Field notes, Minnesota and Ontario, September 30-October 22, 1905 and notes kept on trips to Michigan and Minnesota, March 23-April 19, 1907

ID: SIA RU007267

Creator: Bailey, Vernon, 1864-1942

Form/Genre: Fieldbook record

Date: 1905-1907

Citation: Vernon Bailey Papers, 1889-1941 and undated, field notes and journals, 1889-1941

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This item documents Bailey's collecting efforts in Minnesota and Ontario, Canada in 1905 and field notes kept on trips to Michigan and Minnesota during 1907. The first 5 pages are from 1905 and the remainder of the book documents Bailey's study of wolves in Minnesota and Michigan in March and April of 1907. The field book is comprised primarily of specimen lists of plants and animals identified by genus and species. Common names are sometimes included in specimen lists. Bailey indicates gender of mammals taken from the field and sometimes indicates that fetuses are present in the specimen taken. The item also includes very brief lists from a few other states including Ohio and Wisconsin.

Date Range


Start Date

Sep 30, 1905

End Date

Apr 19, 1907

Access Information

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  • Animals
  • Birds
  • Mammalogy
  • Plants
  • Mammologists
  • Botany
  • Ornithology


  • United States
  • Minnesota
  • Ontario
  • Michigan


  • Fieldbook record
  • Field notes

Accession #

SIA RU007267

Collection name

Vernon Bailey Papers, 1889-1941 and undated, field notes and journals, 1889-1941

Physical Description

1 field book

Physical Location

Smithsonian Institution Archives


Box 2 Folder 2

[[underlined]] 1905 [[/underlined]] & [[underlined]] 1907 [[/underlined]] Minnesota Michigan Ontario [[written vertically]] Snakes & Lizards. [[/written vertically]]
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[stamped]] 2863 [[/stamped]] 4 cm [[underlined]] Minnesota & Ontario 1905 Michigan & Minnesota 1907 [[/underlined]] [[stamped]] Vernon Bailey U.S. Dept. of Agrl. 1834 KALORAMA AVE. [[/stamped]]
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underlined]] Sept. 30, 1905 [[/underlined]] Left Washington 5:30 P.M. Good crops, no frost yet. [[underlined]] Oct. 1 [[/underlined]] Newark, Ohio 8:30 About 20 minutes east of Newark, Ohio are good Neotoma Cliffs, sandstone with apparently [[hinlock even?]] [[underlined]] Chicago Junction [[/underlined]] C [[underlined]] Albion [[/underlined]] Aspens in swamps & massive Pawpaw & Sycamore on uplands [[underlined]] Wawasee [[/underlined]] . only a station A fine lake Lots of marshes & swamps Tamaracks & Poplars Also [[strikethrough]] at [[/strikethrough]] a mile west at [[underlined]] Syracuse [[/underlined]], a good town. Aspens in swamps [[strikethrough]] more [[/strikethrough]] [[underlined]] Topaz Junction [[/underlined]] [[underlined]] Walkerton [[/underlined]] Big marshes [[underlined]] Willsboro [[/underlined]] Muskrat houses Sassafrass
[[underlined]] Calumet Height [[/underlined]] Sand dunes & Pines old beach ridges [[underlined]] The Lake Chicago [[/underlined]] 5:30 P.M. Out of Chicago C & N.Wn. 6:30 P.M. [[underlined]] Oct. 2 [[/underlined]] St. Paul 7:15 am [[underlined]] Mineapolis [[/underlined]] 9 [[underlined]] Elk River [[/underlined]] 10 A.M. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underlined]] Meadow Vals. [[/underlined]] [[underlined]] ( Apios [[strikethrough]] tuberosa [[/strikethrough]] apios [[/underlined]] ( Willd potato ( [[underlined]] Falcata comosa ( [[strikethrough]] Amphicarpaea monoica [[/strikethrough]] [[/underlined]] ( Ground bean. ( Hog peanut - [[underlined]] Lycopus communis [[/underlined]] Gopher nuts [[underlined]] Oct. 14 [[/underlined]] Elk River - 4:07 P.M [[underlined]] [[Princitore?]] [[/underlined]] Pinus cembroides abn Pinus strobis a few [[underlined]] Long Siding Pease Milaca [[/underlined]], nearly dark [[underlined]] Duluth [[/underlined]] 10:30 P.M. Lenox Hotel [[underlined]] Oct. 15 [[/underlined]] Dr. Taylor & Rose Bausford - Abies and Libocedrus on bluffs, also Pinus [[strubus?]] Populus tremuloides & Betula Left Duluth at 6:20 PM on S. Shore R.R.
