Field notes, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia, July 18-September 5, 1892

ID: SIA RU007267

Creator: Bailey, Vernon, 1864-1942

Form/Genre: Fieldbook record

Date: 1892

Citation: Vernon Bailey Papers, 1889-1941 and undated, field notes and journals, 1889-1941

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This field book describes the collecting efforts of Bailey through Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia from July through early September 1892. The notebook is primarily comprised of lists of mammalian scientific names organized by date and place name with botanical and ornithological lists interspersed. It begins with a listed entitled, "Prairie dogs report" followed by an entry from Cedar Vale, Kansas, and ends with a list from Kiowa, Kansas. The notebook contains two drawings of prairie dogs and a drawing of "coon tracks". Measurement and sex of specimens taken from the field are sometimes provided.

Date Range


Start Date

Jul 18, 1892

End Date

Sep 05, 1892

Access Information

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  • Animals
  • Birds
  • Mammalogy
  • Plants
  • Ornithology
  • Botany


  • West Virginia
  • United States
  • Oklahoma
  • Texas
  • Kansas
  • Virginia


  • Fieldbook record
  • Field notes

Accession #

SIA RU007267

Collection name

Vernon Bailey Papers, 1889-1941 and undated, field notes and journals, 1889-1941

Physical Description

1 field book

Physical Location

Smithsonian Institution Archives


Box 1 Folder 8

[[female symbol]] [[strikethrough]] 485 X 150 X [[/strikethrough]] 58 [[strikethrough]] [[male symbol]] 715 X 305 X 73 [[/strikethrough]] Goodnight Ranch [[line across page]] 665 X 280 X 70 L. 1/1. A 2/2, P. 3/3 [[female symbol]] [[line across page]] Mink. [[male symbol]] 590 X 185 X 69. [[line across page]] J. L. Hayes Gainesville, Tex. [[line across page]] [[strikethrough]] Lent to B. [[el D?]] $30.00 [[/strikethrough]] [[line across page]] S. [[I blivesto?]]. [[female symbol]] 250 X 80 X 33 Washita Falls, Aug, 16. [[line across page]] Lepus s. [[female symbol]] 390 X 50 X 90 Whichita Falls, Aug. 17 [[line across page]] P.D [[female symbol]] im. 332 X 78.62 [[line across page]] Lepus s. [[male symbol]] 370 X 50 X 89 [[line across page]] P. D. [[female symbol]] 425 X 90 X 60 I. 1/1 A. 2/1, P 1/1 [[line across page]] P. D. [female symbol]] 385 X 83 X 61 I. 1/1, A. 2/2, P. 1/1 [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underline]] Field Notes [[/underline]] 1892 Vernon Bailey U. S. Dpt. of Agl. Kiowa, Aug. 31, Lepus syli 362 X 45 X 82 [[line across page]] Lepus [[female symbol]] 590 X 80 X 128 [[line across page]] Geomys [[male symbol]] 208 X 66 X 30 Aug. 26
[[underlined]] Prairie Dogs reported [[/underlined]] at Columbus, Neb. Salina, Saline Co., Kan. Hutchinson, Reno Co. Kan. Wellington, Sumner Co. " [[Ditto for: Kan.]] At mouth of Wichita R., Tex. Ragsdale. Perodipus & Geomys at Bell Plane, Sumner Co. 3 mi. N.E. of town, Prill. P.D. town at Derby, Kan. Sedgwic Co. P.D. town at Clearwater, Kan. 22 mi. N.W. of Belle Plains P.D. town at Wichita, & 2 C. ludo - in drugstore. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underlined]] Cedar Vale, Kansas July 18 [[/underlined]] Ammodramus s. perpallidus, 1 skin, common. Colinus virginianus. com Zenaidura macruoura " [[Ditto for: com]] Litte blue Crane 1 seen Cathartes aura. com. Buteo Colaptes auratus 2 Antrostomys carolinianus 2 Chordeiles Coccyzus americanus 2 Cyanascitta cristata com. Otocaris Corvus americanus Quiscalus Aegalis phoeniceus [[Malathrisates?]], com Sturnella magna. " [[Ditto for: com]] Cardinalus cardinalus " [[Ditto for: com]] [[Ganraca?]] cyanea 2 Passerina cyanea, com Passer domestica. com. in town Chondestis grammaca, com Spiza americana, " [[Ditto for: com]] Ammodramus s. perpallidus " [[Ditto for: com]] Lanius Vireo bellii 2 Vireo olivaceus, com
