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Record Unit 105

United States National Museum. Division of Birds

Records, circa 1854-1959

Repository:Smithsonian Institution Archives, Washington, D.C. Contact us at
Creator:United States National Museum. Division of Birds
Dates:circa 1854-1959
Quantity:18.5 cu. ft. (37 document boxes)
Collection:Record Unit 105
Language of Materials:English

Historical Note

The collection of birds under the care of the Smithsonian Institution was begun in 1850, when Spencer F. Baird, the newly appointed Assistant Secretary, came to the Institution and brought with him his collection of over 3600 birds. However, the Department of Ornithology, the predecessor of the present Division of Birds, was not established until 1880 when a general reorganization of the United States National Museum took place. In 1885, the name was changed to the Department of Birds. In 1897 the National Museum was reorganized into three departments: Biology, Geology, and Anthropology, with Birds as a Division of the Department of Biology. In 1950 another administrative reorganization took place in the National Museum. As part of the reorganization, the Department of Biology was split into Departments of Botany and Zoology, with Birds becoming a Division of the Department of Zoology. In 1964 the Department of Zoology was divided into three departments: Vertebrate Zoology, Invertebrate Zoology, and Entomology, with Birds a Division of the Department of Vertebrate Zoology.

Robert Ridgway (1850-1929), the first Curator of the Division of Birds, came to the Smithsonian in 1874 as an "Ornithologist" on the staff of the United States National Museum. In 1880 he was appointed Curator of the Department of Ornithology. Ridgway remained Curator until his death in 1929, although after 1915 he resided in Olney, Illinois.

Charles Wallace Richmond (1868-1932) joined the staff of the Division of Birds in the early 1890's as an "assistant to the scientific staff." In 1894 he was appointed Assistant Curator, and in 1918 Associate Curator, as which he was virtually in charge of the activities of the Division. In 1929 he was appointed Curator, but in the same year, at his own suggestion, was reappointed Associate Curator to allow for the appointment of Herbert Friedmann (1900- ) as Curator. In 1957, as part of an administrative reorganization of the United States National Museum, Friedmann was appointed Acting Head Curator of the Department of Zoology, while retaining his position as Curator of the Division of Birds. In 1958 Friedmann was appointed Head Curator of the Department of Zoology, and became Acting Curator of the Division of Birds.

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Descriptive Entry

This collection consists of correspondence of the Division of Birds, most of which was conducted by the three curators listed above. There is a lesser amount of correspondence of Associate Curators. Also included is material concerning the history of the Division and distribution and destruction of specimens.

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Preferred Citation

Smithsonian Institution Archives, Record Unit 105, United States National Museum. Division of Birds, Records

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Container List

Series 1


This material consists of bound letterpress Letter and Memorandum Books and 1 box of loose correspondence, 1915-1923, of Associate Curator Charles W. Richmond. The Letter Books contain general correspondence of the Division of Birds, while the Memorandum Books contain internal SI memoranda, receipts, acknowledgments, and correspondence regarding specimens received, transferred, loaned, and borrowed by the Division of Birds. Prior to 1892 memoranda were included in the Letter Books. Most of the Letter and Memorandum Books are indexed individually.

