Beatles' Rolls Royce at National Museum of History and Technology (NMHT), 1978, Smithsonian Institution Archives, Secretary S. Dillon Ripley shows the Beatles' Rolls-Royce to Caron Carter in the underground driveway at National Museum of History and Technology, now known as National Museum of American History., From Torch caption: "A new Smithsonian acquisition, the Beatle's Rolls-Royce, is proudly shown by Secretary Ripley to Caron (Mrs. Chip) Carter following Mrs. Rosalynn Carter's presentation of her Inauguration Gown to the First Ladies Hall. The multi-colored Rolls, which Ripley drove from the Castle to the underground parking space at MHT, was presented to the Smithsonian last December by John Lennon, one of the famed quartet, and his wife. The car will be featured in an exhibit, opening at Cooper-Hewitt in October, on 'Ornament in the 20th Century.'".