Start the New Year Right with Tips from the Archives

The New Year--1869, from Harper's Weekly, January 9, 1869, by Winslow Homer.

Happy 2012 to everyone! It’s a new year, which inevitably brings about passionate declarations of all kinds of resolutions that often fizzle out before January even has a chance to draw to a close. At the top of many of the resolution/how-to lists you undoubtedly run into all over the internet this time of year, is organization—purge the old, in with the new, this year my pantry will look like Martha Stewart’s!

At the risk of sounding disengenous, I do indeed love to start the year organized, and am happy to be able to tap into the advice our archivists have offered over the years on this very blog. So, here’s a run-down of some tips from the blog archives to help keep your digital and physical files and photos in tip-top shape this year (or at least plant that satisfying-sounding seed in your head ) . . .

Happy reading, and organizing!

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