Women's History Month: Celebrating 6 years!

Hazel Katherine Stiebeling (1896-1989) Happy Women’s History Month! We are delighted that this is our sixth year, even though we’ve been celebrating throughout the year, every week with our Women in Science Wednesday series. We have several activities planned this year. With this post, we are launching a set of 70 new images from the Science Service, a science news organization. Included this year are some old and new faces; Rosalind Wulzen a physiologist who discovered a factor that protects the joints of mammals from calcification, Maud Wrinch a mathematician known for her work on the protein structure, and Hazel Katherine Stiebeling (below) a U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) nutritionist who helped to develop the daily allowance standards and the first woman to receive the Distinguished Service Medal given to federal employees. The entire collection can be viewed here and in the slideshow below. Throughout the month, our archivists and historians will write in depth posts about some of the women in our collection, so please follow along. Finally, on March 18th, we will host a Wikipedia edit-a-thon with the goal of better representation for women scientists on Wikipedia. Join us remotely or in person as we complete this to-do list. A big thank-you to Marcel LaFollette who conducted the research to write captions for the women and men of the Science Service collection, and to all our staff and YOU who help to make these women better known.

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