Helena Weiss, George B. Griffenhagen and Bane, August 24, 1956. Helena Weiss signs paperwork during the presentation of the Roentgen X-ray tube. Smithsonian Institution Archives, Record Unit 95, Image no. SIA2009-4253.

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Over One Hundred Revised or New Finding Aids Online, including:

  • Accession 19-001 - Ursula B. Marvin Papers, c. 1928-2012. This collection documents planetary geologist Ursula Marvin's professional career and personal life. Materials include correspondence with friends, family and colleagues; biographical information about Marvin; detailed dairy-like journals of her work and travels; and photographs and slides of her family, work, lectures, and travels. Of special note are journals detailing her trips to Antarctica, and family correspondence describing her activities while in Brazil and Angola.

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Nine Finding Aids with New Links to Digitized Material, including:

  • Record Unit 9513 - Lucile Quarry Mann Oral History Interviews, 1977. These interviews of Lucile Mann cover her education; editorial and administrative careers with the Bureau of Entomology and the National Zoological Park (NZP); life as wife of the NZP Director, William M. Mann; travels and expeditions for the zoo; animals raised in their home; famous residents of the Zoo; and reminiscences about famous scholars and personalities such as Austin H. Clark, Leonhard Stejneger, Noel Coward, and Alexander Woollcott. The full transcripts of these interviews are now available via the finding aid.
  • Record Unit 9587 - Helena M. Weiss Oral History Interviews, 1987. These interviews of Weiss discuss her work at the Veterans Administration and career at the Smithsonian, including her work as a stenographer for the Office of Correspondence and Documents and secretary for the Department of Geology, tenure as Registrar for the United States National Museum, and role as one of the first women managers at the Smithsonian. Also included are reminiscences of many colleagues, notably Ray S. Bassler, Herbert S. Bryant, Louise M. Pearson, and Alexander Wetmore, and stories about her responsibilities for important artifacts and specimens. The full transcripts of these interviews are now available via the finding aid.

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