Field notes, Oklahoma and New Mexico, August 1-November 16, 1906

ID: SIA RU007267

Creator: Bailey, Vernon, 1864-1942

Form/Genre: Fieldbook record

Date: 1906

Citation: Vernon Bailey Papers, 1889-1941 and undated, field notes and journals, 1889-1941

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This item is primarily comprised of specimen lists from Bailey's collecting efforts in beginning near Chelsea,Oklahoma and ending near Silver City, New Mexico. It includes a plant catalog from New Mexico listing specimen no. 1000-1059. Lists are primarily organized by date and location of observation or collection. Location is indicated by nearby place name and sometimes includes elevation.

Date Range


Start Date

Aug 01, 1906

End Date

Nov 16, 1906

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  • Animals
  • Birds
  • Mammalogy
  • Plants
  • Mammologists
  • Botany
  • Ornithology


  • Silver City
  • United States
  • New Mexico
  • Oklahoma
  • Chelsea


  • Fieldbook record
  • Field notes

Accession #

SIA RU007267

Collection name

Vernon Bailey Papers, 1889-1941 and undated, field notes and journals, 1889-1941

Physical Description

1 field book

Physical Location

Smithsonian Institution Archives


Box 2 Folder 5

[[front cover of notebook]] [[underlined]] 1906 [[/underlined]] Aug. 1. - Nov. 16 Oklahoma New Mexico
1407 [[line]] 2 [[line]] Jy [[end page]] [[start page]] [[stamped]] Vernon Bailey, U. S. Dept. of Agr 1834 KALORAMA AVE. [[/stamped]] 1906, [[stamped]] Vernon Bailey U. S. Dept. of Agr 1834 KALORAMA AVE. [[/stamped]]
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[blank page]]
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underlined]] Aug. 1, 1906 [[/underlined]] Left Washington 4.30 PM C&O [[underlined]] Charlottesville [[/underlined]] dark
[[underlined]] Aug. 3 [[/underlined]] [[underlined]] Springfield [[/underlined]], Mo. 7AM slightly rolling country all cultivated, rich soil & crops. Apples - abundant, full of fruit Peaches - common & good. Blue plums, a few Corn abn. good. Wheat stacks Timothy & clover, good Tomatos good Potatoes " [[Ditto for: good]] Beans Millet on field Pear 1 young orchard [[underlined]] Aurora [[/underlined]] Down grade to [[underlined]] Monett [[/underlined]] Plowing stubble fields Tyrannus tyranus 3 Sturnella abn Zenaidura com Ardea veriscins 3 Quiscalus 1 [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underlined]] Springfield [[/underlined]] Quercus merilandica ? [[insertion]] ^ abn. [[/insertion]] (nigra) " [[Ditto for: Quercus]] buroak " [[Ditto for: Quercus]] red oak or jade oak Hickoria Ulmus fulva Acer Juglans nigra Sasfras com. one grove Bois d arc " [[Ditto for: com]] Rhus Sambucus com Gleditsia tricanthos ? " [[Ditto for: com]] Solidago com in flower Helianthus " " [[Dittos for: com in flower]] Lepachys " " [[Dittos for: com in flower]] Vernonia " " [[Dittos for: com in flower]] Celastris scandens " " [[Dittos for: com in flower]] Monarda " " [[Dittos for: com in flower]] Phytollaca [[underlined]] Monett [[/underlined]] Prunus Catalpa Acer Ulmus americanus Morus Fraxinus
[[underlined]] Monett [[/underlined]] Platinus com. Vitis abn. Oats in shock, a few Cyanocitta cristata & yg Passer domesticus, com Ardea virescus 3 Corvus brachyrhynchus com Sueda florida Circis [[underlined]] Neosho [[/underlined]] [[underlined]] Wynclotte [[/underlined]] [[underlined]] [[strikethrough]] Neosho R. [[/strikethrough]] Grand R. [[/underlined]] Nelumbo luteum, pond full - Agelaius in marsh - Sturnella 7 - Zenaidura com - Colaptes 1 - Cathartes 4 big prairie [[underlined]] Afton [[/underlined]] Corn Wheat Hay Baptisia abn. Petalestumon com Amorpha canescens " [[ditto for: com]] [[Esclepiadora?]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underlined]] Vinita [[/underlined]] Mainly prairie Timbered ridges in distance . Taminus 3 . Agilaius 1 [[male symbol]] at pond . Falco sparverus 1 bailing wild hay big corn Betula along stream Acer " [[ditto for: along stream]] Salix nigra " [[ditto for: along stream]] [[underlined]] Chelsea [[/underlined]] Mainly prairie Coreopsis - acres of it [[underlined]] Claremore [[underlined]] Mimos polyglottos 1 Tyrannus tyranus 2 [[underlined]] Woods along valley [[/underlined]] [[underlined]] River [[/underlined]] - Colinus virginianus 1 Cotton field in blossom, past [[strikethrough]] Bobolink [[/strikethrough]] ? [[male symbol]] 1 [[underlined]] Prairie [[/underlined]] - Petrochelidon 50 - Melanerpes erythrocephalus 1 - Mimus 2 - Cuckoos 2
Coal 8 feet down [[underlined]] Tulsa [[/underlined]] [[underlined]] Arkansas R [[/underlined]] Cotton fields oil wells [[underlined]] Red Fork [[/underlined] post oak & prairie country Milvulus 1 " [[Ditto for: Milvulus]] ? 5 Mimus 1 [[underlined]] Sapulpa [[/underlined]] dinner Cotton Corn Sorgum Cattle - good [[underlined]] Kellyville [[/underlined]] Bobwhites 2 Passiflora Cotton fields com Milvulus 2 [[underlined]] Bristoe [[/underlined]] [[underlined]] Strout [[/underlined]] lots of cotton [[underlined]] Chandler [[/underlined]] loads of peaches Euphorbia marginata com Indigo bird 2 [[underlined]] Wellston [[/underlined]] [[end page]] [[start page]] Cyanocitta 1 Tyrannus tyranus 2 Red head 1 Fraxinus viridis com Creategus Purple prairie lily Timothy hay [[underlined]] Luther [[/underlined]] Petrochelidon - hundreds Millet Corn Cotton Alfalfa 1 field " [[ditto for: Alfalfa]] " [[ditto for: 1 field]] Sorgum cottonwood com. Zenaidura " [[ditto for: com]] Crows " [[ditto for: com]] Milvulus 1 Geomys hills - first sandy soil, scrubby oak Night hawks 3 Martins 20 [[underlined]] Spencer [[/underlined]] Blackbirds- flock Geomys hills Broomcorn
[[underlined]] Cardinal [[/underlined]] 1 Nighthawks 10 Martins 2 Kingbirds com Martin in town com [[underlined]] Oklahoma [[/underlined]] City - 7 P.M. Hotel Rasbach [[underlined]] Aug. 4 [[/underlined]] Left Oklahoma 10 AM Elm Celtis Corn Peaches, fine Wheat Apples, a few Grass Zenaidura com Mimus 1 Red head 2 Sturnella com Otocoris " [[ditto for: com]] Scissortail 1 Night hawk Buteo b. colurus 1 Shrike 1 Tyrannus tyranus com Black birds " [[ditto for: com]] [[underlined]] Wheatland [/underlined]] open prairie Scissortail 2 Oriol 7 Geomys hills [[Acbrs?]] [[end page]] [[start page]] Yucca glauca Prairie lily, big blue cotton fields, a few Sorgum com Kaffer corn com Alfalfa a few Corn com Wheat fields, abn. being plowed. [[underlined]] Mustang [[/underlined]] prairie Cottonwood along rode Ulmus crassifolia " [[ditto for: along rode]] Celtis " [[ditto for: along rode]] Pecan " [[ditto for: along rode]] [[Ceris?]] " [[ditto for: along rode]] Grape " [[ditto for: along rode]] Plana & Negundo " [[ditto for: along rode]] [[underlined]] Canadian River [[/underlined]] Populus fremontii com Salix nigra a few & same as above Euphorbia marginata [[Pooralea?]] Baptisia . Falco sparverius 2 . Crows 3 . Buteo 2 Cucurbita
