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Letter Dated October 20, 1902

Wright Bros. Letter - Oct 20, 1902 - Page 1

Kitty Hawk, Oct. 20th
Prof. S. P. Langley, L.L.D.
Washington, D.C.
Dear Sir:

Your telegram reached us today after being somewhat delayed by the fact that the telegraph office is nearly five miles from our camp. We have arranged to break camp at the end of this week and shall probably do no gliding after Friday, as it will take one day, at least, to pack and store machines & goods. As it would be exceedingly doubtful, owing to miserable transportation facilities, whether you could 

Wright Bros. Letter - Oct 20, 1902 - Page 2

reach here before that time, and as there would be the additional risk of bad weather for the single day that you might possibly be with us, we did not think it advisable to telegraph you to come on.

We shall if possible arrange to stop a day in Washington on our way home.

With kind regards.

Yours truly

/s/ Wilbur Wright