Science Service Board of Trustees Meeting, by Unknown, 1941, Smithsonian Archives - History Div, Photograph of the Science Service Board of Trustees Meeting, on May 1, 1941. Includes (left to right) seated: Dr. Charles G. Abbot (Fifth Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, 1928-1944), Dr. Ross G. Harrison, Dr. J. McKeen Cattell, Dr. Robert A.Millikan, O. W. Riegel, Dr. Edwin G. Conklin, Dr. W. H. Howell, Dr. H. E. Howe. Standing: A. H. Kirchhofer, Frank R. Ford, Dr. Henry B. Ward, Watson Davis (Director), Dr. Harlow Shapley. The Science Service, the Institution for the Popularization of Science, was organized in 1921 as a non-profit corporation..