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Solomon Brown Letter to Spencer Baird on the death of a coworker's wife and its effects, and his request for increased salary, August 6, 1864

Solomon Brown Letter - Aug 6, 1864 - Page 1

Smithsonian Institution
Washington Aug 6 1864
Prof S. F. Baird
Dear Sir
your letter dated Aug have just reached me and it you say that you
paper xc have not come to [?now] I did up to the time of received the printed slips send all that came by
mail to your address. after that Mr Smith sent according to your orders, I suppoe you have been
informed ere this of the very sudden and unexpected death of Mrs W.J.Rheese. Prof Henry left town
sad Saturda monday morning and I have not seen Mr Rheese for more than two weeks, I applied for a
release from S.I. either temperarly or permanently to Prof Henry and he promised to arrange matters
pertaining to that end before he left but did not do so. and as I had engaged work for this week was
compelled to be absent for 4 days of this week I have been painting. Prof Henry don't seem willing to
allow his men more wages and I for one can not at the present rates of living remain for the same
money. therefore I fear that I can not remain until you return, Mr Waltz is in one of his contrary fits and
con not be persuaded to put up the shelves in the Delahuny Paint Room under Packing Room to

Solomon Brown Letter - Aug 6, 1864 - Page 2

the S.I. stock of Publications every thing is filled in Floors and on the counters in the
Packing Room waiting his pleasure.
Prof Henry is Expected back tomorrow or monday, -- Mr Rheese I learn has gone away so we have no
bas commanding officer present. so the work of Removing the Publications will have to remain undone
until Prof Henry returns and give the carpenter the second and more correct order. all at the house is
well. I have not been there fo three or four dats. I learn from Twine Twine that alls well and every thing safe.
I hope Mrs Baird & Miss Lucy is much improved.
I had very much like going up for her [mount try] and keep up if passable
IIt all must impassable for me hold arm with a a pen to finish the letter.
Yours Respectfuly
for 3 days I have been working on a long tin roof in sun the thermometer stood at 126 in the sun, and
not being well when I [?longer] that the effect very severely to day But I have finished and will rest
tomorrow if being Sunday -