Correspondents represented in Boxes 1-10 include: Charles G. ABBOT, William Louis ABBOTT, Charles Christopher ADAMS, Charles Francis ADAMS, Alexander AGASSIZ, Anastasio ALFARO, Glover Morrill ALLEN, Joel Asaph ALLEN, Alfred W. ANTHONY, Frank Blake ARMSTRONG, Edward ARNOLD, C. R. ASCHEMEIER, Henry Philemon ATTWATER, William Cushman AVERY, Spencer F. BAIRD, Marcus BAKER, Forrest L. BALL, William Hosea BALLOU, Outram BANGS, Thomas BARBOUR, Richard Magoon BARNES, Walter Bradford BARROWS, Edward BARTLETT, Charles F. BATCHELDER, Rollo Howard BECK, Charles Wickliffe BECKHAM, Lyman BELDING, Charles Emil BENDIRE, Harry Coupland BENSON, Arthur Cleveland BENT, Graf Hans von BERLEPSCH, Francis Joseph BIRTWELL, Eliot BLACKWELDER, Frank BOND, Adolphe BOUCARD, Beecher S. BOWDISH, Foster Hodges BRACKETT, George Frank BRENINGER, William BREWSTER, William Edwin BROOKS, Forest Buffen Harkness BROWN, Walter Pierc E. BRYANT, Amos William BUTLER, James Judson CARROLL, Arthur Patterson CHADBOURNE, Chauncy Ward CHAMBERLAIN, James Paul CHAPIN, Frank Michler CHAPMAN, George Kruck CHERRIE, Henry Kelso COALE, Edward A. COLBY, Albert John COOK, Wells Woodbridge COOKE, Charles Barney CORY, Elliott COUES, Clarence C. CUSTER, Frank Slater DAGGETT, William H. DALL, Ruthven DEANE, Walter DEANE, Henry Eccles DRESSER, Alfred DUGES, William DUTCHER, Jonathan DWIGHT, Jr., R. Edward EARLL, Vinal N. EDWARDS, Daniel Giraud ELLIOT, William Otto EMERSON, Barton Warren EVERMANN, John FANNIN, Walter FAXON, Walter Kenrick FISHER, Alfredo FORBES, Stephen Alfred FORBES, Edward Howe FORBUSH, Lyman Spalding FOSTER, William FOSTER, William Henry FOX, Marston Abbott FRAZAR, Randolph Iltyd GEARE, Nathaniel Gist GEE, Charles H. GILBERT, George Brown GOODE, Nathaniel Stickney GOSS, E. C. GREENWOOD, Joseph GRINNELL, Juan GUNDLACH, Joseph L. HANCOCK, W. C. HANNA, Manly HARDY, Edward HARGITT, Ernst Johann Otto HARTERT, E. M. HASBROUCK, Oliver Perry HAY, B. M. HAYWARD, Angelo HEILPRIN, C. E. HELLMAYR, Henry Wetherbee HENSHAW, H. Th. HEYDE, Frederick Hodges HOADLEY, Ned HOLLISTER, Josiah HOOPES, William Temple HORNADAY, Philo Romeyn HOY, Hermann von IHERING, John Amory JEFFRIES, Fred T. JENCKS, Allan H. JENNINGS, Pierre Louis JOUY, Frederick Hedge KENNARD, Frank Coates KIRKWOOD, Cecil Boden KLOSS, Wilber Clinton KNIGHT, Valdemar KNUDSEN, Ludwig KUMLIEN, Frank Warren LANGDON, Samuel P. LANGLEY, George Newbold LAWRENCE, William S. LLOYD, Leverett Mills LOOMIS, Frederic Augustus LUCAS, Henry deB. MacCAULEY, L. M. McCORMICK, Richard Crittenden McGREGOR, Edward Avery McILHENNY, Thomas McILWRAITH, George Henry MacKAY, Charles Johnson MAYNARD, Edgar Alexander MEARNS, C. Hart MERRIAM, Adolf Bernhard MEYER, Waldron DeWitt MILLER, George Frean MORCOM, John MURDOCH, Robert Cushman MURPHY, Henry NEHRLING, Edward William NELSON, Alfred NEWTON, Joseph Parker NORRIS, Jr., C. C. NUTTING, J. Douglas OGILBY, William Robert OGILVIE-GRANT, William PALMER, Putnam Burton PEABODY, Titian Ramsey PEALE, Thomas Gilbert PEARSON, Thomas Edward PENARD, James L. PETERS, John Henry PILLSBURY, A. G. PRILL, George Henry RAGSDALE, William LaGrange RALPH, Richard RATHBUN, H. C. RAVEN, Richard C. REED, Anton REICHENOW, William Jones RHEES, Samuel Nicholson RHOADS, Charles Wallace RICHMOND, Robert RIDGWAY, Clarence Bayley RIKER, Joseph Harvey RILEY, Wirt ROBINSON, Lionel Walter ROTHSCHILD, John Hall SAGE, Adelaro Tommaso SALVADORI PALCOTTI, Osbert SALVIN, Leonard Cutler SANFORD, Philip Lutley SCLATER, William Berryman SCOTT, Henry SEEBOHM, George Burritt SENNETT, Robert Wilson SHUFELDT, Jewell David SORNBERGER, James Mortimer SOUTHWICK, Arthur deC. SOWERBY, Leonhard STEJNEGER, Frank STEPHENS, Witmer STONE, Reuben Myron STRONG, Harvey Adam SURFACE, George Miksch SUTTON, Alfonso deE. TAUNAY, Henry Reed TAYLOR, Ernest E. THOMPSON, Platte Marvin THORNE, Walter Edmond Clyde TODD, Frederick William TRUE, Charles D. WALCOTT, Benjamin Harry WARREN, Arthur Trezevant WAYNE, Alexander WETMORE, George B. WINTON, Frank Morley WOODRUFF, Dean Conant WORCESTER, Charles Kimball WORTHEN, Jose C. ZELEDON, John T. ZIMMER.

