Operation Crossroads: Crossroads Newsletter March 16, 1946 First Issue, March 16, 1946, Smithsonian Archives - History Div, This is the first issue of the "Crossroads" Newsletter, written for the people in Task Unit 16.16.5 of the Crossroads Operation. The newsletter contains articles on the upcoming A-Bomb tests at Bikini Atoll, the use of drones in these upcoming tests, the coming of the 53rd United States Navy Construction Battalion to lay the ground work for the A-Bomb experiment and to build a recreation facility, the military's termination of campaign medals for service in the American, European, and Asia-Pacific theaters in World War II, and a brief biography of Clifford B. Schiano, the commander of the task unit (16.16.5). As well, the newsletter features a broader discussion of nuclear weaponry, and the public and professional opinion on its use and testing. Additionally, the newsletter contains an assortment of cartoons and jokes, a "Miss Crossroads of the Week" photograph and biography, and columns by Chaplain S.D. Chambers and by the newsletter's editor, Roy Paul Nelson..