Page 1 of a Letter from Herbert Friedmann to S. Dillon Ripley, July 10, 1944, Smithsonian Archives - History Div, Page 1 of a letter from Herbert Friedmann to S. Dillon Ripley informs him that he has finished reading galley proofs of his "Birds of the West Sumatra Islands"; has sent a copy of the Annual Report to Herbert G. Deignan who in turn is to forward it to Ripley; reports Dr. Charles G. Abbot has resigned as Secretary and that Dr. Alexander Wetmore will become Acting Secretary; Mrs. Roxie C. Simpson, divisional taxidermist, has been working chiefly on cleaning and reshaping old specimens; and that in addition to the list of a number of deaths of ornithologists he sent to Deignan he has learned of the death by a robot bomb in London of William Lutley Sclater..