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Learn about best practices for conservation, preservation, and digitization from the Archives’ Collections Care team.

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Appraisal help? 1
Need help authenticating document 2
Should I laminate an old document, like a photo or birth certificate? 0 n/a
How do I preserve my collection of historic 16mm film, audiotape or videotape? 0 n/a
How do I preserve my newspaper? 1
Stabilization of crumbling materials in archive of DC volunteer organization 1
Preserving an accounting book 1
Storage of 35mm slides in carousels 1
Photograph stuck to glass? 1
A laminated old Official document 1
Identifying Copy of Constitution 1
Help with a damaged item/Find a conservator 1
Storage suggestions for silk banner? 1
How do I keep old family papers preserved? 1
What's the best way to display an old map? 1
Help with making documents more legible? 1
Why does paper yellow? 3
Digitizing photo albums and historic books (submitted via email) 3
Separating photos that are stuck together 3
Removing tape from a vintage photograph? 3
Bugs on books and papers? (submitted by email) 3
I've got mold in my files 6
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