[[underlined]] Oct. 16 [[/underlined]] in Wisconsin [[underlined]] Marquette [[/underlined]] Pineus strobus com " [[ditto for: Pineus]] cembroides? abn " [[ditto for: Pineus]] resinosa ? " [[ditto for: abn]] Picea " [[ditto for: abn]] Abices com Tsuga " [[ditto for: com]] Larix abn. Libocedrus " [[ditto for: abn]] Populus Tremuloides " [[ditto for: abn]] Betula alba " [[ditto for: abn]] " [[ditto for: Betula]] glandulosa " [[ditto for: abn]] Alnus " [[ditto for: glandulosa]] " [[ditto for: abn]] Salix - many " [[ditto for: abn]] Acer saccarhinum " [[ditto for: abn]] " [[ditto for: Acer]] rubrum ? " [[ditto for: abn]] Ulmus americanus Fraxinus - black " [[Ditto for: com]] " [[Ditto for: Fraxinus]] white " [[Ditto for: com]] Viburnum prunifolium " [[Ditto for: com]] Sanguisorba [[samburiphora?]] " [[Ditto for: com]] Ledum abn Andromeda " [[Ditto for: abn]] [[underlined]] Shingleton [[/underlined]] 7:30 A.M. [[underlined]] MacMillan [[/underlined]] more swampy, no farms [[underlined]] Dollarville [[/underlined]], a lumbertown mainly swamps [[underlined]] Soo Junction [[/underlined]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underlined]] Wellsburg [[/underlined]] mainly dry land, sandy pines & burnt land, a few red oaks, the first [[underlined]] Brinkley [[/underlined]] [[underlined]] South St. Marie [[/underlined]] 10:20 [[underlined]] South St. Marie, [[/underlined]] Ontario [[underline]] Bruce [[/underlined]] Same timber & plants [[underlined]] Blind River [[/underlined]] - on the Bay Quercus (red oak) a few " [[Ditto for: Quercus]] (blk oak) " " [[Dittos for: a few]] Pin Cherry [[underlined]] Algoma [[/underlined]] very rocky [[underlined]] Cutler [[/underlined]] more rocky, less timber [[underlined]] Sudbury Jct [[/underlined]] - dark [[underlined]] North Bay [[/underlined]] - 8:30 to 11:20
[[underlined]] Oct. 16 [[/underlined]] - daylight 1 hour north of [[underlined]] Toronto [[/underlined]] upland timber [[Deer?]] [[saceanrium?]] com Acer " [[Ditto for: com]] Beech [[strikethrough]] [[b?]] [[/strikethrough]] " [[Ditto for: com]] Ulmus americanus " [[Ditto for: com]] Pinus strobus " [[Ditto for: com]] Juniperus " [[Ditto for: com]] Quercus 3 sp. black, white & [[buz.?]] Hicoria a few Swamp timber Tsuga Picea Libocedrus Betula alba Almus Populus [[tremuloides?]] [[underlined]] Toronto [[/underlined]] Apples abn Pears trees com Peaches " " [[Ditto for: trees com]] Cherry " " [[Ditto for: trees com]] Grape vines " [[Ditto for: com]] Buckeye trees " [[Ditto for: com]] Boxelder " [[Ditto for: com]] Locust " [[Ditto for: com]] Oakes - abundant [[underlined]] Hamilton [[/underlined]] Basswood - in few [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underlined]] Smithsville [[/underlined]] Hickory - shagbark, com. Pinus strobus, com. old stumps abn. Hemlocks - a few. [[underlined]] Fresswick [[/underlined]] [[underlined]] Willand [[/underlined]] [[underlined]] Buffalo [[/underlined]] - 11:30 - 5:30 [[underlined]] Utica [[/underlined]] 10:30 P.M. [[underlined]] Oct. 17 [[/underlined]] - Left Utica 6 A.M. [[underlined]] Remsen [[/underlined]] [[underlined]] Lyon Falls [[/underlined]] [[underlined]] Oct. 21 [[/underlined]] to New York [[underlined]] Oct. 22 [[/underlined]] Washington 7:30 A.M.