[[underlined]] Chickasha [[/underlined]] open plains [[underlined]] Laverity [[/underlined]] Quail many flocks Corn & poor cotton [[underlined]] Cement [[/underlined]] in Keechi Hills brushy & scrub oaks Watermelons - car loads [[underlined]] Fletcher [[/underlined]] Cynomys - 20 acres [[underlined]] Elgin [[/underlined]] Melons car loads Cynomys 5 acres . Night hawk 2 . Buteo swainsoni 1 [[underlined]] Fort Sill [[underlined]] Cynomys at station a few [[underlined]] Lawton [[/underlined]] . Cuckoo 1 . Scissortail 1 Opuntia a few patches Mesquite, first [[underlined]] Cache [[/underlined]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underlined]] Aug. 5 Morrissey's [[/underlined]] . Quercus prinoides - bushes . Quercus taxana? post oak [[insertion]] ^ abn. [[/insertion]] . " [[ditto for: Quercus]] coccinea? black oak . " [[ditto for: Quercus]] mesilandica? black jack . Ulmus crassifolia along stream . Juglans nigra? small . Populus fremonti, scarce . Celtis helleri? . Negundo com . Acer on peaks . Juniperus " [ditto for: on peaks]] . Bumelia bushes . Prosopis glandulosa . Rhus glabra? com . " [[Ditto for: Rhus]] aromatica on peaks . Fraxinus veridis . Prunus americanus - red plums . Cornus . Cephalanthus . Amorphus canescens . Shrankia . Hoffmanseggia . Mimosa . Petalestemon violaceae . " [[Ditto for: Petalestemon]] white . Dismodium
- Ceanothus americanus com - Prunus goose plum - Vitis mustang - " [[ditto for: Vitis]] tree grape [[strikethrough]] Celastris sca [[/strikethrough]] - Ampelopsis quinquifolia - Smilax - Ulmus fulva com - Salix - Symphorocarpus com - Morus rubra - Diospiros 1 tall [[overwritten]] bush [[/overwritten]] bush - Rubus dewberry - " [[ditto for: Rubus]] black cap - Rhus toxicodendron - Cratigus - " [[ditto for: Cratigus]] - Veronia - Ambrosia - Coreopsis - Wyethia - Helianthus - Galliardia - Sylphium berlandieri - Grindilia - Rudbeckia - Cnicus - Centuria - Artemisia ludoviciana Solidago - Chrysothamus [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underlined]] Wichita Res. [[/underlined]] [[underlined]] Aug. [[/underlined]] 4th [[Colernus?]] texensis com. yg. Zenaidura a few Cathartes com Buteo? Accipiter cooperi 2 & nest Ictenia mississippiensis com Chordeilus " [[ditto for: com]] Corvus brachyrhynchus " [[ditto for: com]] Sturnella " [[ditto for: com]] Spigella socialis 1 [[strikethrough]] [[Pucca?]] [[/strikethrough]] Spiza americana 1 [[female symbol]] others Piranga rubra 2 Vireo olivacius nest Sayornis phoebe Thryothrus ludoviciana nest Thryomanes b. 2 Trochylus colubris [[female symbol]] Geococcyx reported Meleagris a few " [[ditto for: reported]] Contopus [[strikethrough]] richardsoni [[/strikethrough]] virens com Polioptila com, & yg. Sitta com Chondestes com Sialia sialis com Ceryle alcyon 1 Megascops heard Mimus 1
6 wolf pups shot all [[female symbol]] but one. 2 pups got away. bitch killed but not found till later. Dog came back was shot. two pups were shot later in day as they returned & howled. Tracks of one old & 2 yg. Aug. 1. 3 poisoned in July. . Gillia agregata "Tradescantoides" . Baptesia . Petunea . Croton . Erethea . Opuntia . Echinocactus . Dalea comosa . Psoralea tenuifolia Oenothera Gaura " [[Ditto for: Gaura]] Solanum rostratum " [[Ditto for: Solanum]] " [[Ditto for: Solanum]] Yucca [[end page]] [[start page]] Cardinalis 2 [[male symbol]] Guirica 1 [[male symbol]] Cyanospiza cyanea old & young Myiarchus crinitis 2 Parus carolinensis com Dryobates 1 shot Eremophila [[erinea?]] com Molothrus 15 at Cache Crotalus texana ? Agkistrodon contortrix 1 Natrix com Bascanion 2 Crotaphytis collaris com Sceloporus small 1 Eumeces blue tail 2 Centipede 1 large Myriapods large, abn.
[[underlined]] Aug 10 Morreseys [[/underlined]] 10 AM 2600 Cache 2300 Snyder 2400 [[underlined]] Aug. 11 Snyder [[/underlined]] 8:30 AM 2350 [[underlined]] Mountain Park [[/underlined]] " [[ditto for: 2350 Mesquite abn Short grass Post oak around rocks Black Jack " [[ditto for: around rocks]] Euphorbia marginata abn Helianthus annuus " [[ditto for: abn]] Negundo along stream Ulmus crassifolia " [[ditto for: along stream]] Grape vines " [[ditto for: along stream]] Salix nigra " [[ditto for: along stream]] Populus fremonti " [[ditto for: along stream]] Juglans nigra, small " [[ditto for: along stream]] Celtis on rocks Bumelia Rhus glabra [[underlined]] Roosevelt [[/underlined]] 2450 open plains, less mesquite no mesquite [[underlined]] Hobart [[/underlined]] 2500 Divide (4 mi. N.) 2600 [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underlined]] Snyder Aug. 11. [[/underlined]] Cotton abn Corn com Grain stacks & stubble Sorgum & Caffercorn com Melons [[underlined]] Roosevelt [[/underlined]] Alfalfa several fields Cotton Corn Milo maize Caffer corn Grain Less mesquite, all plains [[underlined]] Hobart [[/underlined]] all plains, buttes to west as far as one can see. some crops [[underlined]] Rocky [[/underlined]] some crops a few peach orchards in fruit all prairie corn nearly ripe, cut by hand [[underlined]] Cardell [[/underlined]] same [[underlined]] Bessie [[/underlined]]
[[underlined]] Clinton Washita River [[/underlined] (narrow line of timber) Populus fremonti com Ulmus crassifolia " [[ditto for: com]] Salix nigra " [[ditto for: com]] Juglans nigra, dwarf " [[ditto for: com]] Post oak a few [[underlined]] Arapahoe [[/underlined]] dinner " [[ditto for: Arapahoe]] 2550 Same trees along streams All high grass prairie Good crops, same kinds [[underlined]] Custer City [[/underlined]] 2800 Millet com. No Cotton Corn Grain Peaches Milo maize Caffer corn high prairie, short grass [[underlined]] Thomomys [[/underlined]] 2775 one small cotton field, good [[underlined]] Canadian R. [[/underlined]] 2600 high, red mud, much dry t Populus fremonti along R. Salix nigra " [[ditto for: along R]] Ulmus crassifolia " [[ditto for: along R.]] [[end page]] [[start page]] Quercus tex - post oak, along R. Juglans nigra " [[ditto for: along R.]] Juniperus virginiana? " [[ditto for: along R.]] Cercis " [[ditto for: along R.]] Fraxinus viridis " [[ditto for: along R.]] Artemisia filifolia on sands Yucca glauca " [[ditto for: on sands]] Post oak " [[ditto for: on sands]] Black jack " [[ditto for: on sands]] [[underlined]] Fay [[/underlined]] Quercus prinoides scrub Black jack " [[ditto for: scrub]] Post oak " [[ditto for: scrub]] Cotton 2 fields, poor " [[ditto for: Cotton]] a few more " [[ditto for: poor]] [[underlined]] Eagle City. [[/underlined]] 2750 " [[ditto for: Eagle City]] [[underlined]] River [[/underlined]] Geomys hills [[underlined]] Carleton [[/underlined]] Scrub oak country Plaster mill & gypsum hills Mesquite - com. scattered along Opuntia ang. small, red fruit, com. Prairie dogs, old holes Mesquite to [[underlined]] Darrow [[/underlined]] 2350 Mesquite scattered Prairie dog holes old Burrowing owl 1
muskrats in creek. lots of grain & corn no cotton [[underlined]] Okeene [[/underlined]] Mesquite, a little near town. [[underlined]] Cimarron R. [[/underlined]] 2300 wide sand flats - Artemisia filifolia - on sand Ulmus crassifolia along streams Populus fremonti " [[Ditto for: along streams]] Salix nigra " [[Ditto for: along streams]] Post oak " [[Ditto for: along streams]] Black jack " [[Ditto for: along streams]] Walnut " [[Ditto for: along streams]] Geomys hills com Corn abn Grains " [[Ditto for: abn]] one small cotton field [[underlined]] Ames [[/underlined]] scrub oak Peaches good Apples " [[Ditto for: good]] Grapes " [[Ditto for: good]] Corn oceans of it Caffer corn com [[underlined]] Drummond [[/underlined]] 2300 All prairie [[underlined]] Enid [[/underlined]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underlined]] Shattuck [[/underlined]] Aug. 12. out to Ivanhoe Lake. 5 mi. Populus fremonti com. Salix nigra " [[Ditto for: com]] Ulmus crassifolia " [[Ditto for: com]] Celtis " [[Ditto for: com]] Sapindus " [[Ditto for: com]] Negundo in yard Prunus abn Rhus aromatica " [[Ditto for: abn]] Vitis mustang " [[Ditto for: abn]] " [[Ditto for: Vitis]] Tree grape com Artemisia filifolia abn. " [[Ditto for: Artemisia]] ludoviciana " [[Ditto for: abn.]] Cephalanthus com Euphorbia marginata " [[Ditto for: com]] Croton " [[Ditto for: com]] Helianthus annuus abn Solidago " [[Ditto for: abn]] Grendelia " [[Ditto for: abn]] Celastris sc com Vernonia " [[Ditto for: com]] Mentzelea " [[Ditto for: com]] Opuntia a few Galliardia com Callarhoe a few "Blue lily" com Scirpus lacustris " [[Ditto for: com]] Typha latifolia " [[Ditto for: com]]
