U.S.S. "Frederick C. Davis" Sinking into the North Atlantic, by Unknown, April 24, 1945, Smithsonian Archives - History Div, U.S.S. "Frederick C. Davis" (DE-136) about to take her final plunge in the North Atlantic, halfway between Newfoundland and the Azores. Sunk by "U-546 (Just)" at 0840 on 24 April 1945 as "Davis" was moving in for a depth charge attack. In various stages of shock, compounded by underwater blasts from two depth charge explosions as "Davis" sank, seventy-seven of the "Davis" crew of 192 survived two to four hours in shark-infested waters and were rescued by sister ships. "U-546" was sunk, with 33 survivors, some ten hours later, after a protracted hunt and numerous depth charge barrages. Background for this image is in Philip K. B. Lundeberg's chapter, "Operation TEARDROP Revisited" in Timothy Runyan, editor, "To Die Gallantly" (Boulder, Oxford: Westview Press, 1994), (Philip K. Lundeberg, 10/04/06).