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Solomon Brown Letter to Spencer Baird on his being exempted from the Union military draft due to physical disabilities, September 23, 1864

Solomon Brown Letter - Sept 23, 1864

185 F. Street
Washington Sept. 23 1864
Prof Baird
Dear Sir
I have this day Received notice that I (Solomon G. Brown) had had been on
Monday Sept. 20 legally drafted in service of U.S. for the period of one year. and I was required to
report for duty Saturday Sept. 24. but I am glade to inform you that I reported to day (23rd) and was
exempted on the grounds of Physical disability. and papers furnished accordingly. please inform Mrs
Baird and Miss Lucy. I have nearly run myself down hunting substitutes. And will have to take a days
rest before serving my ordinary duties. you will not I fear find things in a very good order at S.I. on your
return as I could wish. all well at home. none of the S. I. chief is yet armed.
no more fear yours very respectfully,