Glycerrhiza lepidota com Amorpha canescens " [[ditto for: com]] Schrankia " [[ditto for: com]] Hoffmanseggia " [[ditto for: com]] Baccharis [[bracket encapsulating the following sentence]] Diospiros said to be common on Canadian R. south of here Cotton gins at all towns Broomcorn, first crop $50 to $100 a ton Corn, common & good Grain, com. Phrynosoma, squirt of blood, Bull frogs com Eutanea " [[ditto for: com]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underlined]] Shattuck [[/underlined]] [[underlined]] Cervus [[/underlined]], Elk used to be here, horns found & [[liguns?]] seen in 1886. Odocoileus macrourus, abn a few years ago, now on [[insertion]] ^ a few [[/insertion]] Canadian River south of here Antelope a few 10 miles [[insertion]] ^ north [[/insertion]] a year ago Cynomys com Citellus spilosoma heard Castor com Fiber " [[ditto for: com]] Geomys " [[ditto for: com]] Lepus alacer, 1 " [[ditto for: Lepus]] texensis 1 Canis griseus, once abn. " [[ditto for: Canis]] [[rubrasensis?]] com. Procyon " [[ditto for: com.]] Mephitis Spilogale 1 Scalopus com Sciurus ludo a few Neotoma micropus " [[ditto for: a few]] Lynx " [[ditto for: a few]]
[[underlined]] Aug. 15 [[/underlined]] [[underlined]] Shattuck [[/underlined]] - 3, A.M. Scissortail 1 [[underlined]] Pampa [[/underlined]] [[underlined]] Washburn [[/underlined]] Fairy rings - 50 feet across [[underlined]] Amarillo [[/underlined]] 9 to 3 Mesquite, full of beans [[underlined]] Canadian R. [[/underlined]] [[underlined]] Prairie [[/underlined]] Calamospiza 6 flocks 20 - 100 [[underlined]] Channing [[/underlined]] [[underlined]] Dalhart [[/underlined]] Curlew heard in night [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underlined]] Aug. 16 [[/underlined]] [[underlined] Tucumcari [[/underlined]] [[underlined]] Santa Rosa [[/underlined]] Mesquite up to rim of plains [[underlined]] Pastura [[/underlined]] Open plains [[underlined]] Leoncita [[/underlined]] Open plains [[underlined]] Santa Fe crossing [[/underlined]] Scrubby live oak Nut pine Juniper [[underlined]] Open plains again [[/underlined]] [[strikethrough] [[Ancmos & desert?]] [[/strikethrough]] Salt Spring hills Nut pine abn Juniper " [[ditto for: abn]] Yellow pine top & cold slopes Scrub live oak [[underlined]] Duran [[/underlined]] Yellow pine on hills to north [[insertion]] ^ & west [[/insertion]] Opuntio arborescens abn on plain Guterrizia abn Helianthella " [[ditto for: abn]] [[underlined]] Torrence [[/underlined]] Open plain, Opuntia arborescens com Guterrizia abn, in flower Helianthella abn
[[underlined]] Willard [[/underlined]] Salt Basin & salt ponds Atriplex canescens abn. [[underlined]] Estancia [[/underlined]] dinner same kind of valley [[underlined]] Morarity [[/underlined]] Dipodomys spectabilis mounds, com Guterrizia abn Eurotia lanata com Good soil, good grass in places Corn a little, poor Capper corn " " [[ditto for: a little, poor]] Opuntia arborescens abn [[underlined]] Canada [[/underlined]] [[underlined]] Santa Fe [[/underlined]] [[underlined]] Aug. 17 [[/underlined]] Santa Fe, [[underlined]] Espanola [[/underlined]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underlined]] Aug. 17. Espanola [[/underlined]] Populus fremonti Salix nigra Rhus trilobata Bigelovia green " [[ditto for: Bigelovia]] green Devils horns in blossom Datura big " [[ditto for: in blossom]] Fallugia paradoxica com Croton " [[ditto for: com]] Opuntia arborescens & others " [[ditto for: com]] [[underlined]] Aug. 20 [[/underlined]] Up Santa Clara Camp Juniperus monosperma abn " [[ditto for: Juniperus]] scopulorum a few Pinus edulis com Salix nigra along creek " [[ditto for: com]] " [[ditto for: Salix]] cordata " [[ditto for: along creek]] " [[ditto for: com]] Populus angustifolia " [[ditto for: along creek]] " [[ditto for: com]] Negundo " [[ditto for: along creek]] a few Alnus " [[ditto for: along creek]] " [[ditto for: a few]] Betula occidentala " [[ditto for: along creek]] " [[ditto for: a few]] Ribes cereum " [[ditto for: a few]] " [[ditto for: Ribes]] black " [[ditto for: a few]] Bigelovia canescens big com " [[ditto for: Bigelovia]] small green, " [[ditto for: com]] Fallugia " [[ditto for: com]] Rhus trilobata " [[ditto for: com]] Opuntia arborescens " [[ditto for: com]]
Opuntia englemani, small com Yucca angustifolia " [[ditto for: com]] [[underlined]] 12 miles up canon [[/underlined]] Quercus gambeli com " [[ditto for: Quercus]] grisea? (S. slope), a few Pinus ponderosa com in canyon & on slopes Populus angustifolia Cercocarpus parvifolies Berberis "spatulata" Yucca baccata [[underlined]] Camp 15 miles up [[/underlined]] [[underlined]] Aug. 21 [[/underlined]] Moved camp 2 miles up canyon [[underlined]] Aug 22. [[/underlined]] Remained at camp [[underlined]] Aug. 23 [[/underlined]] Neotoma fallax 3 Thomomys f. cervinus 1 C. grammerus com S. aberti " [[ditto for: com]] [[underlined]] Up canyon one mile [[/underlined]] Cliome Gilia agrigata Pentstemon newberryi? Malvastrum munroanum [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underlined]] Aug. 23 18 mi. frm Espanola [[/underlined]] Acer glabrum Abies concolor Picea pungens Pseudotsuga Betula occidentala Alnus Prunus chokeberry Solanum tuberosum abn Sambucus Holodiscus Populus tremuloides (1 mi. above camp) Pseudocacia neomexicana Amelamchier canadensis a few Cornus asperifolia Ribes Hops Viola canadensis Oxalis violecea Aralea spikenard " [[ditto for: Aralea]] cohosh [[insertion]] 7 - [[/insertion]] 8000 Geranium red " [[ditto for: 8000]] " [[ditto for: Geranium]] pink " [[ditto for: 8000]] Rosa " [[ditto for: 8000]] Senecio Fragara rough " [[ditto for: 8000]]
Clematis 7000 - 8000 Aster lavender - 8000 Antenaria 8000 Allium " [[ditto for: 8000]] Oenothera biennis " [[ditto for: 8000]] " [[ditto for: Oenothera]] pink " [[ditto for: 8000]] Artemisia ludoviciana " [[ditto for: 8000]] " [[ditto for: Artemisia]] frigida? " [[ditto for: 8000]] Monarda " [[ditto for: 8000]] Thallictrum " [[ditto for: 8000]] Campanula " [[ditto for: 8000]] Candytuft 7500-8000 Verbena Verbascum Ambrosia small Grendelea Polygonum Chenipodium 3 "mares tail" Krinitzkia Helianthus Malvastrum [[underlined]] Aug. 26. [[/underlined]] Sunday Up through canyon & back [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underlined]] Aug. 27 [[/underlined]] Up above Canyon to 9000 feet Populus angustifolia - 8000 Betula occidentata - 8000 Rubus nutkanus 8000 - top Aster big 8400 - Veratrum viridum 8500 - [[strikethrough]] Pachystoma [[/strikethrough]] Juniperus procumbens 8500 - top Fragara glauca Arctostaphylos uva ursa
