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Letter Dated November 7, 1902

Wright Bros. Letter - Nov 7, 1902

Wright Cycle Company
1127 West Third St.,
Dayton, Ohio. Nov. 7, 1902
Prof. S. P. Langley, L.L.D.

Washington, D.C.

Dear Sir:

Your letter of Oct. 18th reached us as we were on the point of leaving our camp at the Kill Devil Hills. We had already answered your telegram, and announced our expectation of visiting Washington on our way home. This we were unable to do owing to and unlooked for delay in reaching a railroad, resulting from our having t taken passage on a sail-boat which reached our objective point two days later then we had expected after a very hard passage. Aswe had arranged to be home on November 1st. we were not able to make any stop enroute.

The only experiments made at Kitty Hawk were with a large gliding machine. If Mr. Chanute spoke of experiments with special curved surfaces it must have been in reference to some experiments which we made last winter with special pressure testing machines of new design. The surfaces tested were planes, arcs, and odd shaped surfaces of various kinds to the number of about forty in all. No publication of our results has yet been made.

Respectfully yours,

/s/ Orville Wright

/s/ Wilbur Wright