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T. Dale Stewart (1901-1997) Anthropologist/Painter

T. Dale Stewart Examining Skull

T. Dale Stewart and J. Lawrence Angel

Physical anthropologist T. Dale Stewart was known as the "Head" Curator of the Department of Anthropology, not only because he was in charge, but also because of his special expertise in skulls. His interest in heads also extended to his hobby of portrait painting. Stewart, whose Smithsonian career began in 1924, was an authority on the skeletons of modern and prehistoric humans. During his 78 years at the Smithsonian, he served as Director of the National Museum of Natural History, Acting Assistant Secretary for Science of the Smithsonian, forensic anthropologist for the FBI, and consultant with the U.S. Army Graves Registration Service. His artistic output included portraits of all the distinguished senior anthropologists at the Institution. Until recently, a gallery of his work existed in the back halls of the National Museum of Natural History.

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