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Inventory of James Smithson's Belongings, 1829

Inventory of James Smithson's Belongings,1829, Page 1

(Note: "Do" means ditto, a repetition of the item listed directly above)

An Inventory of the Effects left at Genoa by the late 
James Smithson Esqr with a Valuation thereof transmitted 
by the British consul

  Francs Cents [centimes]
 A carriage complete  2,500 
 twenty six silver Forks   
 one Salad Dº   
 eight Desert Spoons   
 eighteen spoons   
 four sauce Ladles   
 one Soup ladle  1,050 
 four salt spoons   
 three sugar ladles Weighing 193 1/4 ounces  
 one tea shell of Silver valued by  
 three silver head corks Mr A. Canissa, a goldsmith  
 two silver vessels   
 one toasting fork   
 two paste board boxes containing medals, coins, stones, etc.   
 an English gold repeater  200 
 a Geneva gold watch -- This watch was in possession of   
 Herman Fropwell servant to the late Mr. Smithson   
 at the time of his masters death and for which   
 the said Herman is to account for  60 
 one hundred and twelve napoleons in gold and   
 thirty-four francs sixty cents in the hands of  2274 60
 Messrs Gibbs & Comp  ________
Inventory of James Smithson's Belongings,1829, Page 2
  6084 60
Cash in hands of Messrs Gibbs & Co at the time 
of Mr. Smithsons death3634 74
two gold snuff boxes, a tooth pick case and  
2 shirt buttons41700 
one pin with sixteen small diamonds33 34
one ring with composition set in diamonds66 73
one ditto of agate340
one ring, a cameo head of a moor5000
two small boxes, one of tortoise shell
and the other of amber630
a gold ring13
a small silver pick case600
a clasp of gold with hair1667
clasp with diamonds20334
pin with hair and diamonds3467
a cameo5000
ring with diamonds9200
sixteen shirts  
nineteen cravats  
forty-four pocket Handkerchiefs  
Thirteen pair of stockings  
Three night caps  
Two pair drawers  
Two pair of sheets  
Three pillow cases  
 10682 49
 6084 60
Inventory of James Smithson's Belongings,1829, Page 3

(Note: "Do" means ditto, a repetition of the item listed directly above)

  10682 49
 seven waistcoasts   
 Two flannel Dº valued to 400 00
 Six pair of Pantaloons   
 Two cloth Dº   
 Three Coats   
 1 night-gown   
 1 dressing Coat   
 Two pair of braces   
 Four pair of gloves    
 one telescope  60 00
 Many other small articles  100 00
 One parcel containing papers relative to the   
 Grand Canal   
 Several parcels of papers & five books   
 One parcel 13 certificates Spanish stock   
 Paris, 4th Sepr 1822 negotiation   
 ___[illegible]___ a Mons. Smithson   
 350 piastres rente d'Espagne par value   
 courante á 63 3/4 frc 24097 50   
 Invit 30  __________  
  fr 24,127 50  

Inventory of James Smithson's Belongings,1829, Page 4
9 1/2 1409 a 1417 de 20 piastres chacune 
 1 46 " 10 
 3 1401 a 1403 de 20 Do ferant 350 de rente signé Mariez 
 which 350 at 63 3/4 amounted to 24097-50 and now 
 at 10 as per Courier of the 16th Novbr 1829 received 
 the 20th inst make 3780
 Promissory note for 295 francs dated 1st June 1824  
 due by Alexis Silenne 295
 Bond for 20000 francs dated 8th July 1828 
 due by Sailly and Soeur of Paris 20000
 Bill for 2000f. dated 8 feby 1822 drawn 
 by Mr. Sailly accepted by Mr Smithson 2000
 bank note for L100 No 14419 19 Decr 1827 
 in the hands of Messrs Gibbs & Co. 2500
 Parcel containing accounts and letters from 
 Messrs Drummond & Comp 
Catalogue of Smithson's wardrobe left in the Desk by Dr. H. King, 1841-1842, Front

(Note: Dr. Henry King was the curator of the National Institute in Washington which stored Smithson's belongings from 1841 when they were shipped from New York to Washington until they were transferred to the Smithsonian Institution after its establishment in 1846.)

(Note: "dº" means ditto, a repetition of the item listed directly above)

Catalogue of 
Smithson's wardrobe left 
in the Desk by Dr. H. King 
Curator at the time 
of the Receipt of the Smithson 

Catalogue of Smithson's wardrobe left in the Desk by Dr. H. King, 1841-1842, Back
Catalogue of Smithson Wardrobe, etc.  
1 net shirt4 pr. stockings 
4 Sheets1 Cloth overcoat/cloth 
11 Napkins1 military coat/cloth All nearly
2 light Coats1 Hunting dº/clothdestoyed by
5 light vests1 Cloak/clothmoths
1 Bag 1 Surtout/cloth 
4 roundabouts 1 pr. pants/cloth 
5 light pants & short breeches 2 vests/cloth
1 Bib 1 Chapeau 
3 drawers   
3 pr garters