Cover of Sheet Music for the "Smithsonian Polka", by Sindall, Henry S, 1855, Smithsonian Archives - History Div, Cover for the sheet music "The Smithsonian Polka," composed by W. Bergman, a Washington, D.C., music teacher, dedicated "To the Officers & Members of the Smithsonian Institute," and published in 1855 by Hilbus and Hitz. The cover was a lithograph of the Smithsonian Institution Building's north facade with adults and children gathered in groups and strolling around on the grounds. It was engraved by A. Hoen & Co. of Baltimore from a drawing by Henry (Harry) S. Sindall. The music was probably written to commemorate the opening of the newly completed Smithsonian Institution Building. The original sheet music was given to Charles D. Walcott, fourth Secretary (1907-1927) of the Smithsonian Institution, by Mrs. Herbert Hoover in 1924..