Ships, Seas, and Scientists: U.S. Naval Exploration and Discovery in the Nineteenth Century

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Although this work focuses on specific expeditions, Ponko also touches upon the relationships between the Smithsonian Institution, United States Navy and the U.S. Government in relation to exploring. Discusses naval exploration in the United States and its relationship with the U.S. military and Congress. Includes chapter on Wilkes Expedition (1838-1842), Lynch Expedition (Dead Sea, River Jordan, 1847-1849), Herndon-Gibbon Expedition (Amazon region, 1851-1852), Naval Astronomical Expedition to the Southern Hemisphere (1846-1852), Page Expedition (Rio Paraguay and Rio de la Plata, 1853-1856), Perry Expedition (China and Japan, 1852-1854), and others, including Western Africa, the Arctic, North Pacific, Bering Strait and China Sea. Also addresses the Smithsonian's contributions to these explorations.


  • Gibbon, Lardner
  • Herndon, William Lewis
  • Wilkes, Charles 1798-1877
  • Lynch, William F
  • Maury, Matthew Fontaine
  • Gilliss, J. M (James Melville) 1811-1865
  • Page, Thomas J
  • Perry, Matthew Calbraith 1794-1858
  • Strain, Isaac G. 1821-1857
  • Franklin, John
  • Baird, Spencer Fullerton 1823-1887
  • Glynn, James
  • Ringgold, Cadwalader 1802-1867
  • Herndon-Gibbon Expedition to the Amazon, 1851-1852
  • Page Expedition to the Rio Paraguay and Rio de la Plata, 1853-1856
  • Lynch Expedition to the Dead Sea and River Jordan, 1847-1849
  • United States Exploring Expedition (USEE)
  • United States Congress
  • United States Dept. of the Navy
  • Naval Astronomical Expedition to the Southern Hemisphere 1846-1852


Smithsonian Institution History Bibliography


Includes notes on sources, index, bibliography and appendix (ship's data).

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  • Scientific expeditions
  • Collectors and collecting
  • Museums
  • Naval history
  • National Collections
  • Astronomy
  • Museum exhibits


  • South America
  • Bering Sea
  • China
  • Japan
  • Brazil
  • Antarctica
  • China Sea
  • Israel
  • Arctic regions
  • North Pacific Ocean
  • Africa, West

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