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underlined]] 1907 [[/underlined]] March 23 [[underlined]] Washington [[/underlined]] for [[underlined]] Marquette [[/underlined]] [[underlined]] Left Wash [[/underlined]] - 12 M. Maples in blossom Alders " [[Ditto for: in blossom]] Spicebush " [[Ditto for: in blossom]] Some Willows " [[Ditto for: in blossom]] [[underlined]] Baltimore [[/underlined]] no change [[underlined]] Harrisburg [[/underlined]], no change [[underlined]] Huntington [[/underlined]] Hemlocks on cold sloap Sycamores on south sloaps no flowers, not much green. [[underlined]] Altoona [[/underlined]], dark, 7:45 [[underlined]] Pittsburg [[/underlined]] 9:45 to 10 Norman McClintock
[[underlined]] March [[/underlined]] 24, [[underlined]] Toledo, O. [[/underlined]], daylight Grass barely starting no leaves or flowers Platinus, a few Quercus com Ulmus " [[Ditto for: com]] Fraxinus " [[Ditto for: com]] Hickory " [[Ditto for: com]] Beech " [[Ditto for: com]] Acer " [[Ditto for: com]] [[underlined]] Wyndotte [[/underlined]] [[underlined]] Detroit [[/underlined]], cool, not much green. [[underlined]] Belle Isle [[/underlined]] Ice in river. Sciurus ludovecaus 7 " [[Ditto for: Sciurus]] carolinensis, gray 6 " " [[Ditto for: Sciurus carolinensis]] black 7 Canis rubiles 2 in zoo from near Alpine, Mich Canis occidentals 2 from Holy Smoke, S.O. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underlined]] Toledo [[/underlined]] Sturnella magna 3 Zenaidura 1 [[Conus brach?]] com [[underlined]] Wyndotte [[/underlined]] [[underlined]] Detroit [[/underlined]] 8 A.M. to 8 P.M. [[underlined]] Belle Isle [[/underlined]] Junco hiemalis com Melospiza melodia Sitta [[cardincersis?]] com [[Artbia?]] 1 Colaples auratus com [[Mesula?]] " [[Ditto for: com]] [[Erupiclorax?]] 1 Quiscalus 1 [[Melaruspus?]] com Sialia 1 Oriole nests abn. on elms. 12 [[insertion]] ^ AM [[/insertion]] at one time. Larus argenlatus a few
[[underlined]] Belle Isle [[/underlined]] Quercus alba com " [[Ditto for: Quercus]] macrocarpa " [[Ditto for: com]] " [[Ditto for: Quercus]] red oak " [[Ditto for: com]] Ulmus americanus abn Hicoria alba (Skylark) abn ( Acer (soft) abn ( in flower a little. Populus grandedentatum com Corylus rostratus com Viburnum opulus " [[Ditto for: com]] [[end page]] [[start page]] In town & parks, [[underlined]] Detroit [[/underlined]] Acer rubrum? abn Ulmus americanus" [[Ditto for: abn]] Quercus com Populus grandidentata com " [[Ditto for: Populus]] lombardi " [[Ditto for: com]] " [[Ditto for: Populus]] Betula alba? a few Salix - yellow willow, big trees Platinus, a few Fraxinus a few Catalpa com Cretaegus " [[Ditto for: com]] ( Pinus strobus ( native in spots Norway spruce com Libocedrus " [[Ditto for: com]] Apple trees abn
[[underlined]] March 25 [[/underlined]] - [[underlined]] Rondo [[/underlined]] - Sunrise Patches of snow Pinus strobus in places Tsuga " [[Ditto for: in places]] Picea com in swamp Larix " " [[Ditto for: com in swamp]] Populus tremuloids abn. Betuta alba? " [[Ditto for: abn]] Alnus com Ulmus " [[Ditto for: com]] Fraxinus " [[Ditto for: com]] Libocedrus " [[Ditto for: com]] ( Pinus resinosa? " [[Ditto for: com]] ( red bark, long leaf Quercus 2 bushes [[underlined]] Mackinow [[/underlined]] breakfast [[underlined]] Across Straight. [[/underlined]] Ice 12 in. thick. plowed through [[underlined]] St. Ignace [[/underlined]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underlined]] St. Ignace [[/underlined]] Populus tremuloides abn. Betula alba? " [[Ditto for: abn]] " [[Ditto for: Betula]] lutea? " [[Ditto for: abn]] Larix " [[Ditto for: abn]] Picea " [[Ditto for: abn]] Libocedrus " [[Ditto for: abn]] Pinus strobus " [[Ditto for: abn]] " [[Ditto for: Pinus]] resinosa? a few Abies " [[Ditto for: a few]] Alnus abn Cornus red " [[Ditto for: abn]] Fraxinus black, in swamps [[underlined]] Allenville [[/underlined]] Snow over half of ground A foot deep in swamps Acer saccharinum on ridges Populus grandidentata a few [[underlined]] Trout Lake [[/underlined]] Snow continuous, a foot or more Same trees ( also a scrub pine - ( Pinus Ledum ? in swamps Andromeda ? " [[Ditto for: in swamps]] [[underlined]] Soo Junction [[/underlined]]