[[underlined]] Aug. 28 Up ^ [[insertion]] Goat [[/insertion]] Peak [[/underlined]] Picea engelmani top Abies lasiocarpa " [[ditto for: top]] Rubus nutkanus " [[ditto for: top]] Spirea " [[ditto for: top]] Linnea 8500 - 1000 Vaccinum top Pachystema " [[ditto for: top]] Chimaphilla umbellata " [[ditto for: top]] Pyrola " [[ditto for: top]] Aconitum Streptopus Aralie red cohosh Mertacia Frazera Viola canadensis Ferns 2 Ribes smooths 9000 - 1000 Lonicera involucrata 9000 - top - 100 Physocarpus - 7000 NE Juniperus communis to top [[strikethrough]] - 1 [[/strikethrough]] Saxifraga bronchialis N.E. 9000 - 10200 Pseudotsuga - 10000 N.E. Pinus flexilis - 1000 NE " [[ditto for: Pinus]] ponderosa Acer glabrum - 1000 NE Sambucus - " [[ditto for: 1000]] " [[ditto for: NE]] Salix blue stem - " [[ditto for: 1000]] Shepherdia canadensis - 1000 [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underlined]] On top [[/underlined]] - 10400 feet [[underlined]] Goat Peak [[/underlined]] Populus tremuloides Picea pungens SW " [[ditto for: Picea]] englemani NE Abies lasiocarpa N.E. Aster blue SW Senecio 3 SW Companula " [[ditto for: SW]] Achilea " [[ditto for: SW]] Frazera " [[ditto for: SW]] Zygadenia " [[ditto for: SW]]
[[underlined]] Santa Clara Sept. 4 Up Jamez Peak [[/underlined]] - [[underlined]] 11000 [[/underlined]] Picea pungens dwarf on top Ribes oxycanthoides " [[ditto for: on top]] " [[ditto for: Ribes]] blue " [[ditto for: on top]] Rhodiola " [[ditto for: on top]] Pentstemon " [[ditto for: on top]] Orthocarpos ? " [[ditto for: on top]] Cymopterus " [[ditto for: on top]] Companula " [[ditto for: on top]] Antinaria " [[ditto for: on top]] Mertensia ? " [[ditto for: on top]] Achilea " [[ditto for: on top]] Draba " [[ditto for: on top]] Aster ? " [[ditto for: on top]] Solidago " [[ditto for: on top]] Senicio " [[ditto for: on top]] Potentilla " [[ditto for: on top]] Antinoria " [[ditto for: on top]] [[strikethrough]] Fragara glauca [[/strikethrough]] Sibaldia procumbens? " [[ditto for: on top]] Grass " [[ditto for: on top]] Sambucus " [[ditto for: on top]] Frazera big " [[ditto for: on top]] Aquilegia [[cumbra?]] 1000 - " [[ditto for: on top]] Schwertia " [[ditto for: on top]] [[end page]] [[start page]] Pseudotsuga -1000SW Abies concolor " [[ditto for: Abies]] arizonica Picea engelmani Populus - 10500 SW Pinus flexilis - " [[ditto for: 10500]] " [[ditto for: SW]] Acer glabrum - 1000 " [[ditto for: SW]] " [[ditto for: 1000]] " [[ditto for: SW]] Physocarpos - " [[ditto for: 1000]] " [[ditto for: SW]] Senecio big - " [[ditto for: 1000]] " [[ditto for: SW]] Geraneum pale - " [[ditto for: 1000]] " [[ditto for: SW]]
[[underlined]] Sept. 5. to [[/underlined]] San Antonio Valley Camp 8500. [[underlined]] Sept. 6, [[/underlined]] Up Pelado Peak to 11200 Ribes sanguineum to top " [[ditto for: Ribes]] oxycanthoides " [[ditto for: to top]] Draba " [[ditto for: to top]] Fragara glauca " [[ditto for: to top]] Solidago " [[ditto for: to top]] Aster or Erigeron " [[ditto for: to top]] Helenium ? Wyethia big " [[ditto for: to top]] Achilea " [[ditto for: to top]] Antinaria " [[ditto for: to top]] Companula " [[ditto for: to top]] Potentilla 2 " [[ditto for: to top]] Pentstemon " [[ditto for: to top]] Frazera big " [[ditto for: to top]] Sambucus " [[ditto for: to top]] Arenaria " [[ditto for: to top]] Same grass as on Santa Clara Pk " [[ditto for: to top]] Picea pungens " [[ditto for: to top]] " [[ditto for: Picea]] engelmani " [[ditto for: to top]] Abies arizonica " [[ditto for: to top]] Saxifraga " [[ditto for: to top]] Vaccineum microphyllum to 11000 Pachystema " [[ditto for: to 11000]] Lonicera involucrata " [[ditto for: 11000]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[pressed plant specimen]] [[underlined]] Valle Santa Rosa, 8500 feet meadow plants [[/underlined]] Schwertia Gentiana [[image - semi circle]] " [[ditto for: Gentiana]] closed, Pernassia Orthocarpos white Ranunculus Potentilla anserina? Polemonium big, scented, Hyperneum Saxifraga Potentilla fruticosa Aster Rumex Achilea Pentstemon Mimulus Trifolium white Timothy Red top Companula uniflora " [[ditto for: Companula]] blue Geranium pale
[[underlined]] Sept. 5. to [[/underlined]] San Antonio Valley Camp 8500. [[underlined]] Sept. 6, [[/underlined]] Up Pelado Peak to 11200 Ribes sanguineum to top " [[ditto for: Ribes]] oxycanthoides " [[ditto for: to top]] Draba " [[ditto for: to top]] Fragara glauca " [[ditto for: to top]] Solidago " [[ditto for: to top]] Aster or Erigeron " [[ditto for: to top]] Helenium ? Wyethia big " [[ditto for: to top]] Achilea " [[ditto for: to top]] Antinoria " [[ditto for: to top]] Companula " [[ditto for: to top]] Potentilla 2 " [[ditto for: to top]] Pentstemon " [[ditto for: to top]] Frazera big " [[ditto for: to top]] Sambucus " [[ditto for: to top]] Arenaria " [[ditto for: to top]] Same grass as on Santa Clara Pk " [[ditto for: to top]] Picea pungens " [[ditto for: to top]] " [[ditto for: Picea]] engelmani " [[ditto for: to top]] Abies arizonica " [[ditto for: to top]] Saxifraga " [[ditto for: to top]] Vaccineum microphyllum to 11000 Pachystema " [[ditto for: to 11000]] Lonicera involucrata " [[ditto for: to 11000]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underlined]] Valle Santa Rosa, 8500 feet meadow plants [[/underlined]] Schwertia Gentiana [[image - semi circle]] " [[ditto for: Gentiana]] closed, Pernassia Orthocarpos white Ranunculus Potentilla anserina? Polemonium big, scented Hypericum Saxifraga Potentilla fruticosa Aster Rumex Achilea Pentstemon Mimulus Trifolium white Timothy Red top Campanula uniflora " [[ditto for: Campanula]] blue Geranium pale
[[underlined]] Sept. 8 [[/underlined]] Down James Cr. to [[strikethrough]] S. Fork [[/strikethrough]] Sulphur Sp Road to 7700 feet [[underlined]] Sept. 9 [[/underlined]] To [[underlined]] James ^ [[insertion]] near [[/underlined]] Pueblo [[/underlined]] Junipers & Nut pines to 7000 S.W. Populus angustifolia 7000 bottom Salix nigra along Cr. [[underlined]] Jamez Springs [[/underlined]] Ptelia trifoliata Foresteria Quercus gresea ? Atriplex canescens Opuntia arborescens " [[ditto for: Opuntia]] engelmani ? Populus fremonti Clematis Fallugia Lyssium pallidum Helianthus annuus Grendelia Helianthella Guterrizia Malvastrum munroanum Senicio douglasi Rhus aromatica Ribes cercum " [[ditto for: Ribes]] (Hondo) Ampelopsis Croton texensis [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underlined]] Sept. 10 To Pueblo & San Ysidro [[/underlined]] 10 mi Juniperus 2 Pinus edulis Sarcobatus Atriplex cansecens Suaeda Cleome Ambrosia Glycerrhiza Aster purple " [[ditto for: Aster]] multiflora Corn Alfalfa Wheat Beans Chili Squash Melons 2 Grapes Peaches Apples Necterines [[vertically right margin]] Phrynosoma hernandizi 1 Pitiophys 1 Crotaphytis baileyi Cnemodophorus Sceloporus small [[/right margin]]
[[underlined]] Sept. 11 [[/underlined]] San Ysidro to [[underlined]] Soda Springs [[/underlined]] Sarcobatus Atriplex canescens " [[ditto for: Atriplex]] nuttallii " [[ditto for: Atriplex]] confertifolia Suaeda Salicornia Opuntia arborescens " [[ditto for: Opuntia]] [[underlined]] Rio Salada [[/underlined]] [[underlined]] Chuco Tank [[/underlined]] Neotoma micropus Perodipus Dipodomys spectabilis Onychomys Lepus arizonae " [[ditto for: Lepus]] texensis Canis latrans Taxidea Coynomys gunnisoni [[underlined]] Sept. 12 To Cabezone [[/underlined]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underlined]] Puerco Valley [[/underlined]] to [[underlined]] Juan Tofoya Salazar Sept. 13. Juan Tofoya - [[/underlined]] Thomomys aureus Dipodomys spectabilis Perodipus Perognathus Onychomys pallescens Notiosorex crawfordi Citellus grammarus Neotoma Cynomys gunnisoni Taxidea Canis latrans Lepus arizonae Juniperus monosperma Pinus edulis Quercus grisea " [[ditto for: Quercus]] gambeli Pinus ponderosa Populus fremontii Guterrizia euthanae Helianthus annuus Helianthella Opuntia arborescens " [[ditto for: Opuntia]] clavata " [[ditto for: Opuntia]] englemani Yucca glauca.
