Elephant House with Elephant Walking in the Yard, NZP,1903, by Unknown, 1903, Smithsonian Archives - History Div, Photograph of the brick Elephant House designed by Hornblower and Marshall for the National Zoological Park. Construction on the building began in September of 1902 and was completed in January of 1903. According to the Annual Report, the elephants were moved into the house on March 12, 1903. A hastily erected shed called the Octagonal Barn had been used by the elephants, some of the first animals at the Zoo. In 1891 the Adams-Forepaugh Shows, a locally based circus that wintered its animals at the Zoo, gave two elephants, Dunk and Gold Dust, who were ceremoniously led up Connecticut Avenue to their quarters. The Barn was used until 1903 when the animals were afforded more permanent accommodations. Secretary Samuel P. Langley (1887-1906) had earlier solicited designs from numerous architects for an elephant house but none were satisfactory. In 1936 Works Progress Administration funds provided for the first moated exhibit, the current Pachyderm House..