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Today in Smithsonian History

Fire in Smithsonian Institution Building, by Gardner, Alexander 1821-1882, January 24, 1865, Smithsonian Archives - History Div, 37082 or MAH-37082.

January 24, 1865

Fire destroys the roof and all the interior of the upper story of the main building of the Smithsonian Institution Building, the interior of the two large north towers, and also of the large south tower. The personal effects and mineral collection of James Smithson are destroyed, with the exception of his portrait and library, as well as the contents of Secretary Joseph Henry's office, including correspondence, scientific papers, diaries, and the completed manuscript of the annual report. Also lost in the fire are many meteorological records, scientific instruments, including those donated by Dr. Robert Hare, and the John Mix Stanley portraits of American Indians.More

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