Box 11 Correspondents include: Clinton G. ABBOTT (1922), William Louis ABBOTT (1916- 1918, 1920-1921), Glover Morrill ALLEN (1919), C. R. ASCHEMEIER (1918), Outram BANGS (1915-1921, 1923), Thomas BARBOUR (1915), Arthur Cleveland BENT (1916- 1918, 1920-1921), Louis B. BISHOP (1920), William BREWSTER (1916), Forest Buffen Harkness BROWN (1919), James Paul CHAPIN (1919, 1921-1923), Frank Michler CHAPMAN (1915-1916, 1921), Charles Barney CORY (1916- 1917, 1919-1921), Ruthven DEANE (1916), Walter FAXON (1915), Walter Kenrick FISHER (1919), Louis Agassiz FUERTES (1919), Nathaniel Gist GEE (1919, 1922), David C. GRAHAM (1923), Joseph GRINNELL (1916), Ludlow GRISCOM (1923), W. C. HANNA (1916), Samuel HENSHAW (1917), Ned HOLLISTER (1917), Cecil Boden KLOSS (1915, 1920), Leverett Mills LOOMIS (1915, 1922), Henry deB. MacCAULEY(1917-1918), Richard Crittenden McGREGOR (1915-1920, 1923), Edgar Alexander MEARNS (1915), Waldron DeWitt MILLER (1919), Titian Ramsey PEALE (ref., 1921), Thomas Edward PENARD (1918), Richard RATHBUN (1915), H. C. RAVEN (1915-1917), Richard C. REED (1920-1921), James Henry RICE, Jr. (1915), Robert RIDGWAY (1916-1920), Wirt ROBINSON (1919), Lionel Walter ROTHSCHILD (1921), Leonard Cutler SANFORD (1923), Walter Burgess SAVARY (1920), W. L. SCLATER (1919-1920), Robert Wilson SHUFELDT (1915), Arthur deC. SOWERBY (1917, 1922-1923), Leonhard STEJNEGER (1915-1923), Witmer STONE (1915-1916, 1919-1920), Bradshaw Hall SWALES (1919), P. A. TAVERNER (1919), Walter Edmond Clyde TODD (1916, 1918, 1921-1922), Charles D. WALCOTT (1922), Alexander WETMORE (1919), George D. WILDER (1920, 1923), Casey Albert WOOD (1921-1922), John T. ZIMMER (1917, 1919).

Materials of special interest include: letter from Mearns to Rathbun (10-21-15) outlining Mearns research projects; Richmond to Aschemeier regarding the latter's collecting activities in the French Congo on behalf of the National Museum, including detailed instructions; Richmond to W. L. Abbott (12-28-18) including several pages of Richmond's general thoughts on the Birds of Santo Domingo; Richmond to Henry MacCauley (1917) containing instructions on how to prepare birds for preservation and shipment to the National Museum; Richmond to Administrative Assistant to the Secretary, U. S. National Museum (8-11-19) regarding Richmond's evaluation of the natural history collections of Wirt Robinson, which the latter intended to bequeath to the Museum; Richmond to Stejneger (10-21-19) regarding the possibility of hiring Alexander Wetmore to catalogue the African birds collection of the Museum; correspondence with Casey Albert Wood (1921) including much on the work of Titian Ramsey Peale, including "extracts from some Congressional enactments relating to the U.S. Exploring Expedition," "Distribution of copies of reports of Exploring Expedition authorized up to 1850," "Extracts from a manuscript by Titian Ramsey Peale, entitled 'The South Sea Surveying and Exploring Expedition: Its Origin, organization, equipment, purposes, results, and termination,'" 26 typewritten pages; Richmond to David C. Graham (3-9-23), who was collecting in China for the National Museum, including instructions, descriptions of birds, and a discussion of specimens wanted by the Museum, 9 pages.