[[underlined]] Soo Junction [[/underlined]] Same trees Snow continuous A few plowed fields Large grass fields No orchards a few little apple trees at one [[strikethrough]] Dollarville [[/strikethrough]] [[underlined]] Newberry [[/underlined]] [[underlined]] Dollarvill [[/underlined]] The same scrub pine more common Gaultheria & Arctostaphylos, abn. [[underlined]] [[Scucry?]] [[/underlined]] Tsuga canadensis large hemlocks seen west of [[strikethrough]] [[underlined]] Driggs [[/strikethrough]] Creighton [[/underlined]] Country rougher, big ridges with lots of hemlock, maple & birch. [[underlined]] Munesing Jct [[/underlined]] [[underlined]] On train [[/underlined]] Lake all frozen near Marquette, Lake open. [[underlined]] Marquette [[/underlined]] snow scarce - [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underlined]] March 26 [[/underlined]], [[underlined]] Marquette [[/underlined]], 9:25 for Big Bay. Pinus strobus com " [[Ditto for: Pinus]] resinosa? " [[Ditto for: com.]] " [[Ditto for: Pinus]] virginiana? " [[Ditto for: com.]] Tsuga " [[Ditto for: com.]] Libocedrus " [[Ditto for: com.]] Picea " [[Ditto for: com.]] Larix " [[Ditto for: com.]] Abies " [[Ditto for: com.]] Populus tremuloides " [[Ditto for: com.]] Betula alba " [[Ditto for: com.]] " [[Ditto for: Betula]] lutea ? " [[Ditto for: com.]] Fraxirus black " [[Ditto for: com.]] Acer saccarhinum " [[Ditto for: com.]] [[underlined]] Birch [[/underlined]] more snow [[underlined]] Antlers [[/underlined]] [[underlined]] Big Bay [[/underlined]] to Huron Mtn. Club Basewood a few & all the rest.
[[underlined]] Beaver [[/underlined]] com. in Cliff Lake Mountain Lake house Trout Lake " [[Ditto for: house]] Pine Lake 1 & 3 " [[Ditto for: house]] Big Marsh " [[Ditto for: house]] ( Porcupine, com. tracks seen ( small basswood freshly barked Lepus americanus tracks com [[Mephitro?]] tracks com. Vulpes fulvus com. Canius nubilis, 1 skull Another trapped - 7 seen together in winter. Tracks of 15 seen in Jan. had killed & eaten deer. Tracks of 6 seen about every 2 weeks all winter. 2 dead deer found near. Deer hair in wolf stomach. [[underlined]] March 27 [[/underlined]] Coon track Bear com. not out yet. ( Marmota, said to be a few ( One fresh track Lutrola fresh track Red squirrel a few tracks Lynx rufus com. tracks Lynx canadensis said to be a few. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underlined]] From Mtn. Club [[/underlined]] Pinus - 3 species, com. Tsuga " [[Ditto for: com]] Picea " [[Ditto for: com]] Abies " [[Ditto for: com]] Libocedrus " [[Ditto for: com]] Larix " [[Ditto for: com]] Acer saccharinum com " [[Ditto for: Acer]] soft maple a few Betula alba ? com " [[Ditto for: Betula]] lutea ? " [[Ditto for: com]] Alnus " [[Ditto for: com]] Ironwood " [[Ditto for: com]] Basswood a few Populus tremuloides com " [[Ditto for: Populus]] grandedentata a few Fraxinus black ( Quersus rubra ? big black oak ( a few on high ridges, 5 slopes. [[strikethrough]] Cornus [[vivda?]] [[/strikethrough]] Acer spicatum , [[strikethrough]] big [[/strikethrough]]. com " [[Ditto for: Cornus]] canadinsis " [[Ditto for: com]] Gaultheria " [[Ditto for: com]] Chimophila umbellulata " [[Ditto for: com]] Corylus rostrata com. Salix several sp - " [[Ditto for: com]] Amelanchier canadensis a few Prunus black cherry " [[Ditto for: a few]] Juniperus communis com Rubus spectabilis " [[Ditto for: com]] " [[Ditto for: Rubus]] canadensis blackberry " [[Ditto for: com]] Vacciuum 2, " [[Ditto for: com]]
