United States National Museum Entomological Workers, 1905, by Unknown, c. 1905, Smithsonian Archives - History Div, Entomology staff of the Division of Insects, United States National Museum, now known as the Arts and Industries Building in the collection area. Staff (left to right): Unidentified young man, Mrs. Virginia (Jennie) Locke, Andrew Nelson Caudell, James Crawford, Daniel Coquillett, Otto Heidemann, William H. Ashmead, Harrison Gray Dyer, Eugene A. Schwarz, and at the end on the right is possibly Robert Asa Cushman or Raymond Corbett Shannan. A bank of storage cabinets containing trays are along the back wall. Some large specimens including a head showing teeth of an animal are lying on a shelf on the left. A tall ladder leans against storage units on the right..