Box 1

Volume I July 27, 1885-April 6, 1886

Box 1 of 41

Volume II April 13, 1886-February 7, 1887

Box 1 of 41

Volume III February 8, 1887-August 2, 1887

Box 1 of 41

Volume IV August 2, 1887-April 2, 1888

Box 1 of 41

Box 2

Volume V April 2, 1888-December 22, 1888

Box 2 of 41

Volume VI December 22, 1888-July 18, 1889

Box 2 of 41

Volume VII July 18, 1889-March 18, 1890

Box 2 of 41

Box 3

Volume VIII March 19, 1890-February 18, 1891

Box 3 of 41

Volume IX February 19, 1891-September 2, 1891

Box 3 of 41

Volume X September 3, 1891-April 25, 1892

Box 3 of 41

Volume XI April 26, 1892-September 30, 1892

Box 3 of 41

Box 4

Volume XII September 30, 1892-November 6, 1893

Box 4 of 41

Volume XIIIa November 6, 1893-December 3, 1894

Box 4 of 41

Volume XIIIb Memorandum Book, November 1, 1894-June 13, 1896

Box 4 of 41

Volume XIIIc December 1, 1894-December 2, 1895

Box 4 of 41

Box 5

Volume XIV December 3, 1895-February 27, 1897

Box 5 of 41

Volume XV Memorandum Book, 1896-1897

Box 5 of 41

Volume XVI March 1, 1897-November 30, 1897

Box 5 of 41

Volume XVII Memorandum Book, August 20, 1897-April 6, 1899

Box 5 of 41

Box 6

Volume XVIII November 30, 1897-July 13, 1899

Box 6 of 41

Volume XIX Memorandum Book, April 6, 1899-July 29, 1901

Box 6 of 41

Volume XX Letters and Memos, 1899-1906, of the Section of Birds' Eggs

Box 6 of 41

Volume XXI July 19, 1899-November 23, 1901

Box 6 of 41

Box 7

Volume XXII Memorandum Book, August 5, 1901-February 26, 1904

Box 7 of 41

Volume XXIIa Memorandum Book, February 27, 1904-April 24, 1907

Box 7 of 41

Volume XXIII November 27, 1901-July 1, 1905

Box 7 of 41

Volume XXIV July 3, 1905-November 8, 1909; Eggs, January 19, 1906-April 22, 1907

Box 7 of 41

Box 8

Volume XXV Memorandum Book, April 27, 1907-August 10, 1911

Box 8 of 41

Volume XXVI Memorandum Book - Eggs, September 14, 1906-April 8, 1908; Birds, August 1911-December 31, 1914

Box 8 of 41

Volume XXVII November 19, 1909-January 31, 1915

Box 8 of 41

Box 9

Volume XXVIII Memorandum Book, January 1, 1915-January 20, 1922

Box 9 of 41

Volume XXIX February 1, 1915-October 1, 1930

Box 9 of 41

Memorandum Book, January 21, 1922-November 17, 1926

Box 9 of 41

Memorandum Book, November 17, 1926-September 30, 1930

Box 9 of 41

Box 10

Miscellaneous Letter and Memorandum Books as follows:

1. Letters, 1887-1900, many referring to Robert Ridgway's work with the American Ornithologists Union. Includes some personal correspondence of Ridgway.

Box 10 of 41

2. Memorandum Book, September 30, 1892-October 30, 1894.

Box 10 of 41

3. Letter Book, September 2, 1885-April 22, 1887. Includes both personal and official correspondence of Ridgway.

Box 10 of 41

Box 11

Outgoing Correspondence, 1915-1923 (loose) of Charles W. Richmond, Associate Curator.

Box 11 of 41

Series 2


Prior to 1931 outgoing correspondence of the Division of Birds was kept in bound letterpress books, with incoming correspondence kept in loose files in alphabetic order by name of correspondent. There are, however, a few bits of outgoing correspondence prior to 1921 in this series. Included is some correspondence of Robert Ridgway as early as the 1860's. The year 1874 was arbitrarily picked to date the early chronological limit of this series because Robert Ridgway came to the Smithsonian as an "Ornithologist" in that year, although the Department of Ornithology did not officially exist until 1880. The correspondence was usually carried on by the Curator, with some correspondence of Associate Curators included. The correspondence appears to be incomplete: for instance, the outgoing correspondence of Charles W. Richmond in box 10 above apparently has no parallel incoming correspondence in this series.

