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  • Gaynor, Margaret C
  • Jameson, John F
  • Matthews, C. Austin
  • Rodriguez, Mary J
  • Suchanic, Angela C
  • Suttenfield, Nancy D
  • Wharton, L. Carole
  • Yellin, Jon E
  • Zickafoose, Jackie D
  • Johnson, Kathleen R
  • Dauer, Bruce A
  • Johnson, Ken
  • Smithsonian Institution Office of Financial and Management Analysis
  • Smithsonian Institution Office of Planning & Budget
  • Smithsonian Institution Office of Programming and Budget
  • Smithsonian Institution Office of the Treasurer
  • Smithsonian Institution Administration


Agency History


  • This is an agency history. It does not describe actual records. The Smithsonian Institution Archives uses these histories as brief accounts of the origin, development, and functions of an office or administrative unit to set that unit in its historical context. To find information on record holdings, please double-click the highlighted field "Creator/Author", which will open on a brief view of relevant records.
  • Smithsonian Institution, About, Our Leadership, Under Secretary for Administration, accessed September 14, 2021.
  • Artforum, News, David Voyles Named Deputy Director of Smithsonian American Art Museum,, accessed September 14, 2021.
  • Office of Planning, Management and Budget,"OPMB Mission," opmb 04/05/2000
  • Memo from L. Carole Wharton to Heads of Bureaus and Offices, 12/07/1993
  • The Office of Planning, Management and Budget (OPMB) was officially formed on October 1, 1993 as a result of a merger between the Office of Planning and Budget and the Office of Financial and Management Analysis. Originally, the functions and responsibilities were part of the Treasurer's Office.
  • OPMB plans for and manages resources for the Smithsonian. The Office assists the Secretary, senior management, and Board of Regents in setting priorities, allocating resources, and measuring performance. OPMB gathers, analyzes, and presents Institutional needs to the Regents, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), and Congress for evaluation and disposition. OPMB also provides services to central and unit managers in order to improve planning for, as well as management of, Smithsonian resources. In addition, OPMB develops and disseminates Institutional policy directives and announcements.
  • OPMB is comprised of four units: Budget Formulation and Execution, which provides guidance and support to bureaus and offices in the development of budgets and in the monitoring of the spending of allocated funds; Compliance and Representation, which serves as the Smithsonian's contact with Congress and Office of Management and Budget on budgetary issues and coordinates the review of existing Smithsonian directives and preparation of new Institutional policy directives; Financial Planning and Management Support supports strategic financial planning at the Institution and is the source of Institutional financial data; and Program Planning and Management Support, which provides consultative support to program-related planning and management activities throughout the Institution, coordinates the Internal Controls Review process, and prepares the Institution's plans for presentation to external audiences.
  • Professional staff members of OPMB have included: L. Carole Wharton, Director, 1991-2001; Bruce A. Dauer, Director, 2001-2012; David Voyles, Director, 2013-2018; Ken Johnson, Acting Director, 2019- ; Nancy D. Suttenfield, Director of Programming and Budget, 1986-1990, and Assistant Secretary for Finance and Administration, 1990-1996; Jon E. Yellin, Director of Programming and Budget, 1976-1985; John F. Jameson, Director of Programming and Budget, 1976-1985; C. Austin Matthews, Deputy Director, 1998- , Assistant Director for Budget Formulation and Execution, 1993-1998; Kathleen R. Johnson, Assistant Director for Financial Planning and Management Support, 1995- ; Mary J. Rodriguez, Assistant Director for Compliance and Representation, c. 1988- ; Angela C. Suchanic, Special Assistant, Program Planning and Management Support, c. 1994- ; Margaret C. Gaynor, Assistant Director for Policy Development, c. 1993- ; and Jackie D. Zickafoose, Assistant Director for Systems and Administration Support, c. 1994- .
  • For a history of the larger creating unit, refer to "Forms part of " above.

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