[[underlined]] Club [[/underlined]] - March 27 Cornus brachybranchus com Merula 1 Coephlocus 2. com. Dryobates pubescens 2 Bonassa com Corvus corax, said to be a few. Junco 1 Nyctale acadica 1 heard Strnum nebulosum " [[Ditto for: 1 heard]] [[underlined]] March 28 [[/underlined]] Dryobatis villosus com Peresorius 1 heard [[underlined]] March 28 [[/underlined]] ( [[Chanirchetes?]] 1 ( & feathers of eaten by cat. Parus atricapillus com [[underlined]] April 1 [[/underlined]] [[Albianabus heimalis?]] 1 seen Cyanocilla cristala heard Nyetea cinerea 2 at cabin [[end page]] [[start page]] Porcupine, [[female symbol]], 1 large fetus stomach full of bark, probably maple, Maple, birch (yellow), & basswood eaten, many hemlock branchlets cut off, but no bark eaten. Maples & birches killed. Some other tracks seen. Beaver Dams & houses cut mainly alder, some willow, red ozier, a few maples, hard & soft. Otter - 2 fresh tracks [[underlined]] March 30 [[/underlined]] Tamias 1 first Eutamias - said to be. ( Erethizon, kill maple, oaks, ( yellow birch, hemlock. Sciusopterus - big, skin at cabin, Putorius small, 2 tracks Mustela tracks seen [[underlined]] Deer [[/underlined]], in yards, eat buds of maple, birch, ozier, & leaves of hemlock, abies Lipocedrus, juniperus communis, [[Taxius?]], eat moss & lichens. Comptonia peregrina Bear, break tops of oaks for acorns
[[underlined]] [[strikethrough]] Mar. 31 [[/strikethrough]] April 1. [[/strikethrough]] Larus com. Prunus red " [[Ditto for: com]] Rhus dwarf, S. a few Sambucus a few [[underlined]] April 2 [[/underlined]] cleaned skulls [[underlined]] April 3 [[/underlined]] to Big Bay & Marquette Spizella borealis 1 Pinicola 3 Merula 1 at Marquette. Arctomys tracks, 3 at Big Bay [[underlined]] April 4 [[/underlined]] to Munising Prunus black on burns " [[Ditto for: Prunus]] red " [[Ditto for: on burns]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underlined]] April 5 [[/underlined]] to Castle Point Carpinus, beech, abundant Tsuga abn Abies " [[Ditto for: abn]] Libocedrus " [[Ditto for: abn]] Picea " [[Ditto for: abn]] Taxus " [[Ditto for: abn]] Acer saccarinums " [[Ditto for: abn]] " [[Ditto for: Acer]] rubrum " [[Ditto for: abn]] Betula lutea " [[Ditto for: abn]] " [[Ditto for: Betula]] alba " [[Ditto for: abn]] " [[Ditto for: Betula]] nigra ? " [[Ditto for: abn]] Ulmus americanus " [[Ditto for: abn]] Ostrya " [[Ditto for: abn]] Populus tremuloides " [[Ditto for: abn]] Alnus " [[Ditto for: abn]] [[Lilea?]] com. Fraxinus black " [[Ditto for: com.]] Pinus strobus a few " [[Ditto for: Pinus]] resinosa " [[Ditto for: a few]] " [[Ditto for: Pinus]] scrub " [[Ditto for: a few]] Corvus red com Sambucus Rubus 2 Vaccumium 2 Gaultheries abn Arbutus " [[Ditto for: abn]] [[Limea?]] " [[Ditto for: abn]]
[[underlined]] April 5 [[/underlined]] Miner Co. [[Erettrigon?]], tracks abn. 1 dead [[?]] 4 maples & 1 beech girdled & killed & one basswood with picked limbs A large beeched nearly girdled. [[underlined]] April 6 [[/underlined]] To Cappel Lake Deer, eat vaccinium 8 deer seen, 1000 tracks [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underlined]] Munising & Miner Co. Apr 5 [[/underlined]] Junco a few Sitta carolinensis com Dryobates villosis " [[Ditto for: com]] " [[Ditto for: Dryobates]] pubescus " [[Ditto for: com]] Ceophlocus " [[Ditto for: com]] Corvus corax tracks " [[Ditto for: Corvus]] machyrhymdas com Cyancitta heard Bubo " [[Ditto for: heard]] Plectrophanes nivalis com. [[underlined]] April 6 [[/underlined]] to Chappel Lake Corvus corax 2 Halietus leucocephalus 1 [[olbiorchus bicaalis?]] 1 Cyanocitta 2 Parus atricapillus com [[strikethrough]] Snow buntings 12 [[/strikethrough]] [[underlined]] April 7 [[/underlined]] back to Munising Snow buntings 12 Juncos com Snowing all afternoon