Correspondents represented in Boxes 12-29 include: Charles Conrad ABBOTT, Clinton G. ABBOTT, William Louis ABBOTT, Alexander AGASSIZ, Errett Cyril ALBRITTON, John Warren ALDRICH, W. B. ALEXANDER, Salim A. ALI, Charles Slover ALLEN, Robert P. ALLEN, Dean AMADON, Charles ANDERSON, Alfred W. ANTHONY, Sir Geoffrey ARCHER, Hugh ASHTON, Harmon Albro ATKINS, Oliver L. AUSTIN, Jr., William Cushman AVERY, A. L. BABCOCK, Alfred Marshall BAILEY, Harry Balch BAILEY, Joseph Randle BAILEY, Spencer F. BAIRD, Marcus BAKER, Rollin Harold BAKER, Forrest L. BALL, William Hosea BALLOU, Jonathan A. BALMER, Outram BANGS, David A. BANNERMAN, Thomas BARBOUR, Richard Magoon BARNES, O. T. BARON, Charles F. BATCHELDER, Tarleton Hoffman BEAN, Charles Wickliffe BECKHAM, William John BEECHER, Charles F. BELCHER, Lyman BELDING, James BELL, John Graham BELL, Charles Emil BENDIRE, Franklin BENNER, C. W. BENSON, Harry Coupland BENSON, Arthur Cleveland BENT, Joseph Charles BEQUAERT, Andrew John BERGER, Graf Hans von BERLEPSCH, Eugene Pintard BICKNELL, Louis B. BISHOP, Emmet Reid BLAKE, Albert Hartson BOIES, James BOND, Beecher S. BOWDISH, Wilfrid Wedgwood BOWEN, William Pierce BRODKORB, G. J. BROEKHUYSEN, William Edwin BROOKS, Arthur Erwin BROWN, Nathan Clifford BROWN, Walter Pierc E. BRYANT, Thomas Dearborn BURLEIGH, E. Milby BURTON, Amos William BUTLER, W. BUTTIKER, George G. CANTWELL, Leonard CARMICHAEL, M. A. CARRIKER, Jr., Arthur Patterson CHADBOURNE, Chauncy Ward CHAMBERLAIN, James Paul CHAPIN, Frank Michler CHAPMAN, F. N. CHASAR, George Kruck CHERRIE, P. A. CLANCEY, George Franklin CLING-MAN, Henry Kelso COALE, Leo Otis COLBERT, Edward A. COLBY, Leon J. COLE, Nicholas Elias COLLIAS, J. W. COLLINS, W. H. COLLINS, H. Boardman CONOVER, Wells Woodbridge COOKE, James Graham COOPER, W. A. COOPER, Edward Drinker COPE, Erastus CORNING, Jr., Charles Barney CORY, Elliott COUES, A. B. COVERT, W. K. CULBERT, Paul David DALKE, William H. DALL, Stuart Taylor DANFORTH, David Edward DAVIS, Mrs. M. E. McLellan DAVIS, Ruthven DEANE, Walter DEANE, Herbert Girton DEIGNAN, Jean Theodore DELACOUR, Miguel Alvarez DEL TORO, Karl DERNEDDE, Rodolphe Meyer DE SCHNAUENSEE, Raymund P. DEVAS, Donald Ryder DICKEY, Joshua Clifton DICKINSON, Albert I. DRACHMAN, Alfredo DUGES, Knight DUNLAP, William DUTCHER, Jonathan DWIGHT, Jr., Vinal N. EDWARDS, Luther Pfahler EISENHART, Eugene EISENMANN, Daniel Giraud ELLIOT, William Otto EMERSON, John Thompson EMLEN, Samuel Franklin EMMONS, George J. ENGELMANN, Juan G. ESTEBAN, Barton Warren EVERMANN, Donald Sankey FARNER, Walter FAXON, Jean Bradford FAY, Richard