Vertebrate Paleontology & Geology Exhibit, Conference on Future of SI, by Unknown, , Smithsonian Archives - History Div, To the right is the Vertebrate Paleontology Exhibit at the Conference on the Future of the Smithsonian, February 11, 1927, with James W. Gidley (1866-1931), Assistant Curator of Mammalian Fossils, seated beside exhibit panels. The panel on Vertebrate Paleontology includes: at the top two pictures of fossil bone deposits from Florida; on the second row, below pictures in the middle, is a fossil of a human skull, to its right a fossil of the lower jaw of an extinct horse and to its left a fossil of the lower jaw of an extinct tapir; on the table from left to right is the hind foot of an African elephant, (then Gidley), a portion of a mammoth skeleton, behind it a tusk; unidentified object and the fore foot. The label below reads "Portions of Mammoth Skeleton." Behind Gidley is the Physical and Chemical Geology Exhibit..