Steam Tricycle in Front of North Entrance to SIB, by Unknown, 1888, Smithsonian Archives - History Div, This photo shows the Copeland steam-propelled tricycle in front of the Carriage Porch at the north entrance Smithsonian Institution Building (the Castle) on the Mall. The driver of the tricycle is its inventor, Lucius D. Copeland; the passenger is Frances Benjamin Johnston, who later became a noted Washington photographer. Standing to the left are patent attorney B. C. Poole and an associate, and the builder and promoter of the tricycle, Sandford Northrop. To the right are W. H. Travis and J. Elfreth Watkins, curator of the transportation section in the Smithsonian's U.S. National Museum, 1885-1903. At back right is Immanuel Moses Casanowicz, Assistant Curator, Division of Historic Archaeology at the U.S. National Museum, with a white beard, wearing a dark toque, and facing right..