V. FISCHER, A. K. FISHER, Harvey Irvin FISHER, William Hubbell FISHER, E. Henry FITCH, Martha R. FLAHOUT, J. H. FLEMING, Stephen Alfred FORBES, Edward Howe FORBUSH, Alice FORD, Edward Russell FORD, William FOSTER, Percy Evans FREKE, Louis Agassiz FUERTES, Benjamin True GAULT, Nathaniel Gist GEE, Thomas G. GENTRY, Robert Morris GIBBS, Carl A. GIBSON-HILL, Charles Henry GILBERT, Hiram Bentley GLASS, Fred H. GLENNY, Earl GODFREY, A. I. GOOD, J. M. GOODALL, George Brown GOODE, John W. GOWEN, John Enos GRAF, David C. GRAHAM, C. H. B. GRANT, James Cowan GREENWAY, Jr., E. C. GREENWOOD, George Bird GRINNELL, Joseph GRINNELL, Ludlow GRISCOM, Finnur GUDMUNDSSON, John Henry GURNEY, Nils GYLDENSTOLPE, William HALE, Eugene Raymond HALL, James L. HAMBLETON, William John HAMILTON, Jr., Joseph L. HANCOCK, Harry HARRIS, William G. F. HARRIS, Tom HARRISON, Ernst Johann Otto HARTERT, E. M. HASBROUCK, F. HAVERSCHMIDT, Ferdinand Vandeveer HAYDEN, B. M. HAYWARD, Sergio HEILPERIN, C. E. HELLMAYR, George HENNING, Henry Wetherbee HENSHAW, Samuel HENSHAW, Elmer Charles HERBER, Francis H. HERRICK, Harold HERRICK, H. Th. HEYDE, K. A. HINDWOOD, W. B. HITCHCOCK, Walter J. HOFFMAN, C. H. HOLDEN, Jr., J. B. HOLDER, Holger HOLGERSEN, J. Snowden HOLLAND, Ned HOLLISTER, Ernest Golson HOLT, Josiah HOOPES, William Temple HORNADAY, John HORNUNG, Franklin B. HOUGH, Romeyn B. HOUGH, Thomas Raymond HOWELL, Paul G. HOWES, Philo Romeyn HOY, George Elford HUDSON, Edgar Erskine HUME, Philip S. HUMPHREY, Roger A. F. HUNT, Alpheus HYATT, Arthur Sidney HYDE, Hermann von IHERING, Ernest INGERSOLL, Laurence IRVING, John Amory JEFFRIES, Fred T. JENCKS, Allan H. JENNINGS, Frank L. JENNISON, A. W. JOHNSON, David Starr JORDAN, Joseph JOUY, Pierre Louis JOUY, Morley Allan JULL, G. C. A. JUNGE, MacKinlay KANTOR, Clyde Edgar KEELER, Arthur Remington KELLOGG, Samuel Charles KENDEIGH, Frederic Hedge KENNARD, Lawrence KILHAM, N. B. KINNEAR, Frank Coates KIRKWOOD, Cecil Boden KLOSS, Frank Hall KNOWLTON, Valdemar KNUDSEN, Ludwig KUMLIEN, Donald W. LAMM, Frank Warren LANGDON, Alfred LAUBMANN, John Eugene LAW, George Newbold LAWRENCE, Newbold T. LAWRENCE, Robert B. LAWRENCE, Walter J. LAWSON, Leslie Alexander LEE, Aldo LEOPOLD, Alton Anthony LINDSEY, Richard LIVERSIDGE, T. R. LIVESEY, William S. LLOYD, Leverett Mills LOOMIS, Konrad LORENZ, Arthur LOVERIDGE, Percy Roycroft LOWE, George Hines LOWERY, Jr., Frederic Augustus LUCAS, Hubert LYNES, Marcus Ward LYON, Jr., Waldo Lee McATEE, Thomas Tonkin McCABE, L. M. McCORMICK, J. D. MacDONALD, Richard Crittenden McGREGOR, Thomas McILWRAITH, William M. MANN, A. H. MARTIN, Gregory