Women's History Month on the Flickr Commons: A Final Batch

We've just added a final batch of photographs to our "Science Service" set on the Flickr Commons in honor of Women's History Month, and there are some interesting new ladies there. You might assume that since the images are from Science Service, they would only feature scientists. However, Science Service, a news service designed to popularize science and to disseminate scientific knowledge and founded in the 1920s, also must have reported (or at least kept files) on a number of interesting women from outside of the scientific field.

Ewa Klobukowska (b. 1946), 1967, Smithsonian Institution Archives, SIA Acc. 90-105 [SIA2008-4856].
I was surprised at the fascinating stories and images I found in this new set, from women both well-known and more obscure. Helen Keller "listening" to the radio with her hand; Eleanor ("Nell") Gwynne (1650-1687), a mistress of King Charles II of England who wore her hair bobbed when it was "not in fashion"; and Ewa Klobukowska a Polish athlete who was declared ineligible for competition in the 1967 Women's European Athletic Cup because she had one too many chromosomes and thus, "failed to pass the sex test," are just a few of these groundbreaking women. Please enjoy our last addition of images to the Flickr Commons in celebration of 2011 Women's History Month. We look forward to seeing your continued research contributions on the Commons, and please keep your eyes out for a blog post in the next week or two profiling all of the amazing work that you've done to identify and uncover the history of these women over the past month!

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