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Solomon Brown Letter to Spencer Baird detailing his fears of a Confederate attack on Washington, DC, and inquiring how he should safeguard Baird's silver goods, September 4, 1862

Solomon Brown Letter - Sept 4, 1862

Smithsonian Institution
Washington Sept 4th 1862
Prof Baird
Dear Sir
our city is again thought to be in great danger. Every body seems much
frightened the Enemy is said by some this morning to have appeared in Maryland – if this be true I don't
see why they cannot come to Washington. in view of which I write to know if it would not be well to
have your Silver got Ready for Sending on to you at Carlisles.
Please write soon and let me know. I feel as usual quite well but yet I
begin to fear our Generals is not alright, Some how or there is a [?screw loosed].
Respectfully yours,
We can do but little work here we have no [ ] for every place and streets is filled with the Poor cut up