smithsonian Institution Archives.

    Annual Call for Help Identifying Women Scientists

    • Date: March 8, 2012
    • Creator: Tammy L. Peters
    • Description: This is our fourth annual call for help identifying scientists from the Archives’ collections for Women's History Month.

  3. Blog Post

    Help Us ID These Mystery Women and Scientists

    • Date: March 9, 2011
    • Creator: Catherine Shteynberg
    • Description: Access the official records of the Smithsonian Institution and learn about its history, key events, people, and research.

  5. Preserving Her Legacy: Coming Together to Preserve the Legacy of Women Scientists on Wikipedia

    • Date: April 17, 2012
    • Description: Wikipedians and staff partnered together to improve Wikipedia content about women scientists who are found in the Archives.

  7. Blog Post

    Let’s Play the Name Game: Identifying Women Scientists on the Flickr Commons

    • Date: April 12, 2012
    • Creator: Susannah Wells
    • Description: The Flickr Commons community helps the Archives identify images of Women in Science from our Science Service collections.

  9. SI History Bibliography

    Women Scientists in America: Struggles and Strategies to 1940

    • Date: 1982
    • Creator: Rossiter, Margaret W
    • Creator: Rossiter, Margaret W

  11. Blog Post

    Call for Entries! Women’s History Month

    • Date: March 2, 2009
    • Creator: Effie Kapsalis
    • Description: In celebration of Women’s History Month, we invite you to submit your photo and story about how photography both shapes and reflects women’s lives and accomplishments. Starting on March 8th, International Women's Day, we will also be featuring photographs of women scientists on the Smithsonian Flickr Commons photostream. We hope that these photos of women scientists and our

  13. Blog Post

    Smithsonian Scientists at Work

    • Date: April 20, 2017
    • Description: [view:sia_slideshow==75408]Scientific research has been integral to the Smithsonian, from its founding to today. The Smithsonian's founder, Englishman James Smithson, saw in the U.S. (according to his biographer, Heather Ewing) "a place of the future" that could support "science and progress for humanity." He believed that scientists were "citizens of the world" and that the

  15. Celebrate Women's History Month with the Archives

    Women's History Month 2012: Celebrate with the Archives

    • Date: March 1, 2012
    • Creator: Catherine Shteynberg
    • Description: The Archives will celebrate Women's History Month 2012 by blogging about new additions to the Flickr Commons "Women in Science" set.

  17. Blog Post

    Celebrating Women’s History Month with #HerNaturalHistory

    • Date: March 7, 2019
    • Creator: Emily Niekrasz
    • Description: This month, we invite you to follow along as we participate in the Biodiversity Heritage Library’s Her Natural History campaign to highlight women natural scientists in our collections. And don’t forget to head to the Smithsonian Transcription Center to help us transcribe notes from women working in the field.

  19. Blog Post

    Reflections on Women's History Month

    • Date: May 7, 2009
    • Creator: Tad Bennicoff
    • Description: Throughout March, archivists from the Smithsonian Institution Archives archivists blogged about the women scientists in the Science Service Records (1902-1965). Here is a reflection on their experience.

  21. Blog Post

    Women's History Month on the Flickr Commons: A Final Batch

    • Date: March 23, 2011
    • Creator: Catherine Shteynberg
    • Description: We've just added a final batch of photographs to our "Science Service" set on the Flickr Commons in honor of Women's History Month, and there are some interesting new ladies there. You might assume that since the images are from Science Service, they would only feature scientists. However, Science Service, a news service designed to popularize science and to disseminate

  23. Blog Post

    Update: New Round of Scientists on the Flickr Commons

    • Date: March 8, 2011
    • Creator: Catherine Shteynberg
    • Description: As promised, we just uploaded a new batch of over twenty photographs from our Science Service collection to the Smithsonian Flickr Commons. This week is heavy on the anthropology, archeology, and psychology, with a dabble of astronomy and engineering thrown in. The photos include such gems as: Drs.

Showing results 1 - 12 of 1729 for Women scientists