Find tips on researching and using the collections of the Archives which holds the records of the Smithsonian Institution.

There is no one path to becoming an archivist, but you will likely need a combination of archival experience from internships and volunteer opportunities and a graduate degree in Library Science (or similar degree), Public History, or Museum Studies. You will also likely need a strong background in writing, research, and computer skills. For additional information on this and related topics, please see the blog post, “Some Archival Career Advice”:

How do I cite the Smithsonian Institution Archives’ collections?

How can an external student or any entity can give its contribution for providing job search and career related information to the students and other people browsing your website?

How do I locate an object that was donated to the Smithsonian in the past?


I think I might be a relative of James Smithson. How can I verify this?

Where can I find the Smithsonian Institution Archives collections?


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