National Academy of Sciences Executive Subcommittee to Organize Psychological Research in Aeronautics and Pilot Training, 1939, Smithsonian Institution Archives, National Academy of Sciences Executive Subcommittee to organize psychological research in aeronautics and pilot training, 1939. Left to right: Lawrence James O'Rourke (b. 1892), Director of Personnel Research, U. S. Civil Service Commission; Harry Miles Johnson, Professor of Psychology, Tulane University; Raymond Franzen, Professor of Psychological Statistics, University of California; J. G. Jenkins; Dean Robinson Brimhall (1886-1972), Works Progress Administration; Ross Granville Harrison (1870-1959), Yale University; C. E. Guthe; Walter Richard Miles (1885-1978), Yale University; Ross Armstrong McFarland (1901-1976), Harvard University; V. A. Henmon, Professor of Education, University of Wisconsin; and Richard Parmenter, Coordinator of Research, Cornell University..