Field notes, includes botanical observations made in Washington, D.C., March 1-12, 1899 and March 8-11, 1900, miscellaneous notes, 1913 and 1915 and notes made on trip to the Patuxent River, Maryland, April 23-24, 1916

ID: SIA RU007267

Creator: Bailey, Vernon, 1864-1942

Form/Genre: Fieldbook record

Date: 1899-1916

Citation: Vernon Bailey Papers, 1889-1941 and undated, field notes and journals, 1889-1941

CC0 - Creative Commons
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This item contains sparse entries from 1899, 1900, 1915 and 1916. Entries are dated and include scientific names and localities.

Date Range


Start Date

Mar 04, 1899

End Date

Apr 23, 1916

Access Information

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  • Animals
  • Birds
  • Mammalogy
  • Mammologists
  • Plants
  • Botany
  • Ornithology


  • Patuxent
  • United States
  • Maryland


  • Fieldbook record
  • Field notes

Accession #

SIA RU007267

Collection name

Vernon Bailey Papers, 1889-1941 and undated, field notes and journals, 1889-1941

Physical Description

1 field book

Physical Location

Smithsonian Institution Archives


Box 1 Folder 16

1899 [[image-seal on the front of notebook of a crown on top of a circle with fleur de lis in center, with legend "Crown Memorandum"]]
4/10 [[end page]] [[start page]] Field Notes for Washington D.C. 1899 Vernon Bailey.
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underlined]] March 4, 1899 [[/underlined]] Clear & warm after rain. Silver Maple, a few trees in flower in town. The first flowers of spring. Contopus phoebe, 1 first. = 7 Dendroica coronata, com. 7. Regulus heard Robins - com. Crows " [[Ditto for: com.]] Juncos " [[Ditto for: com.]] [[underlined]] March 1 [[/underlined]] Quiscalus, com. 7. Melospiza - singing X Lasiurus noveboracensis 2. 7. Frogs (Hylas) peeping [[underlined]] March 4 [[/underlined]], one dandelion [[underlined]] March 7 [[/underlined]] another Blizzard [[underlined]] " [[Ditto for: March]] 10 [[/underlined]] Quiscalus, heard as USNM [[underlined]] March 12 [[/underlined]] Quiscalus 4 seen. Colaptes 1 Passerella 1 Certhia 1
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underlined]] March 12 [[/underlined]] Sitta 1 Juncos com Parus bicolor 1 Robins abn. Sialia com. [[underlined]] Flowers [[/underlined]] Chickweed, Stellaria in flower.
[[underlined]] 1900 Washington D.C. [[/underlined]] [[strikethrough]] March 8 [[/strikethrough]] Quisculus 1. March 8 " [[Ditto for: Quisculus]] 4. " [[Ditto for: March]] 10 Merula 1 " [[Ditto for: March]] 11 [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underlined]] April 28, 1913 [[/underlined]] Loons 4 Flicker Redhead Crow Grackle Cardinal Thrasher Purple finch Song sparrow Chippy Blue Jay Wren - House Goldfinch Yellow rump Bluebird Peter Carolina Wren Nuthatch Chewink White throat Catbird Redstart Doves [[strikethrough]] Cardinal [[/strikethrough]] [[strikethrough]] Peter [[/strikethrough]] [[strikethrough]] Chickadee [[/strikethrough]] [[strikethrough]] House wren [[/strikethrough]] [[strikethrough]] Louisiana Wren. [[/strikethrough]] [[strikethrough]] Red eyed Vireo [[/strikethrough]]
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underlined]] May 15 [[/underlined]] 1915, [[underlined]] Whippoorwill Camp. [[/underlined]] Night heron, heard in night Whippoorwill com Flicker " [[Ditto for: com]] Bluejay " [[Ditto for: com]] Great crested Chat Oven bird Wood thrush Robin Hermit thrush Chickadee Chippy Field sparrow Prairie warbler Yellow Blackpoll Yellow rump Indigo Chewink Brown thrasher Catbird Crow Mourning Dove Cardinal Peter Chickadee House wren Carolina wren
Woodpewee Goldfinch White throated sparrow Field " [[Ditto for: sparrow]] Song " [[Ditto for: sparrow]] Indigo Maryland yellowthroat Parula Chestnut sided Blackpoll Black throated blue Magnolia? Yellow rump Redstart Meadow Lark Oriole Kingbird Sphyrapicus Turkey buzzard Swift [[end page]] [[start page]] [[blank page]]
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underlined]] April 23 [[/underlined] [[insertion]] ^ 24 [[/insertion]] Pautuxant River 1916 Loons 4 Swans 12 Night herons heard Greater yellowlegs com Oxyechus a few Least sandpiper (Bartsels) Actitis macularia com Rallus virginianus 1 Bob white Zenaidura Cathartes Pandion Barred owl Bubo Ceryle Colaptes Antrostomus Phoebe Corvus americanus " [[Ditto for: Corvus]] ossifragus Cyanocitta Quiscalus Aeglaius Passer Melospiza melodia " [[Ditto for: Melospiza]] palustris Spizella socialis " [[Ditto for: Spizella]] pusilla Zonotrichia albicaulis Astragalinus
Pipilo Cardinalis Hirundo Tachycineta Vireo - white eye Geothlypis trichas Dendroica aestiva " [[Ditto for: Dendroica]] coronata " [[Ditto for: Dendroica]] prairie Cistothris palustris Toxostoma Dumatella carolinensis Mimus Robin Sialia [[end page]] [[start page]] [[blank page]]
[[underlined]] Dec 1 & 2 & 3, 1916 [[/underlined]] [[strikethrough]] Rapphantac River [[/strikethrough]] Rappahanoc River [[underlined]] Man Go Right Camp. [[/underlined]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[blank page]]
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[blank page]]
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[blank page]]
[[strikethrough]] Lock 3.61 [[/strikethrough]] Baker 2.22 " [[Ditto for: Baker]] [[strikethrough]] Crist 1,00 [[/strikethrough]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[blank page]]
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] Juan Antonio Sarracino Pueblo of Acoma Acomite NM
Juanito Naranjo Santa Clara Espanola N.M. [[end page]] [[start page]] Pablo Abecta Isleta N.M.
J. M. Abeita Isleta N.M. [[end page]] [[start page]] Frank Montoya Cochiti P.O. Pena Blanca New Mexico
Alex. Wetmore The Dunsmere, - 2523, 14 [[underlined]] th [[/underlined]]. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[blank page]]
Wm. Munroe Fred Downing [[end page]] [[start page]] [[blank page]]
Eagleback Co. Olivers Terrivilles, Conn. [[line across page]] Gustaf Borglum Sculptor Sheridan statue [[end page]] [[start page]] [[blank page]]
[[back cover]]