Henry B. Collins, Jr. with Skull Collection, by Unknown, 1928, Smithsonian Archives - History Div, Henry B. (Henry Bascom) Collins, Jr., (1899-1987) sits at a table that has numerous skulls on it. Collins appears to be studying one skull. Behind him is a bookshelf loaded with reference books and pamphlets. Collins was originally trained in geology and became involved in anthropology as an assistant on archaeologist Neil M. Judd's expeditions to New Mexico in 1922-1924. He became an aide in the Division of Ethnology of the United States National Museum in 1924, was promoted to assistant curator, and in 1938 became associate curator in the same division. In 1939, he was made a senior ethnologist with the Bureau of American Ethnology. He became that organization's director in 1963, and was the senior scientist in the Department of Anthropology of the National Museum of Natural History from 1966 to 1987..