Postcard of the New National Museum, c. 1915-1930, Smithsonian Archives - History Div, Postcard of the new U.S. National Museum. The view is from the right side of the building. The roof appears red, though in reality it is actually gold, and an American Flag is flying from the building. Trees flank each side of the postcard. There is a pot of red and white flowers on a stone pedestal in front of the museum. The message side is unused, but it has a printed note about the museum: "The New National Museum, is under the direction of the Smithsonian Institution and supported by the annual appropriations of Congress. It has a frontage of 561 ft. on the Mall opposite the Old National Museum, a depth of 365 ft., a height of 82 ft., and cost $3,500,000. No greater opportunity for scientific research is found anywhere in the world than the combined collections of the Old and New National Museums at Washington. Here one may see any sort of exhibit from a huge meteorite to a few grains of sand, may trace human progress from antediluvian [time between the biblical creation of Earth and the biblical flood] days to twentieth century civilization, may gaze upon skeletons of huge extinct animals, behold a collection of nearly 13,000 different species of birds, or view historic and personal relics of priceless value." The front of the postcard has a white border..