[[underlined]] April 8 [[/underlined]] Munising Snowed all day hard [[underlined]] April 9 [[/underlined]] Still snowing all day West to Deeston on train & out to Peter Whites Camp 4 miles south of Durton on Laughing Whitefish R. [[underlined]] April 10 [[/underlined]] at White's Camp stopped snowing in night. Followed wolf track all day. Same old trees 18 in fresh snow, 2 feet old. [[underlined]] April 11 [[/underlined]] Up to Falls, Wolf tracks 1 fresh Porcupines abn Lepus americanus com Otter tracks " [[Ditto for: com]] Mink " " [[Dittos for: tracks com]] Weasel " " [[Dittos for: tracks com]] Lynx rufus 1 track Fox 2 skins, com Deer only one dead seen Red squirrel com Tamias a few tracks Peromyscus " [[Ditto for: a few tracks]] Beaver none seen [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underlined]] Peter Whites Camp [[/underlined]] Pinus strobus pine in places " [[Ditto for: Pinus]] resinosa a few [[?]] " [[Ditto for: Pinus]] scrub Tsuga abn Picea com Abies " [[Ditto for: com]] Libocedrus " [[Ditto for: com]] Taxus " [[Ditto for: com]] Larix " [[Ditto for: com]] Acer saccariunum abn " [[Ditto for: Acer]] rubrum? com Betula alba " [[Ditto for: com]] " [[Ditto for: Betula]] lutra " [[Ditto for: com]] Beech abn [[Lilea?]] com Ostrea " [[Ditto for: com]] Ulmus americanus " [[Ditto for: com]] Populus tremuloides a few Alnus abn Fraxinus black com Salix very few Cornus red com Prunus black a few " [[Ditto for: Prunus]] red " [[Ditto for: a few]] Sanguisorbus [[combrayolus?]] " [[Ditto for: a few]]
[[underlined]] Peter White Camp [[/underlined]] Apr. 9 - 12 [[Bonassa?]] com [[Chanichetes?]] used to be com Hooded mergansers 2 [[2 male symbols]] apr. 10 Ceophlous com Dryobates villiosus " [[Ditto for: com]] " [[Ditto for: Dryobates]] pubescens " [[Ditto for: com]] Sitta " [[Ditto for: com]] [[Pasers?]] " [[Ditto for: com]] Cryanocitta a few Melospiza 2 apr 12. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underlined]] April 12 [[/underlined]] To Duston and [[underlined]] Marquette [[/underlined]] [[underlined]] April 13 [[/underlined]] - to Duluth. [[underlined]] Daylight at Saxon [[/underlined]] [[underlined]] Iron River [[/underlined]] 9:30 Pinus strobus " [[Ditto for: Pinus]] resinosa " [[Ditto for: Pinus]] scrub Tsuga Picea Abies Larix Libocedrus Populus tremuloides Pitella alba " [[Ditto for: Pitella]] lutea Acer Ulmus Quercus rubra? Alnus Salix
[[underlined]] Nebagamon [[/underlined]] [[underlined]] Superior [[/underlined]] [[underlined]] Duluth [[/underlined]] - 12 N.P. left at 1:55 for St Paul Flat & bushy, out off to [[underlined]] Moose Lake [[/underlined]] Lots of young pine of 3 species also Picea, Abies, Larix, Aspen, Alder, Willows, red oak, birch [[underlined]] Willow River [[/underlined]] - more open Quercus macrocarpa - first Corylus americanus " [[Ditto for: first]] a few on warm slopes snow nearly all gone lakes open Robins com Meadowlarks " [[Ditto for: com]] more farms a few pines in swamps many large pine stumps [[underlined]] Hinckley [[/underlined]] [[underlined]] [[Berouess?]] [[/underlined]] [[underlined]] Pine City [[/underlined]] Quercus alba com " [[Ditto for: Quercus]] macrocarpa " [[Ditto for: com]] " [[Ditto for: Quercus]] rubra " [[Ditto for: com]] [[end page]] [[start page]] Fraxinus white ash com. Ulmus americana " [[Ditto for: com]] Pinus strobus, a few big trees Rhus globra com Corylus " [[Ditto for: com]] Aspen, birch, alders tamarack com in swamps First cornfield - good Pure Transition zone Squirrels nest first - [[underlined]] Rush City [[/underlined]] Farebrook (Victoria?) com Prairie willow [[underlined]] Harris [[/underlined]] Geomys kills first com. [[underlined]] Wyoming [[/underlined]] [[underlined]] St. Paul [[/underlined]] [[underlined]] Elk River [[/underlined]]
