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Solomon Brown Letter to Spencer Baird on the delays and dangers in communication and shipment on the railroads, September 6, 1862

Solomon Brown Letter - Sept 6, 1862 - Page 1

Washington Sept. 6th 1862
Prof S J Baird
Dear Sir
your two letters is before me. I went to Brady gallery – Mr [?Amodon]
requested me to say to you that I he had received your letter some days before, but had not been able
up to this time to fill your order owing to the fact that the negative plate of Cape [?Bidelle] being
[?mislaid], but that he has found it now and will have [?cards] Ready in a few days and forward them to
you. I will just now attempt to send the Box of S. for our city in is great Excitement over the news that
Rebels had crossed in to Maryland with Large numbers and that are marching on the Relay and Anapolis
Junctions. if this be true it is dangerous to to attempt to send any thing by Rail. however so many
troops is passing over the R.R. that the Express [?cars] are [?delivered] here. I have set about selecting a
good place for it and should I find it necessary to hide it I will inform you where it is. Excuse this letter I
write in hast for fear that the 

Solomon Brown Letter - Sept 6, 1862 - Page 2

mails may be stopped.
Yours Very Respectfully