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underlined]] Sept. 14 Joan Tofoya to Cebolleta Cr. Sept. 15 to Laguna [[/underlined]] Populus fremonti Pinus edulis Juniperus monosperma Rhus trilobata Atriplex canescens " [[ditto for: Atriplex]] " [[ditto for: Atriplex]] - annual Suaeda Helianthus annuus Grendelia Bigelovia 2 gray & green Senicio douglasi " [ditto for: Senicio]] filifolia (1005) Guterrizia euthanae " [[ditto for: Guterrizia]] grandiflora Aplopappus tortifolia " [[ditto for: Aplopappus]] Aster Baccharis Artemisia filifolia " [[ditto for: Artemisia]] Cnicus Xanthum Ambrosia Eurotia lanata
Cleome integrifolia Erriogonum 2 Mentzelia Malvastrum munroanum Verbena bracteosa Fallugia paradoxia Opuntia arborescens " [[ditto for: Opuntia]] clavata " [[ditto for: Opuntia]] englemani, little " [[ditto for: Opuntia]] white spines " [[ditto for: Opuntia]] fine white spines Yucca glauca Lysseum pallidum Dalea formosa Astragalus 2 Plantago patagonica [[end page]] [[start page]] Geomys lutens Neotoma fallax Peromyscus Perognathus 2 Perodipus Lepus arizonae Cynomys Canis Taxidea
[[underlined]] Sept 20 Laguna to San Mateos Cubero [[/underlined]] Salix nigra Rhus aromatica Sarcobatus Atriplex canescens Eurotia Guterrhizia Bigelovia gray Opuntia arborescens " [[ditto for: Opuntia]] clavata " [[ditto for: Opuntia]] englemani minor Yucca angustifolia Juniperus monosperma " [[ditto for: Juniperus]] pachyphloaea Pinus edulis. Heliathus annuus " [[ditto for: Helianthus]] lanceolata Quercus grisea Fallugia [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underlined]] Sept. 21 Up San Mateos [[/underlined]] Quercus gambeli Pinus ponderosa Negundo Salix cordata " [[ditto for: Salix]] [["albalinbatess"?]] " [[ditto for: Salix]] yellow Clematis Alnus Picea pungens - top Gilia agrigata Pentstemon Berberis Ceoanothus Rosa Cornus asperofolia Seniceo linarafolia Aster pale blue Chokecherry Amelanchier
[[underlined]] Up San Mateos [[/underlined]] Populus tremuloides 7000-1000 Pseudotsuga " [[ditto for: 7000]] Acer glabrum " [[ditto for 7000]] 1000 Ribes irriguum " [[ditto for: Ribes]] hondo Rubus strigosus -top " [[ditto for: Rubus]] nutkanus [[underlined]] Cabins 8500 [[/underlined]] Wyethia Geranium 2nd Companula Abies arizonica 8600 NE - top Sambucus 2nd 9200 - Ribes spring berry " [[ditto for: 9200 -]] Holodiseus 9600-1000 Juniperus communis " [[ditto for: 9600-1000]] top - [[underlined]] Left house at [[/underlined]] 9200 Ribes oxycanthoides 10000- top [[underlined]] Top of ridge 10000 Peak [[/underlined]] 10100! Draba Potentitla Aster Solidago Achilea Companula Seniceo Heuchera Lonicerra Ribes [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underlined]] Up San Mateos [[/underlined]] Sep. 27. - Accepiter velox 2 - Colaptes - Melanerpes - Sitta pygmaea - Astragalinus psaltraea - Vireo - Hesperiphona 5 - Cyanocitta - Aphelocona Sialia bairdi " [[ditto for: Sialia]] arctica Dendroica audoboni - Spizella - Zonotrichia - Junco caniceps - Sphyrapicus thyroides [[female symbol]] - [[Aerapates ceopri?]] 2 Parus gambeli - Regulus - Cathartes aura - Turkey 7500 - Loxia - Sitta nelsoni - Buteo borealis [[edramus?]] [[?]] - Acciptier striatulis - Troglodites - Helminthophila - Hylocichla - Aquila 4 at top - Salpinctes " [[ditto for: top]] - Melospiza lincolni 8500
[[underlined]] San Mateo Mts. [[/underlined]] [[overwritten]] July [[/overwritten]] Sept Odocoileus Sciurus aberti " [[Ditto for: Sciurus]] fremonti Eutamias Citellus grammerus Peromyscus Neotoma & [[Leanoma?]] Microtus Thomomys Lipus arizonae Procyon fresh tracks Ursus tracks on aspens Sorex Erethizon gnawing on P. pungens 9800 & dung on top. Cymopterus top Fragaria glauca " [[Ditto for: top]] Lupinus " [[Ditto for: top]] Vaccineum microphyllum - top [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underlined]] Plant Catalogues [[/underlined]] 1906 [[underlined]] New Mex [[/underlined]] [[underlined]] No. [[/underlined]] 1000. Quercus { arizonica { grisea live oak Santa Clara Canyon, N.M. 15 mi. up 1001. Quercus grisea Santa Clara Canyon, 15 mi. up. 1002. Quercus gambeli 17 " " [[Dittos for: mi. up.]] [[underlined]] Santa Clara Canyon [[/underlined]] 1003. Solanum tuberosum " [[Ditto for: 17 mi. up]] 1004. Aster big purple 1005. Seniceo ? narrow leaf 1006. Cleome integrifolia 1007. Malvastrum 1008. Geranium 1009. Pentstemon barbatus 1010. Gilia agregata 1011. Croton texensis [[underlined]] Jamez Mts [[/underlined]] 1012. Spirea or Opulaster 1000 feet
[[underlined]] Jamez Mts. [[/underlined]] Opulaster 1013. Physocarpas 9000 1014. Ribes sanguineum [[insertion]] wolfi? [[/insertion]] 1000 1015. [[strikethrough]] Aster [[/strikethrough]] Seniceo big 8500 1016. [[strikethrough]] Seniceo [[/strikethrough]] Aster big purple 8500 1017. Ribes oxycanthoides? 10500 1018. [[strikethrough]] Rhodeola rosia [[/strikethrough]] Clementsia rhodantha 11000 1019. Solidago " [[ditto for: 11000]] " [[ditto for: 1019]] Solidago " [[ditto for: 11000]] 1020. Grass - " [[ditto for: 11000]] 1021. Aster 1022. Anten ^ [[insertion]] n [[/insertion]] aria [[Antennaria]] 1023. Seniceo 1024. Achillea 1025. Draba 1026. [[strikethrough]] Sch [[/strikethrough]] Swertia palustris ? 1027. Potentilla 1028. Sibaldia procumbens ? 1029. [[strikethrough]] Saxifraga [[/strikethrough]] Tillaeastrum aquaticum 1030. [[end page]] [[start page]] 1031. Campanula 11000 1032. Arenaria fendleri " [[ditto for: 11000]] 1033. Pentstemon glaucus " [[ditto for: 11000]] 1034. Myrtensia " [[ditto for: 11000] 1035. Cymopterys " [[ditto for: 11000]] 1036: Orthocarpos " [[ditto for: 11000]] [[underlined]] Valle Santa Rosa, [[/underlined]] 8500 feet 1037. Polemonium foliolosissimum 1038. Orthocarpos white 1039. Hypericum formosum 1040. S [[strikethrough]] ch [[/strikethrough]] wertia palustris [[underlined]] Laguna [[/underlined] Sept 18. 1041. Baccharis emoryi " [[ditto for: 104]] 2. Artemisia filifolia " [[ditto for: 104]] 3. " [[ditto for: Artemisia]] gnaphaloides not Ludo. 4. Aplopappus ? "tortipotia" 5. [[strikethrough]] Grendelia [[/strikethrough]] Guterrizia [[strikethrough]] euthanae [[/strikethrough]] ? 6. [[strikethrough]] [[?]] [[/strikethrough]] Grindelia 7. Bigelovia ? 8. Aster? 9. Gaillardia 1050. [[strikethrough]] B. [[/strikethrough]] Silphium? foliacious bracts 1051. [[strikethrough]] Bigelovia [[/strikethrough]] Senicio douglasi " [[ditto for: 105]] 2 Chrysopsis desected leaves " [[ditto for: 105]] 3. Bigelovia gray " [[ditto for: 105]] 4 [[strikethrough]] Krasina [[/strikethrough]] ^ Crassina grandiflora
[[underlined]] Rio San Francisco [[/underlined]] N. M. [[underlined]] 1055. Platinus wrightii [[/underlined]] [[strikethrough]] 1056. [[/strikethrough]] [[underlined]] Alma, N. M. Oct. [[/underlined]] 15 1056. Populus [[strikethrough]] fremonti [[/strikethrough]] wislizeni " [[ditto for: 10]] 57 P. [[strikethrough]] angustifolia? [[/strikethrough]] acuminata " [[ditto for: 10]] 58. Quercus arizonica? 1059. Alnus oblongifolia [[end page]] [[start page]] [[blank page]]
