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Solomon Brown Letter to Spencer Baird describing his work at the Smithsonian Institution, August 12, 1862

Solomon Brown Letter - Aug 12, 1862 - Page 1

Smithsonian Institution
Augt 12th 1862.
Prof Baird
Dear Sir
I have received all your letter and been faithfull to Exicute all the orders contained
in them, Except the one relative my writing you. have nothing of Interest to say I concluded

that I would not write until I could say that I had finished up some one portion to of your orders
left with me to fulfill.
I have this day finished up the Packing Room - and have made a beginning in the Packing Room
under the library, and indeed feel almost Puzzled to know how I shall Truely begin. for there is
But little of this work that I can do alone and Every man is Bussy about other Repairs about the
building Except John who is doing his usual Part of skulking & hiding away. I have engaged in
almost Every Branch of 

Solomon Brown Letter - Aug 12, 1862 - Page 2

work that is usual and unusual about the S.I. Mr Thomas Egleston
applied to Prof Henry for my assistence in the Mineralogical Department and I was engage at
different times well in to two weeks marking numbers on 2400 pieces of Broken Bid Building
Stone. -- -- --
the next unusual job was after I had finished filling up all the numbers in the recent shelves of
Distributing case against the East Wall in the Document Room. Mr Hinwood complained to Mr
Rheese of the great Inconvenience in him having to come down to Doct Room with written
order for S. Publication. -- finely an order came over from Prof Joseph Henry By Mr Rheese
ordering all the Papers contained in the cases above [?named] to be Brought up in Mr Hinwood
Room (formerly Mr Hayes) to be systematically arranged xc. this order puts me back almost one
week as James & Rodyen wa and Indeed I was at times assisting Mr Debrist in the Alteration
then going on in Mr Gill's and the Apparatus Room. So I could git but little chance or assistence
to carry up 

Solomon Brown Letter - Aug 12, 1862 - Page 3

this Tremendous Pile of Literary matter, but by taking up often at times I did on
Thursday last finish up the whole, tieing up a Batch of Each Paper occupied all friday and apart
of Saturday. Monday I finished up washed off all the counters Put things generally to wright
again lock up the Room and decends under the Library to begin operation there but finding
several lot of things that Mr Eglesten had laid out for packing for the Express- xc. - I did not
finely begin until to day. I can not give any description of the Room where Mr Waltz is working
as he appears to be making very slow Progress and every thing looks very Bad in that Portion of
the Building. your Room is filled with Boxes of Osteological Specimens taken from the shelves
from the north walls and over the door going into Mr Gills Room. - the first case - on the west
wall had to be removed - all the things was Taken out and Placed in the last 

Solomon Brown Letter - Aug 12, 1862 - Page 4

case on the same side I takes down the Boxes and Emptied the case my self so that all was safly and carefully removed together with Mr Stimpsons case. -- I made some righting up in the Aisle Room, But I went down to day and it was frightfull -- Mr. Gill have got every Place filled with jars of fishes and dirty alcohol not saying anything about old Rags Tin can keys xc floor all slooped, Table dripping, Indeed not sence the Agassizian Party was here have I seen such a room - But in due time I hope to have Everything in a shape more congenial to my feelings I shall not shock your nerves with any discription of the small wate Room -- next to your office. But a change will come over this department if Mr Gill goes north. Prof Henry Gave orders for the Balwin cases of small Birds thus in Mr G. Room to be lowered to the museum floor. Did Mr Varden tell you I have not Tuched them

Solomon Brown Letter - Aug 12, 1862 - Page 5

yet. But will try and hold on until I -- hear from you -- on the subject I hope Mrs Baird is now very well and also Mrs Churchill and Miss Lucy. I called by the house on Saturday Evening all was well and Every thing in order. Girls desired to be Remembered kindly to all.
Please give my Best Respects to Mrs Baird, Miss Lucy, Mr & Mrs Churchill & Daniel. I should have mentioned before that I have been at the Patent office with [?Clanlce] and his wagon Removing some thing from there.
I think of nothing more of Interest to say just now.
I am Sir your obedient servent
Solomon G. Brown.