Macalister MATHEWS, M. A. MAXWELL, Harold Ford MAYFIELD, Charles Johnson MAYNARD, Ernst MAYR, Edgar Alexander MEARNS, Ellis MEARS, Robert Morrow MENGEL, Harold MICHENER, Harry M. MILES, Alden Holmes MILLER, Waldron DeWitt MILLER, James MOFFITT, George Frean MORCOM, R. E. MOREAU, Abelardo MORENO, Desmond MORRIS, William Henry MOUSLEY, Robert Cushman MURPHY, Edward William NELSON, Bryan V. NEUBY-VARTY, Oscar Rudolph NEUMANN, Alfred NEWTON, Margaret Morse NICE, Donald John NICHOLSON, Cecily NIVEN, Gladwyn Kingsley NOBLE, C. C. NUTTING, Frederick A. OBER, Sara Endicott OBER, Harry Church OBERHOLSER, J. Douglas OGILBY, A. H. PAGET-WILKES, Ralph Simon PALMER, William PALMER, Kenneth Carroll PARKES, Raymond Andrew PAYNTER, Jr., Max Minor PEET, James L. PETERS, Olin Sewall PETTINGILL, Jr., William H. PHELPS, Allan Robert PHILLIPS, Miles David PIRNIE, Frank Alois PITELKA, C. R. S. PITHAM, Karl PLATH, Darrell C. H. PLOWES, Frazer G. POOLE, Alexander PRIGOGINE, Austin Loomer RAND, Gordon A. RANGER, Richard RATHBUN, Edgar Milton REILLY, Jr., James Henry RICE, Jr., Charles Wallace RICHMOND, Robert RIDGWAY, Joseph Henry RILEY, Sidney Dillon RIPLEY, Austin ROBERTS, Thomas S. ROBERTS, Wirt ROBINSON, Joseph Francis ROCK, Charles Henry ROGERS, William ROWAN, Osbert SALVIN, Finn SALOMONSEN, George Bradford SAUNDERS, John Warren SAUNDERS, Jr., Walter Burgess SAVARY, Waldo LaSalle SCHMITT, Arlie William SCHORGER, Philip Lutley SCLATER, W. L. SCLATER, Robert Wilson SHUFELDT, Charles Gald SIBLEY, George Finlay SIMMONS, C. J. SKEAD, Alexander F. SKUTCH, Paul SLUD, Foster D. SMITH, Jr., Hugh McCormick SMITH, K. D. SMITH, Rene Charles E. G. J. SNOUCKAERT van SCHAUBURG, Lester Lynne SNYDER, Arthur deC. SOWERBY, Alexander SPRUNT, Jr., Thomas Calderwood STEPHENS, Henry Miller STEVENSON, Herbert Lee STODDARD, Jean Stanislas STOLZMANN, Witmer STONE, Robert Winthrop STORER, Erwin STRESEMANN, Reuben Myron STRONG, George Miksch SUTTON, Bradshaw Hall SWALES, Harry Schelwald SWARTH, Myron Harmon SWENK, Wendell TABER, P. A. TAVERNER, William Homan THORPE, Claud Buchanan TICEHURST, Walter Edmond Clyde TODD, Charles Haskins TOWNSEND, Frederick William TRUE, C. Eliot UNDERDOWN, Leonard J. UTTAL, A. J. VAN ROSSEN, V. G. L. VAN SOMEREN, Josselyn VAN TYNE, Charles VAURIE, K. H. VOOUS, Dwain Willard WARNER, Arthur Trezevant WAYNE, Milton Webster WELLER, Alexander WETMORE, Leslie WHEELER, Charles M. N. WHITE, John G. WILLIAMS, J. M. WINTER-BOTTOM, L. R. WOLFE, Albert WOLFSON, Casey Albert WOOD, Dean Conant WORCESTER, Jose C. ZELEDON, John T. ZIMMER, Richard Laurence ZUSI.