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[blank page]]
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[blank page]]
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underlined]] Sept. 23 [[/underlined]] to Cubera & Acoma [[underlined]] Acoma Valley 6000 feet [[/underlined]] Sarcobatus Atriplex canescens " [[ditto for: Atriplex]] nuttalii " [[ditto for: Atriplex]] [[annual?]] Cleome integrifolia Helianthus 2 Helianthella Guterrizia euthanea Pinus edulis Juniperus monasperma Seniceo (1005) Opuntia 3 Thomomys aurems D. spectabilis Perognathus Eutamias Neotoma Cynomys Lepus arizonas Coyote Badger Yucca glauca Dalea formosa Petalostemon white
[[underlined]] Sept. 24 [[/underlined]] camp 6350 Acoma Pueblo 6550 Eutamias dorsalis Crotalus confluentus Up slope of canyon [[underlined]] Camp at top [[/underlined]] 7200 Querceus gambeli " [[ditto for: Quercus]] grisea [[underlined]] Sept. 25 [[/underlined]] 1 p.m. Camp 7100 Nut pines Juniperos monosperma Berberis fendleri 1 Eurotia Atriplex canescens Bigelovia, green, [[strikethrough]] gra [[/strikethrough]] " [[ditto for: Bigelovia]] gray " [[ditto for: Bigelovia]] tortifolia Guterrizia euthanae Tetradymia Helianthus 2 Helianthella Grendelea Mirabilis Artemisia "tridentoides"') " [[ditto for: Artemisia]] "frigioides" " [[ditto for: Artemisia]] Quercus grisea " [[ditto for: Quercus]] gambeli a few Pinus ponderosa, on N. slopes Lyssium pallidum com. [[underlined]] Broom Mtn. Camp. [[/underlined]] 10 m. 7350 [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underlined]] Sept. 24 [[/underlined]] - Camp all day Peromyscus leucopus, big-eared 4 Onychomys big, dark, 3 Neotoma fallax ? com Cynomys abn Cytellis 13lineatus 1 seen Lepus arizonae 3 " [[ditto for: Lepus]] tex. 2 Perodepus com D. Spectabilis " [[ditto for: com]] Prognathus holes " [[ditto for: com]] Thomomys aureus ? " [[ditto for: com]] Canis latrans " [[ditto for: com]] " [[ditto for: Canis]] occidentalis ? signs Taxidea com Eutamias dorsalis ? a few
[[underlined]] Sept. 27 [[/underlined]] Camp 1 P.M. 7200 Pinus ponderosa Quercus gambeli Bigelovia big green " [[Ditto for: Bigelovia]] small gray Quercus undulatus? com [[underlined]] Camp at reservoir [[/underlined]] 10M. 7700 [[underlined]] Sept. 28 [[/underlined]] Camp 9. A.M. 7600 [[underlined]] Top of ridge [[/underlined]] 9800 [[underlined]] [[Echollo?]] Spr. [[/underlined]] 7450 [[underlined]] Punta Malpais [[/underlined]] [[underlined]] Sept. 29 [[/underlined]], 9:30 6900 [[underlined]] Lunch [[/underlined]] 7025 Ridge of timber 7200 top of divide 7300 Camp 7000 [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underlined]] Sep. 30 [[/underlined]] Camp 7000 [[underlined]] Salt Valley [[/underlined]] 6900 [[underlined]] Rim of valley [[/underlined]] 6900 [[underlined]] Camp at Lathrop Spr. [[/underlined]] 7200 Antilocapra tracks Odocoileus hemionus " [[Ditto for: tracks]] & horn Lepus tex. com " [[Ditto for: Lepus]] arizonae " [[Ditto for: com]] Cynomys " [[Ditto for: com]] Entamias heard Thomomys com Coyote " [[Ditto for: com]] Badger " [[Ditto for: com]] Perodipus " [[Ditto for: com]] [[underlined]] Oct. 1 [[/underlined]] Camp 7250 [[underlined]] Ridge [[/underlined]] 7400 [[underlined]] [[Rita Comado?]] [[/underlined]] 7000 [[underlined]] Camp on Rio Largo [[/underlined]] 7100 Sarcobatus Atriplex canescens Suaeda Bigelovia big green, & gray Guterrizia Erriogonum
[[underlined]] Oct.2. [[/underlined]] Camp. 9. 7100 [[underlined]] Rio Largo [[/underlined]] Populus angustifolia Juniperus monosperma Pinus edulis Rhus aromatica Bigelovia, gray & big green Atriplex canesens Eurotia Lyasium pallidum Forestiera Cleome Mentzelia Mirabilis Senecio (1003) Helianthus Helianthella Amerantis Krinitzkia Yucca glanca Opuntia - small englmani [[underlined]] Camp 5 mi.[[/underlined]] up Largo 7350 Salix nigra Rosa Ribes cereum Juniperus scopulorum [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underlined]] Sept.3 [[/underlined]] up Peak [[underlined]] Camp [[/underlined]] 8, a.m., 7350 - Yellow pine N.E. 7600 - Douglas spruce " [[Ditto for: NE]] 7800 Quercus gambeli " [[Ditto for: 7800]] - Abies 8800 - Gilia [[overwritten]] [[left?]] [[/overwritten]] aggrigata 7600 Pentstemon " [[Ditto for: 7600]] [[underlined]] Left horses [[/underlined]] 8800 - Populus tremuloides 8800 - Berberis ripens W. " [[Ditto for: 8800]] Physacarpos " " [[Dittos for: W. 8800]] Holodiscus " " [[Dittos for: W. 8800]] Symphorocarpas " " [[Dittos for: W. 8800]] Rosa " " [[Dittos for: W. 8800]] Pinus flexilis N.E. 9200 - [[underlined]] Saddle [[/underlined]] 9250 Acer glabrum 9000 - Juniperus communis 9500 - [[underlined]] Top 9750 [[/underlined]] probably 10000. Pinus edulis Juniperus monosperma " [[Ditto for: Juniperus]] scopulorum " [[Ditto for: Juniperus]] pachyphloca
[[underlined]] Oct. 5 [[/underlined]] Camp 9:30 A.M. 7250 Odocoileus tracks com. Cynomys gunnisoni com Citellus grammicus, heard? Neotoma fallax com " [[Ditto for: Neotoma]] albigula " [[Ditto for: com]] Peromyscus rufinus " [[Ditto for: com]] Onychomys " [[Ditto for: com]] Perognathus bairdi " [[Ditto for: com]] Perodipus " [[Ditto for: com]] Thomomys rufus abn. Lepus arizonae com " [[Ditto for: Lepus]] texianus " [[Ditto for: com]] Erithizon on nut pine gnawings Canis latrans mearnsi 8 Taxidea holes abn [[underlined]] Up Largo [[/underlined]] 5 mi. [[underlined]] over ridge [[/underlined]] 7700 [[underlined]] Camp, 15 miles [[/underlined]] 8050 Populus tremuloides on N.E. slopes Lobo tracks [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underlined]] Oct. 9 [[/underlined]] Camp 9. 8000 [[underlined]] Divide [[/underlined]] 8100 [[underlined]] valley [[/underlined]] 7650 [[underlined]] Gallo Spr [[/underlined]] 7700 [[underlined]] Ridge [[/underlined]] 7800 [[underlined]] Tularosa [[/underlined]] 6800 [[underlined]] Oct. 10 [[/underlined]], Tularosa, 9. A.M. 6750 Pinus edulis Juniperus pachypheloea " [[Ditto for: Juniperus]] monosperma Quercus grisea Lyssium pallida Salix nigra Rhus trilobata Helianthus annuus Eurotia lanata Atriplex canescus Bigelovia Helianthella Cleome Malvastrum munroanum Yucca glauca " [[Ditto for: Yucca]] baccata Nobina
Pinus ponderosa Populus angustifolia Quercus gambeli [[underlined]] Joseph [[/underlined]] 6500 Negundo Juglans rupestris Vitis Forestiera Dalia formosa Opuntia englemani small " [[Ditto for: Opuntia]] arborescens Agave prindlei Clematis Prunus salicifolia Senicio linearefolius (1003) " [[Ditto for: Senicio]] douglasi Guterrezia [[underlined]] Frisco [[/underlined]] 6000 [[line across page]] Peromyscus ursus 2 Perodapus Fiber Perognothus Lynx Urocyon Takada Procyon Mephites Canis mearnsi & lobo [[end page]] [[start page]] (x = top of peak) [[underlined]] Oct. 12 [[/underlined]] Camp at Joseph 6550 [[underlined]] Crossing of Tulerosa [[/underlined]] 6450 [[underlined]] Spring in Largo [[/underlined]] Canyon 6650 [[underlined]] Top of mesa [[/underlined]] 7050 Pseudotsuga N.E. 7800 x Abies concolor N.E. 8200 x Populous tremuloides " " [[Dittos for: N.E. 8200]] x Pinus flexilis " " [[Dittos for: N.E. 8200]] x O. couesi 2 " [[Ditto for: 8200]] x [[underlined]] Left [[/underlined]] horse 2 P.M. 8550 Berberis ripens Ceanothus Pachystema 8550 x [[underlined]] Peak near Eagle Peak [[/underlined]] 3:30, 9650 Symphoricarpos orophilus - " [[Ditto for: 9650]] Pseudocacia 9000 - " [[Ditto for: 9650]] top Odocoileus hemionus 3 " [[Ditto for: Odocoileus]] couesi 2 Sciurus f. mogollonensis com " [[Ditto for: Sciurus]] aberti " [[Ditto for: com]] C. grammurus " [[Ditto for: com]] Callospermophilus lateralis 1 Eutamias, quad - com " [[Ditto for: Eutamias]] dorsalis " [[Ditto for: com]] Cynomys gunnisoni Neotoma fallax " [[Ditto for: Neotoma]] orophilus Thomomys fulvus
