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Accession 05-014

Reingold, Nathan, 1927-

Nathan Reingold Papers, circa 1916-1969

Repository:Smithsonian Institution Archives, Washington, D.C. Contact us at
Creator:Reingold, Nathan, 1927-
Title:Nathan Reingold Papers
Dates:circa 1916-1969
Quantity:0.5 cu. ft. (1 document box)
Collection:Accession 05-014
Language of Materials:English

This accession consists of family photographs of Nathan Reingold, former editor of the Joseph Henry Papers Project and historian emeritus at the National Museum of American History. Some materials are in electronic format.

Descriptive Entry

This accession consists of family photographs of Nathan Reingold, former editor of the Joseph Henry Papers and historian emeritus at the National Museum of American History. Some materials are in electronic format.

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Physical Characteristics of Materials in the Collection

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Preferred Citation

Smithsonian Institution Archives, Accession 05-014, Nathan Reingold Papers

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Container List

Box 1

Reingold family at Brighton Beach, 1930

Box 1 of 1
Unidentified and Louis Rosenfeld, son of Max Rosenfeld, who was brother of Fanny Rosenfeld, during WWII
Niece of Benjamin Reingold, lived in Boston
Benjamin Reingold in Greenwich Village, New York City, where he had a window washing business
Unidentified and Sura Derorah (Sarah Derorah Reingold), sister of Benjamin Reingold (her son Paul from Boston)
Reuben Greenberg, first cousin of Nathan Reingold, son of Sophie who was Fanny Rosenfeld's sister, he is now an MD living in Florida, was a physician in hospital in New Guinea during WWII/Reuben's sister Sylvia/Martin Greenberg in USAF
Fanny Rosenfeld in Europe
Nuhem's second wife, Tilly (his granddaughter)/Nuhem Rosenfeld in Ukraine
Fanny Reingold (mother of Nathan)
Nuhem Rosenfeld in Borough Park, New York

Reingold family in Florida, c. 1960/Aunt Sophie/Margie, wife of Morris Greenberg/Martin Greenberg, Fanny and Sophie

Box 1 of 1
Miami Beach, Florida, first year, probably 1937
Fanny, Nathan and Benjamin Reingold/Benjamin and Nathan Reingold, Brooklyn, Borough Park, about 7 years old/Nathan Reingold, Borough Park
Benjamin and Fanny Reingold (parents of Nathan) and a couple they were friends with
Fanny Rosenfeld in Ukraine taken in studio in Uman
Fanny Rosenfeld Reingold in Ukraine, 1920
Fanny Rosenfeld and her brother in Russia/same brother/brother and unidentified
Fanny Rosenfeld dressed in peasant costume in Zhashkov, Ukraine, south of Uman
Fanny Reingold, extra photos from certificate of citizenship
Fanny R. Reingold
Nathan and Fanny Reingold in front of synagogue on lower east side

Benjamin Reingold - shortly after arrival in US, Brighton Beach, snapshot

Box 1 of 1
Benjamin Reingold, Nathan and Fanny
Miscellaneous, Fanny and Benjamin Reingold
Fanny and Benjamin Reingold
Nathan Reingold as child
Friends of Fanny Rosenfeld, photos taken in Zhashkov, Ukraine
Benjamin Reingold in Russia, posing
Nathan Reingold in Miami Beach, also other family members
Benjamin Reingold in Czar's uniform, was non-commissioned officer, c. 1916-1917
Fanny R. Reingold

Nathan Reingold sitting outside Masholu Parkway, Bronx, about 11 years old, Miami Beach, Florida, 1938

Box 1 of 1

Ida and Nathan Reingold at their wedding, January 1, 1956, Washington, DC, Addis Israel

Box 1 of 1
Fanny and Benjamin Reingold
Reingold's Busy Bee Fruit and Vegetable Market
Morris and Sophie Greenberg, Sophie is older sister of Fanny Rosenfeld/Sophie and her sons, oldest is Louis (died as child)/Her sons

Benjamin Reingold in Russia/Benjamin Reingold and friend in uniform in Russia

Box 1 of 1
Family party with Fanny, Nathan and Benjamin Reingold, probably at Nathan's Bar Mitzvah
Fanny and her father, Nahum Rosenfeld, c. 1917, probably in Ukraine, she came to US with him c. 1920
Fanny and Benjamin Reingold

Fanny, Nathan and Benjamin Reingold when Nathan received BA from New York University in 1947

Box 1 of 1

Candy store on Norfolk Street on lower east side, New York City, between Rivington and Stanton, c. 1929, Reingold family, parents with Nathan as baby, negatives and prints

Box 1 of 1

Noach Reingold, father of Benjamin, lived and died in Ukraine

Box 1 of 1

Scanned photographs and list (Includes electronic records)

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