Brian Schmidt Holding an Olive-Backed Forest Robin, by Ward, Carlton, c. 2003, Smithsonian Archives - History Div, Brian Schmidt, National Museum of Natural History research ornithologist, holds a female olive-backed forest robin or Stiphrornis pyrrholaemus in his hand. The bird species was discovered by Smithsonian researchers in the forests of Gabon, Africa. The birds on average measures 4.5 inches in length and average 18 grams in weight when it reaches adulthood. Males have black feathers on their heads, a fiery orange breast, yellow belly, white dot on their face in front of each eye and an olive back for which it is named. Females of the species look similar, but have a less vibrant color. Smithsonian scientists published their findings on the new species in Zootaxa on August 15, 2008..