[[underlined]] Oct. 13 [[/underlined]] Joseph 1. P.M. 6700 [[underlined]] Frisco [/underlined]] 6100 [[bracket]] [[underlined]] Camp in Canyon [[/underlined]] 5950 5 miles below Frisco [[/bracket]] [[underlined]] Oct. 14 [[/underlined]] Camp 5850 Odocoileus hemionus 1 " [[Ditto for: 5850]] Parus wolwebori " [[Ditto for: 5850]] Populus fremonti; first, " [[Ditto for: 5850]] Opuntia schottii Alnus rhombifolia Fraxinus veida Ptelea Opuntia [[petuiya?]] Grapes Rhododendron [[strikethrough]] own [[/strikethrough]] one tree 3700 Devils horns Platinus 5700 Bigelovia "perpallida" 5650 Celtis belleri Morus microphylla Pinus ponderosa " [[Ditto for: Pinus]] edulis Juniperus monosperma " [[Ditto for: Juniperus]] pachyphloea Populus angustifolia " [[Ditto for: Populus]] fremonti Quercus gambeli " [[Ditto for: Quercus]] grisea Negundo [[end page]] [[start page]] Yucca angustifolia " [[Ditto for: Yucca]] baccata Agave prindlei Nolina Opuntia englemani " [[Ditto for: Opuntia]] schottii Cereus [[petija?]] Forestina Cleome Helianthus Argemine [[underlined]] Kelley Ranch [[/underlined]] 5600 Prosopis " [[Ditto for: 5600]] Acacia " [[Ditto for: 5600]] Yucca radiosa " [[Ditto for: 5600]] Quercus arizonica [[image: pen sketch of leaf]] " [[Ditto for: 5600]] [[underlined]] over ridge & mesa [[/underlined]] 6000 [[underlined]] Camp [[/underlined]] 5600 [[underlined]] Alma [[/underlined]] 5200 [[line across page]] [[underlined]] above Mogollon [[/underlined]] Alnus tree - 7000 Juglans - 7000 Negundo - " [[Ditto for: 7000]]
[[underlined]] Oct. 15 [[/underlined]] [[underlined]] Camp [[/underlined]] 8 A.M. [[underlined]] 5550 [[/underlined]] [[underlined]] Alma 5200 [[/underlined]] [[underlined]] Camp [[/underlined]] 5250 [[underlined]] Oct. 16 [[/underlined]], Camp 11, 5200 [[underlined]] Top of grade [[/underlined]] 7300 [[underlined]] Mogollon [[/underlined]] 6850 [[underlined]] Camp in gulch [[/underlined]] 7850 Garryia 7000 - Quercus leucophylla ? " [[Ditto for: 7000]] - Sambucus Agave 6800 - 8000 Alnus - 8500 Dasylirion 6800 - 7000 Ceanothus " [[Ditto for: Ceanothus]] Rhamos purshiana 7000 - Acer grandidentatum 1 bush 7000 Upper Sonoran S.W. - 7500 " " [[Dittos for: Upper Sonoran]] N.E. - 6500 Transition " [[Ditto for: N.E.]] 6500 - 8000 " [[Ditto for: Transition]] S.W. 8000 - Canadian N.E. 8000 - " [[Ditto for: Canadian]] in gulch " [[Ditto for: N.E.]] 7500 - " [[Ditto for: Canadian]] S.W. - [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underlined]] Oct. 17 [[/underlined]] - Camp 9 A.M. 7850 [[underlined]] Sawmill [[/underlined]] 8700 [[underlined]] Summit [[/underlined]] 9250 [[underlined]] Camp on [[/underlined]] ridge for lunch 9450 Abies concolor 7500 - Populus tremuloides " [[Ditto for: 7500]] - Pseudotsuga " [[Ditto for: 7500]] - Pinus flexilis " [[Ditto for: 7500]] - Picea engelmani 8500 - Abies arizonica 8800 - [[underlined]] highest part of [[/underlined]] road 9300 [[underlined]] Canyon ridge [[/underlined]] 9000 [[underlined]] Oct. 18 [[/underlined]] down to creek Camp 9000 Left wagons " [[Ditto for: 9000]] [[underlined]] Camp in gulch [[/underlined]] 8500 [[underlined]] Oct. 19. [[/underlined]] Down to Rangers cabin & back. [[underlined]] Oct. 20 [[/underlined]] Sent to town & killed deer [[underlined]] Oct. 21 [[/underlined]] Sunday Snowed [[underlined]] Oct. 22 [[/underlined]], E. Snowed, hunted, got nothing.
Oct. 23 up Peak Camp 8500 Pinus ponderosa { 8000 - 9500 { 6500 - 8000 [[strikethrough]] { 8500 - 9500 [[/strikethrough]] Quercus gambeli { 8000 - 9500 { 6500 - 8000 Pseudotsuga 7000 - 9500 Pseudocacia neomexiana 7000 - 9500 Sambucus 8500 Holodiscus - 10900 Ceanothus - 9500 Rosa - 9500 Berberis ripens - 9500 Cornus asperifolia - 8600 Pentstemon scarlet - 9500 Gilia agrigata - 9500 Wyethia O. couesi bucks at 9500 & 1000 Lepus pinetis tracks at 9000 - 10200 Felis tracks at 10000 [[end page]] [[start page]] Populus tremuloides { 9000 - 10900 } { 8000 - 10000 } Picea pungens { 8500 - 11000 { 9500 - 10500 " [[ditto for: Picea]] englemani 9000 - top 11000 Abies concolor 9500 - 11000 8000 - 10000 [[strikethrough]] 9000 [[/strikethrough]] " [[ditto for: Abies]] arizonica 8500 - 11000 Pinus flexilis 7500 - 9500 Salix cordata - 1100 " [[ditto for: Salix]] Alnus along stream to 9000 Sanguisorbus 10200 - Juniperus communis 10200 11000 Acer glabrum - 9500 Vaccineum [[folium?]] - 10000 Pachystema Rubus nutkanus 9000=10500 Veratrum 8000=9000 Pyrola picta Chynophila Holodiscus - 10900 Lonicera involucrata 8500 - 11000 Pteris 8500 - 11000 Ribes pinetorum 8000 - 9500 " [[ditto for: Ribes]] sanguineum 8500 - Symphorocarpos arophilus 8500 - 1000 Aster 11000 eregeron " [[ditto for: 11000]] Solidago , dwarf " [[ditto for: 11000]] Potentilla " [[ditto for: 11000]]
[[underlined]] Oct. 30. [[/underlined]] Camp 9000 [[underlined]] Divide [[/underlined]] 9250 [[underlined]] Magollon [[/underlined]] 6850 [[underlined]] Camp by [[/underlined]] mill in gulch 7000 [[underlined]] Oct. 31 [[/underlined]] Camp 7000 [[underlined]] Top of grade [[/underlined]] 7300 [[underlined]] Top of mesa [[/underlined]] 6900 Quercus emoryi 5100 [[underlined]] White water Cr. [[/underlined]] 5000 [[underlined]] Camp [[/underlined]] " [[Ditto for: 5000]] [[underlined]] Nov. 1 - 5 [[/underlined]] Prosopis glandulosa abn Mimosa biuncifera " [[Ditto for: abn]] Platinus " [[Ditto for: abn]] Rhus wooly leaf " [[Ditto for: abn]] Opuntia englemani, big, " [[Ditto for: abn]] " [[Ditto for: Opuntia]] schottii " [[Ditto for: abn]] Cereus petyja a few Dasylirion " [[Ditto for: a few]] Elanthus by fence Yucca radiosa Phoradendron flavescens abn Juglans "arizona" " [[Ditto for: abn]] [[end page]] [[start page]] Populus fremonti com. " [[Ditto for: Populus]] angustifolia a few Salix nigra com " [[Ditto for: Salix]] yellow willow tree " [[Ditto for: com]] " [[Ditto for: Salix]] Quercus grisea abn. " [[Ditto for: Quercus]] emoryi com Juglans (not rupestris) com Fraxinus " [[Ditto for: com]] Sapindus " [[Ditto for: com]] Ptelea " [[Ditto for: com]] Platinus " [[Ditto for: com]] Alnus tree " [[Ditto for: com]] Pinus edulis abn Juniperus monosperma " [[Ditto for: abn]] " [[Ditto for: Juniperus]] pachyphoea " [[Ditto for: abn]] Rhus aromatica " [[Ditto for: abn]] " [[Ditto for: Rhus]] velvet leaf " [[Ditto for: abn]] " [[Ditto for: Rhus]] glabra " [[Ditto for: abn]] Ceanothus rigidus com Cowania mex. " [[Ditto for: com]] Cercoecarpus parvifolius " [[Ditto for: com]] Vitis feast grape " [[Ditto for: com]] Clematis Macros microphyla on rocks, a few Negundo com Garryia a few.
