Attendees at Conference on Future of Smithsonian Institution

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  • Gathering in the Great Hall of fifty leaders of the scientific, political and industrial life of the country at a conference held at the Smithsonian Institution in February, 1927. In the front row, left to right: Secretary of the Treasury, Andrew Mellon; Secretary of State, Frank B. Kellogg; President Calvin Coolidge; Chief Justice William Howard Taft; and Acting Secretary of the Smithsonian, Charles Greeley Abbot. Second row: Senator Jesse Houghton Metcalf; Senator Reed Smoot; W. H. Jardine; H. Hoover; J. J. Davis; C. D. Wilbur. Third row: W. H. Welch, H. Work, W. W. Campbell; Henry Fairfield Osborn; John C. Merriam; Dwight Morrow; H. S. New. Fourth row: C. F. Brush; I. B. Laughlin; F. Walcott; C. Hamlin; Frederick A. Delano; Jesse Walter Fewkes; J. Tamblyn. Fifth Row: G. E. Vincent; H. M. Robinson; E. B. Parker, Charles F. Choate; E. W. Gifford; S. Flexner; J. G. Sargeant.
  • Sixth row: J. J. Raskob; J. L. Lewton; J. Poole; unidentified; Alexander Wetmore; H. M. Lord. Seventh row: unidentified; I. M. Casanowicz; Nicholas W. Dorsey; Senator Woodbridge N. Ferris. Eighth row: unidentified; E. Rickard; unidentified; Neil M. Judd; William P. True; Walter Hough; Aleš Hrdlička. Ninth row: William L. Corbin; Paul Bartsch; Leonhard Stejneger; J. Collins; Gerrit S. Miller, Jr.; George P. Merrill; Tenth row: Unidentified; Leonard C. Gunnell; Harry W. Dorsey; John Merton Aldrich; Ray S. Bassler; James W. Gidley; Charles Elmer Resser; unidentified; F. Roberts. Eleventh row: Loyal B. Aldrich; W. R. Maxon; William M. Mann; William F. Foshag; Herbert W. Krieger. Twelfth row: Arthur H. Clark; Clarence R. Shoemaker; J. N. B. (John Napolean Brinton) Hewitt. Standing: Wayland; Prescott; C. R. Denmark; S. F. Williams; John R. Ellingston; James S. Goldsmith; and George M. Johnson.


  • Coolidge, Calvin 1872-1933
  • Abbot, C. G (Charles Greeley) b. 1872
  • Laughlin, Irwin Boyle
  • Wetmore, Alexander 1886-
  • Bartsch, Paul
  • Bassler, Ray S. (Ray Smith), b. 1878
  • Aldrich, Loyal Blaine 1884-1965
  • Mann, William M. 1886-1960
  • Delano, Frederic Adrian
  • Fewkes, Jesse Walter 1850-1930
  • Flexner, Simon
  • Ferris, Woodbridge Nathan
  • Stejneger, Leonhard 1851-1943
  • Dorsey, Harry W 1874-1960
  • Foshag, William F
  • Hamlin, Chauncey J
  • Hough, Walter 1859-1935
  • Hrdlička, Aleš
  • Hewitt, J. N. B. (John Napoleon Brinton)
  • Davis, James John
  • Campbell, W. W
  • Brush, Charles F
  • Gifford, Walter S
  • Casanowicz, Immanuel Moses
  • Dorsey, Nicholas W
  • Corin, William L
  • Collins, J
  • Gunnell, Leonard C
  • Aldrich, John Merton
  • Gidley, James W
  • Clark, Arthur H
  • Denmark, C. R
  • Ellingston, John R
  • Goldsmith, James S
  • Mellon, Andrew W (Andrew William) 1855-1937
  • Smoot, Reed 1862-1941
  • Osborn, Henry Fairfield
  • Merriam John Campbell
  • Morrow, Dwight Whitney
  • Robinson, H. M (Henry Martin) 1845-1907
  • Raskob, John J (John Jakob) 1879-1950
  • Lord, Herbert M
  • Judd, Neil Merton
  • Miller, Gerrit S., Jr
  • Merrill, George P (George Perkins) 1854-1929
  • Resser, Charles Elmer 1889-1943
  • Roberts, Frank H. H (Frank Harold Hanna) 1897-1966
  • Taft, William H. (William Howard) 1857-1930
  • Welch, William Henry
  • Vincent, George E
  • Hoover, Herbert 1874-1964
  • Conference on the Future of the Smithsonian Institution
  • United States. Secretary of the Treasury
  • United States. Secretary of State
  • United States President
  • Chief Justice of the United States
  • United States National Museum


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  • Kellogg, Frank B
  • Maxon, W. R
  • Poole, John
  • Meetings
  • Secretaries
  • True, William P
  • Walcott, F
  • Jardine, William M
  • Sargeant, John G
  • Mason, W. R
  • New, Harry S
  • Shoemaker, Clarence R
  • Smithsonian Institution Building
  • Work, Hubert
  • Wilbur, Curtis D
  • Johnson, George M
  • Prescott, J. S
  • Krieger, Herbert W
  • Wayland
  • Tamblyn, J
  • Williams, S. F
  • Metcalf, Jesse Houghton
  • Parker, Edwin B
  • Rickard, Edgar
  • Great Hall
  • Lewton, J. L
  • Smithsonian Institution Building--Great Hall


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