Joseph Henry Chronology

1797 December 17. Born in Albany, New York to Ann Alexander Henry (1760-1835) and William Henry (1764-1811)

1819-1822 Attends the Albany Academy

1826-1832 Professor of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy at the Albany Academy

1827 Begins research in electromagnetism

1830 May 3. Marries Harriet Alexander (1808-1882)

1831 Publishes seminal paper on electromagnetism in January issue of Silliman's Journal; publishes paper on electric motor in July issue of Silliman's Journal; demonstrates prototype telegraph

1832-1848* Professor of Natural Philosophy at the College of New Jersey (later Princeton University)

1846-1878 Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution

1848 Establishes Smithsonian meteorological observer network

1849-1850  President of the American Association for the Advancement of Science

1852-1878  Member of the United States Light-House Board

1868-1878 President of the National Academy of Sciences

1871-1878  Chairman of the United States Light-House Board

1878 May 13. Dies in Washington, D.C.

*Although Henry became Secretary of the Smithsonian in 1846, he retained his position at Princeton until June 1848.

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