Helianthus annuus " [[Ditto for: Helianthus]] Halianthella Guterrizia Senecio douglasi " [[Ditto for: Senecio]] linareafolia Argemone Fallugia paradoxa Mentzelia Eurotia lanata Sciurus arizonensis 1 - com Eutamias dorsalis Citellus grammeus com " [[Ditto for: Citellus]] spilosoma, hibernated Reithrodontomys Peromyscus truei, borleyi, sonorus com Onychomys torridus com Neotoma albigula & cumulator com Thomomys fulvus abn Perodipus com Perognathus flavus " [[Ditto for: com]] Lepus arizonae " [[Ditto for: com]] Lynx baileyi tracks Canis mearnsi com Urocyon " [[Ditto for: com]] Procyon " [[Ditto for: com]] Taxidea " [[Ditto for: com]] Conepatus " [[Ditto for: com]] Mephitis " [[Ditto for: com]] Spilogale " [[Ditto for: com]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underlined]] Nov. 5. 9 AM 5000 [[/underlined]] [[underlined]] Over ridge [[/underlined]] to S.F. Valley Saligua chilopsis com Celtis " [[Ditto for: com]] Acacia [[rosineinana?]] " [[Ditto for: com]] [[underlined]] Lone Pine [[/underlined]] [[underlined]] Lower end of Valley [[/underlined]] 4900 [[underlined]] Dry Creek [[/underlined]] 5100 [[bracket]] [[underlined]] Lees Station [[/underlined]] 5180 U.S.G.S. stake - 4884 Barometer set at " [[Ditto for: 4884]] [[/bracket]] [[underlined]] Top of ridge [[/underlined]] [[underlined] Cactus flat camp [[/underlined]] 5300 Cynomys ludovicianus Lupus arizonae & tex Neotoma Perodipus Coyote Onychomys Taxidea Campylorhynchus Harpirhynchus Spizella Carpodacus Calcarius ornatus?
[[underlined]] Nov. 6 [[/underlined]] Camp 9:30 520[[0?]] Yucca [[radicesa?]] abn. Opuntia schottii " [[Ditto for: abn]] [[underlined]] Top of ridge [[/underlined]] 5300 [[underlined]] White House [[/underlined]] lunch 4596 Chilopsis saliqua abn Tessaria "salicifolia"? " [[Ditto for: abn]] Yuccas & Cactus & mesquite [[underlined]] Cliff [[/underlined]] at river - Camp 4470 Ephedra virida Rhamnos californica Forestiera Atriplex canescens Populous fremonti Salix nigra " [[Ditto for Salix]] big yellow Negundo Juglans Chilopsis Prosopsis Celtis Quercus grisea " [[Ditto for: Quercus]] emoryi Pinus edulis Juniperus monosperma Opuntia schottii " [[Ditto for: Opuntia]] englemani some " [[Ditto for: Opuntia]] brown spined com Cereus ? [[end page]] [[start page]] Yucca radiosa abn. Fallugia paradoxa Ceanothus rigida Lycium pallida Rhus aromatica Guterrizia [[org?]] Quercus douglasii Helianthus annuus abn Helianthella Argemone Mentzelia Xanthium Cleome integrifolia Croton texensis ?
[[underlined]] Nov. 9 [[/underlined]] 1 [[Octbr?]] , 4470 [[underlined]] up Greenwood Cr. over ridge [[/underlined]] 4900 [[underlined]] Mangos Valley [[/underlined]] 4800 Left valley at 4900 [[underlined]] Dry Camp [[/underlined]] 5400 [[underlined]] Nov. 10. [[/underlined]] Camp 5400 [[underlined]] Top of ridge [[/underlined]] 6200 [[underlined]] Silver City [[/underlined]] 6000 Camped at Mr. Pinkerton's in orchard by pond. [[underlined]] Nov. 11 [[/underlined]] Packed up & took train to [[underlined]] Deming [[/underlined]] - [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underlined]] Nov. 12 [[/underlined]] to El Paso. Left El Paso at 7 P.M.
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[blank page]]
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[image: pencil drawing of map]]
[[underlined]] Transportation orders [[/underlined]] 44361, L.A. No. 512 Washington to Cache Aug. 1, 1906, $38.95 40362, L'a No. 512 Dalhart to Santa Fe. Aug. 16. $15.15 40363. Silver to Wash. Nov. 11, 1906 _ $55.45 [[underlined]] Expense [[/underlined]] Aug. [[strikethrough]] 38.95 + 15.15 + 121.59 [[/strikethrough]] [[line indicating addition]] " [[ditto for: Aug.]] 175.69 Sept. 130.65 Oct. ok 132.75 Nov. 75.85
Manuel Mundrogon, Taos C. C. Beattie, Espanola W [[superscript]] m [[/superscript]]. E. Griffen, Game Warden Santa Fe. 115, Johnson St. T. F. Leavenworth, Fierro Victor Culberson " [[Ditto for: Fierro]] [[bracket]] Mr. Lamb, Raclamtion Sevice sends regards to Mr. Titus from Snyder, Okla. [[/bracket]] [[line]] Charles Dickson, Cubera. Acawa Indian [[line]] [[blue ink]] Jesse Lewis, Albuquerque Fidel army's Pinonville Ne Me Socomo C.O. [[/blue ink]] [[line across page]] H. S. Delgar, Ar[[strikethrough]] r [[/strikethrough]]agon, [[line across page]] W. J. Andrus Hackensack, N.J. [[line across page]] Bill Lewis, Frisco good packer & camp man [[end page]] [[start page]] [[blank page]]
Pittsburg Perfect Fencing Pittsburg Street Co., Pittsburg, Pa. Poultry fence 52 inches high 15 [[wire?]] 1 1/2 to 6 inch mesh, 6 inch cross[[wire?]] [[line across page]] Send photo of Cruz Abieta to his cousin Pablo at Lolita [[line across page]] Charles Schafer Alma, N. Me for skills - a trapper [[line across page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[several scraps of paper one on top of the other]] [[bottom scrap of paper]] [[strikethrough]] [[underlined]] road runner [[/underlined]] [[/strikethrough]] [[half circled]] tarantula [[/half circled]] [[strikethrough]] [[underlined]] [[Nulorferja?]] Xanthoa [[/underlined]] [[/strikethrough]] Acome [[underlined]] shells [[/underlined]] [[rest of text obscured by other scraps of paper]] [[strikethrough]] [[Wood Duck?]] seen in alfalfa [[/strikethrough]] [[/bottom scrap of paper]] [[newspaper clipping]] [[HOW TO?]] PURIFY WATER.-Add half a grain [[of pure alum?]] to each gallon of water. This [[small quantity does?]] not injure the water for [[any purpose, and yet?]] it will precipitate the [[earthy and vegetable matters?]] and with it the [[bacteria that the water may?]] contain, or at [[least, so nearly clear the water that?]] you need [[not fear to drink it.?]] [[/newspaper clipping]] [[top scrap of paper]] [[underlined]] Wolf urine for traps Put poison in egg for coyote [[/underlined]] [[/top scrap of paper]]
[[strikethrough]] [[underlined]] road runner [[/underlined]] [[/strikethrough]] [[half circled]] tarantula [[/half circled]] [[strikethrough]] [[underlined]] [[Nulorferja?]] Xanthoa [[/underlined]] [[/strikethrough]] Acome [[underlined]] shells [[/underlined]] [[strikethrough]] [[underlined]] [[Melorf?]] [[Tondt?]] [[strikethrough]] [[Turrieta?]] [[/strikethrough]] Robins 7th [[/underlined]] Wood Duck seen in alfalfa [[/strikethrough]]
Good to get Navajo men from J. L. Hubbell Ganada [[underline]] Ariz. [[/underline]] Mr. J. B. More [[underline]] Mr. Perry good [[/underline]] [[double underline]] agent [[/double underline]] St. Michaels Fort Defiance Ariz Willy Day white boys Charley best [[double underline]] good [[/double underline]] speak [[double underline]] Navajo [[/double underline]]
[[underlined]] Wolf urine for traps Put poison in egg for coyote [[/underlined]]
HOW TO PURIFY WATER.-Add half a grain of pure alum to each gallon of water. This small quantity does not injure the water for any purpose, and yet it will precipitate the earthy and vegetable matters and with it the bacteria that the water may contain, or at least, so nearly clear the water that you need not fear to drink it.
Pittsburg Perfect Fencing Pittsburg Street Co., Pittsburg, Pa. Poultry fence 52 inches high 15 [[wire?]] 1 1/2 to 6 inch mesh, 6 inch crosswire [[line across page]] Send photo of Cruz Abieta to his cousin Pablo at Lolita [[line across page]] Charles Schafer Alma, N. Me for skills - a trapper [[line across page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[strikethrough]] 195 X 130 X 110, [[female symbol]] [[Taxiohe?]] Whitewater Baldy, 10950 S.C. box by Lt Stanley Koch 5 [[superscript]] th [[/superscript]] Cav. Ft. Huachuca [[line across page]] N., 5617 Mrs. Becks [[line across page]] N. 1123 M, Bailey [[line across page]] [[preprinted label]] [[C?]]arles P. Swett STATIONER 913 F ST. N.W. WASHINGTON D C Price. ^[[1/3 Y]] [[/preprinted label]]
[[back cover of notebook]]