Box 12

Aaron - Belcher

Box 12 of 41

Box 13

Belding - Boynton

Box 13 of 41

Box 14

Brackhill - Chapin

Box 14 of 41

Box 15

Chapman - Cutter

Box 15 of 41

Box 16

Dahl - Dye

Box 16 of 41

Box 17

Earll - Furniss

Box 17 of 41

Box 18

Gabrielson - Gyldenstolpe

Box 18 of 41

Box 19

Haagner - Ivor

Box 19 of 41

Box 20

Jackson - Kutter

Box 20 of 41

Box 21

Lack - McGregor

Box 21 of 41

Box 22

McIlwraith - Moore

Box 22 of 41

Box 23

Morcom - Nutting

Box 23 of 41

Box 24

Ober - Pinto

Box 24 of 41

Box 25

Pirnie - Roberts

Box 25 of 41

Box 26

Robinette - Slud

Box 26 of 41

Box 27

Smedley - Symons

Box 27 of 41

Box 28

Taber - Vosburgh

Box 28 of 41

Box 29

Wagner - Zusi, Smithsonian and United States National Museum directives and orders.

Box 29 of 41

Series 3


This series includes the same type of material found in Series 2, arranged in alphabetic order by name of correspondent.

Correspondents represented in Boxes 30-32 include: Richard Charles BANKS, David A. BANNERMAN, C. W. BENSON, Andrew John BERGER, Emmet Reid BLAKE, James BOND, William Pierce BRODKORB, E. Milby BURTON, James Paul CHAPIN, David Edward DAVIS, Albert I. DRACHMAN, James Cowan GREENWAY, Jr., Philip HERSHKOVITZ, Joseph Douglas HOOD, Frederick Charles HOTTES, Thomas Raymond HOWELL, George Elford HUDSON, Philip S. HUMPHREY, Laurence IRVING, Malcolm Thomas JOLLIE, George Hines LOWERY, Jr., Harold Ford MAYFIELD, Ernst MAYR, Alden Holmes MILLER, Robert Thomas MOORE, R. E. MOREAU, Abelardo MORENO, Donald John NICHOLSON, Lewis E. NOLAN, Harry Church OBERHOLSER, Kenneth Carroll PARKES, Paul Woodburn PARMALEE, Allan Robert PHILLIPS, Austin Loomer RAND, Gordon A. RANGER, Sidney Dillon RIPLEY, Arlie William SCHORGER, Charles Gald SIBLEY, C.J. SKEAD, Robert Winthrop STORER, Erwin STRESEMANN, Wendell TABER, Melvin Alvah TRAYLOR, V. G. L. VAN SOMEREN, Josselyn VAN TYNE, Dwain Willard WARNER, Milton Webster WELLER, Fred Lawrence WHIPPLE.

Box 30

Agee - Hesseltine

Box 30 of 41

Box 31

Hewitt - Owre

Box 31 of 41

Box 32

Packenham - Zusi

Box 32 of 41

Series 4


Box 33

Folder 1 Distribution of specimens, circa 1861-1875

Box 33 of 41

Folders 2-5 Distribution of specimens, circa 1854-1900

Box 33 of 41

Folder 6 Lists of specimens to be destroyed, 1926

Box 33 of 41

Box 34

Folders 1-3 Distribution of specimens invoices, 1883-1895, A-R.

Box 34 of 41

Box 34A

Distribution of Specimens Invoices, 1883-1895, S-Z.

Box 34A of 41

Bound volumes of invoices for distribution of Specimens, 1900-1920.

Box 34A of 41

Box 35

Folders 1-3 Bound volumes of invoices for distribution of specimens, 1920-1934.

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Series 5


Consists of notes, manuscripts, and lists relating to the activities of the Division of Birds up to circa 1920. Most of the material was probably compiled by Robert Ridgway or Charles Wallace Richmond. Also included is a 1886 unpublished historical sketch of the division by George Brown Goode.

Box 36

Folder 1 Notes, manuscripts, and lists concerning the history of the Division of Birds.

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Folder 2 Daily journal probably of Joseph Harvey Riley, 1914- 1928.

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Series 6

MISCELLANY.- Located in Division of Birds.

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Folder 1 Catalogue of the United States Exploring Expedition Collection, 1848. Includes section on species described by Titian Ramsay Peale, 1848, and a list of duplicates formerly in storage (removed in 1911).

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Folder 2 Alphabetical list of international zoologists which might pertain to new species named by the authors listed, late 1770s- circa 1940s.

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Folder 3 Alphabetical list of international zoological periodicals, mid-1800s-circa 1940s, which might be in the Division of Birds library.

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Box 38

Folder 1 List of specimens distributed or destroyed, but not checked off owing to wrong numbers, 1850s-circa 1900.

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Folder 2 List of type of birds in the United States National Museum, January 1942. Includes supplementary lists, July 1942 and October 1942, type specimens of birds in the Biological Survey Collection, March 1, 1944, and additional lists regarding the bird collection of the U. S. N. M.

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Folder 3 Distribution of Specimens of Bird Skeletons by Robert Wilson Shufeldt, 1883-1885.

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Folder 4 Catalogue of Eggs in the "Paloearctic" Collection, 1884; Catalogue of Eggs contained in the "Neotropical" Collection, arranged in families according to Gray's Hand- List, July 1884; Miscellaneous Foreign Eggs, India, New Zealand, Africa.

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Folder 5 Invoices of Mounted Duplicates Arranged in Sets and packed in 11 boxes, October 1885.

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Folder 6 Embryos of birds in alcohol, June-August 1906, list of alcoholic birds.

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Folder 7 Lists of birds, skins, and skeletons. All are unidentified except those of L. E. Wyman and J. Alden Loring.

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Folder 8 List of the total number of eggs in cases numbered 10-22, inclusive.

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Folder 9 Parts IX and X of lists of birds according to order, family, and genus. Includes additional list of birds.

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Folder 10 Mounted Birds in Storage, no date.

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Folder 11 Division Egg Catalogue.

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Box 39

Folder 1 Original labels, volume 1, numbers 1-15499, incomplete.

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Box 40

Folder 1 Original labels, volumes 2 and 3, numbers 15502-82482, incomplete.

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Folder 1 Original labels, volumes 4, numbers 82,500-351-759.

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Folder 2 Unidentified field notes.

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