[[underlined]] [[Caindutes?]] [[/underlined]], Charl says they are at Nickerson & Black Drack [[underlined]] April 14 [[/underlined]] Sunday [[underlined]] Out home [[/underlined]] Ice all out of lakes rivers Gauslings - a few on warm slopes Grass starting Frozes hard nights [[underlined]] April 15 [[/underlined]] Out at Lakes No flowers [[underlined]] April 16 [[/underlined]] To Elk River [[underlined]] April 17 [[/underlined]] To Minneapolis Left for Chicago 6:30 pm, N. Wn. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underlined]] April 18 [[/underlined]] [[underlined]] Chicago [[/underlined]] 7 30 A.M. Transfer to B & O Dipot Left Chicago at 10:40 B & O [[underlined]] Mansfield [[/underlined]], Ohio - dark [[underlined]] April 19 [[/underlined]] [[strikethrough]] Cumber [[/strikethrough]] [[underlined]] Oakland [[/underlined]] - Deer Park Snowing & snow 2 in. deep Piedmont, still a little snow but plums in blossom & more green leaves [[underlined]] Cumberland [[/underlined]] 7:45, breakfast rain instead of snow. Grass green, some flowers leaves on maples, elms, willows starting.
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[blank page]]
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[pressed flower specimen]]
[[pressed flower specimen]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[blank page]]
[[blank page]] [[has imprint of plant from right page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[outline of where plant sample used to be]] [[plant sample - tall stalk with bud and flower near top]] [[blank otherwise]]
[[outline of where plant sample used to be]] [[plant sample - tall stalk with bud and flower near top]] [[blank otherwise]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[blank page]] [[has imprint of plant from left page]]
[[outline of flower pressing]] [[blank page otherwise]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[outline of flower pressing]] [[plant specimen - tall stalk with bud and flower]]
[[outline of flower pressing]] [[plant specimen - tall stalk with bud and flower]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[outline of flower pressing]] [[blank page otherwise]]
[[imprint of plant sample from right page]] [[otherwise blank]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[imprint of plant sample]] [[plant sample - average-length stalk with 5 petal flower at top]] [[otherwise blank]]
[[pressing of plant specimen]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[blank page]]
[[overwritten]] How [[/overwritten]] Oh! The glorious frozen north woods Sparkle on a frosty morn in March With the starry [[?]] [[ing?]] over head, How the snowshoes dance & rattle On a diamond studded crust Keeping time to pulses heaven stirred How the red squirrels run & chatter How the snow white rabbits scatter On thin crust [[end page]] [[start page]] When we go away from here We'll forget the weary evening When the snowshoes heavy laden Clog our feet When the [[strikethrough]] weary [[/strikethrough]] brain all dull & listless calls for sleep We'll remember only mornings With this crisp & glorious sparkle There is not in all the year [[takers?]] That compare with just this spell In this crispy early spring time Ere the winter bids farewell
[[blank page]] [[faint imprint of plant sample - tall stalk with flower at top]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[blank page]] [[faint imprint of plant sample - tall stalk with flower at top]]
[[blank page]] [[faint imprint of plant sample]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[blank page]] [[faint imprint of plant sample]]
