NMNH Foreign Language Tour Guides, by Unknown, May 1976, Smithsonian Archives - History Div, Photo of participants in the foreign language tour program offered by National Museum of Natural History during the Bicentennial of the American Revolution year at the Smithsonian. Seated (from left) are Glenn Chase, chairman of the NMNH Foreign Language Highlights Docents; Magda Schremp, Docent Program Coordinator for NMNH; Lynn Norton, Spanish tours; Yumiko Gillepsie, Japanese; Gina Pragan, German; Kaoru Fukumoto, Japanese; Ortensia Eardley, Italian and French; and Elizabeth O'Dor, German. Standing (from left) are foreign language docents Debbie Tari, Portuguese; Gladys Sibbald, Spanish; Laura Mye, Italian, French, and Spanish; and Elinor Halle, Portuguese. Other docents in the program are Daisy Mendizabal, Spanish tours; Susan Gulick, Spanish; Stephanie Hysmith, German; Toshiko Takeuchi, Japanese; Teiko Hirasawa, Japanese; George Jubran, Arabic; Bernice Stavisky, French; Edith Grunnet, French; Tony Loezere, French; and Jean-Marie Simon, Spanish and French..