Women's History Month 2012: Celebrate with the Archives

This is one of a series of posts written in celebration of Women's History Month, and profiling additions of new images of female scientists to the "Women in Science" set on the Smithsonian Flickr Commons. We invite you to subscribe to The Bigger Picture blog to keep up with new posts, and to help us identify some of the unidientified scientists in our "Women in Science" set.

Celebrate Women's History Month with the Archives

Today is the beginning of Women's History Month, and if you've been following The Bigger Picture blog for very long, you'll know that it's a celebration we've honored for years now. In fact, this is our fourth year of commemorating the occasion by posting photos of women scientists and luminaries on the Flickr Commons, and blogging about these women's lives.

Over the next month we'll be highlighting some of these women in weekly blog posts, and we'll be adding new images to our "Women in Science" set, highlighted above, on the Flickr Commons.

Additionally, and as we've done in the past, we are asking for your help in identifying some of the women scientists in our collections. You've been such a tremendous help in the past, and we look forward to your insights and discoveries this year!

So, Happy Women's History month to you, and keep up with our celebrations this month by subscribing to the blog and subscribing to the Women in Science set

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