[[underlined]] Snakes identified [[/underlined]] Crotalus atrox " [[Ditto for: Crotalus]] lepidus " [[Ditto for: Crotalus]] confluentis " [[Ditto for: Crotalus]] molossus Cistrurus c. consors Ancistrodon contortrix " [[Ditto for: Ancistrodon]] piscivorus Hetterodon platyrhinus " [[Ditto for: Hetterodon]] nasicus Pityophis sayi Ophiobolus g. holbrooki Drymobius margaritiferus Rhinochilus lecontei Cyclophis aestivus [[Elapo fulvus?]] Coluber obsoletus Cheonactis e. isozones [[Dialophis regalis?]] Tantilla gracilis [[Compsomus c. melanurus?]] Zamenis flagellum " [[Ditto for: Zamenis]] ornatus Natrix clarkii " [[Ditto for: Natrix]] fasciata transversa Eutania [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underlined]] Transpertation orders [[/underlined]] Washington to Marquette 40364 - March 23, 26.80 Minneapolis to Washington 40365 - April 17, 29.50 Mrs Coville Greenfield, N.H.
Mr. Griver Head Keep, Detroit Zoo. [[line across page]] Norman McClintock Pittsburg, Pa. 219, Fifth Ave [[line across page]] C.V.R. Townsend, Agent Cleveland Cliffs Iron Co. Nigaumee, Mich [[line across page]] H.E.Perkins, Steward of Club. Marquette, Mich. [[line across page]] H.J. Lobdell, agent of Club Marquette, Mich. [[line across page]] Hotel Clifton, Marquette. Thomas B. Wyman Munising, Mich. [[line across page]] Earl Sharp, Marquette, Mich for Huron Mtns Club guide [[line across page]] Henry Havery " [[Ditto for: Club guide]] [[line across page]] [[line across page]] H.S.Smith, Marquette for Ives Lake farm [[line across page]] Tom Galliga guide [[line across page]] Oscar Webster " [[Ditto for: guide]] [[line across page]] at Huron Mt. Club [[line across page]] H.E.Perkins, Steward Marquette, Mich [[line across page]] Harold Mathews, Doylestown, Wisc. a [[sq?]] taxidermist. [[end page]] [[start page]] Dr. Cecil French Washington D.C. Wrote for Live beaver [[line across page]] J.J. Murry, Munising [[line across page]] Thos. B. Wyman, forester Munising, Mich. [[line across page]] Schaff, forester [[line across page]] Spencer, pulp mill [[line across page]] Geo. A. Leiphart, Munising has live fishes, deals in live animals [[line across page]] Edward Levi Chatham, Mich. has silver gray foxes alive [[line across page]] Mr. Sumner Little Lake, Mich. Raises black foxes, 2 old & 3 yg. [[line across page]] G. M. Hinton, Elk River [[line across page]] C. D. Hays, Elk River [[line across page]] Frances Jacker at Smithsonian 30 years [[ago.?]]
16th [[August?]] [[line across page]] Cory 3020 Dent [[line across page]] Benjamin T. Hoyt St. Paul, Minn. Merriam Park, R. F. D. [[line across page]] Beaver - a book by Morgan [[line across page]] Norman McClintock Pittsburg, Pa. 219 Fifth Ave. [[line across page]] Henry M. Campbell Detroit Union Trust Building [[line across page]] Movery 2:15 [[line across page]] Hutton. Peter White The Penton Pub. Co. Cleveland [[line across page]] 23 x [[circled]] 65 [[/circled]] x 37 [[male symbol]] Tamias Mas. 30 [[line across page]] Lepus [[?]] 43 x 30 x 132 [[end page]] [[start page]] Mora for [[?]] See Dubois [[line]] George [[insertion]] ^ W. [[/insertion]] Baird Edina Milk, Minn for report on coyote farm. [[line across page]] Forester in Minnesota Samuels B. Green, 1898 G. W. Latham, Minneapolis. [[line across page]] Rosa B. [[insertion]] ^ ase [[/insertion]] field No. 2, Adams Flat [[line across page]] Justice de Boye Elk River [[line across page]] A. C. Taylor 115 E. 3 [[superscript]] [[underlined]] d [[/underlined]] [[/superscript]] St. [[line across page]] Geo. W. Baird Edina Mills, [[line across page]] Mary G. Blaisdell 2073, Harriet Ave. [[line across page]] Herb Moulton Gemmell, Itasca Co. [[line across page]] Telephone, N. 2133 Y.
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