[[underline]] Cedar Vale, Kansas. [[/underline]] 19 Chelidon Erythrogastis, com Petrochelidon lunifrons, com Progue subis " [[Ditto for: com]] Trochilus colubris 1 Icteria virens com Parus atricapillus 1 [[underline]] July 20 [[/underline]] Melanerpes erythrocephalus 2 Spinus tristis Megascops asio tree [[underline]] July 21 [[/underline]] Contopus virens 1 Driobates pubescens 1 Poliopatila cerulea 1 Aegialitis vocifera 3 Sialia sialis Merula migratoria 2 [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underline]] Cedarvale July 19 [[/underline]] Quercus muehlenbergii, com " [[Ditto for: Quercus]] m. privoides " [[Ditto for: com]] " [[Ditto for: Quercus]] nigra " [[Ditto for: com]] " [[Ditto for: Quercus]] coccinea " [[Ditto for: com]] " [[Ditto for: Quercus]] stillata " [[Ditto for: Quercus]] macrocarpa Fraxinus viridis Ulmus americana Populus angulata Acer dasycarpum Carya porciva Juglans Ptelia trifolata Xanthoxylum Astragalus [[caryacarpus?]] a few on high hill Rhus glabra abn " [[Ditto for: Rhus]] copallina " [[Ditto for: abn]] Sambucus canadensis Silphium laciniatum, C Celastrus scandens - on rocky N.E. slope Solanum rostratum abn. on waste ground Potato bags on it. Nelumbium luteum , seen near Peru, July 17.
Ulmus fulva Platanus occidentalis com Cercis " " [[Dittos for: occidentalis com]] Cornus Celtis Rubus occidentalis , a few Celastras scandens Quercus rubra , com. Rhus toxicodendron, com " [[Ditto for: Rhus]] aromatica " [[Ditto for: com]] Helianthus annuus " [[Ditto for: com]] Aesclepias tuberosa " [[Ditto for: com]] Petalestemon violacea, com Woodbine Menosfermum scandens Negundo aceroides, a few. Aesculus glabra Ampelopsis quinquefolia, Tecoma radicans, one bush in town. [[end page]] [[start page]] Belle Plaine, Kansas [[underline]] July 22 [[/underline]] Aegialites vocifera 3 Colinus virginianus , com Falco sparverius, 2 from car - Tyrannus tyrannus, com Cyanocitta cristata 1 Otocaris Zenaidura macroura, abn. Quiscalus " [[Ditto for: abn.]] Agelias phoenicius, in flock Harforhynchus rufus - com Sturnella magma. abn. Chelidon erythrogaster " [[Ditto for: abn.]] Passer domestica " [[Ditto for: abn.]] Icterus spurius com [[underline]] July 23 [[/underline]] Mimus pollyglottis com Lanius 1 Vireo bellii com Cathartes aura 1 [[underline]] July 25 [[/underline]] Gurica coerulia, a few Merula migratoria 2 Icterus galbula ? 2 Ceryle alcyon 2 Little Heron
[[underline]] July 26 [[/underline]] [[Galeascaptis carolinianus?]] 1 Dryobates pubescens 1 Cardinalis cardinalis 2 [[Mylaschus crimtins?]] 2 Ammodramus com [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underline]] Belle Plaine, Kansas [[/underline]] Populus [[strikethrough]] angulata [[/strikethrough]] com Fraxinus virdis. Acer dasycarpum com Negundo aceroides Tecoma radicans 1 in town Peach Apple Pear Plum Cherries Desmodium illinoisensis Petalestemon violacea Amorphia canescens, abn Psoralea tenuiflora , com " [[Ditto for: Psoralea]] argophylla " [[Ditto for: com]] Helianthus annuus " [[Ditto for: com]] Solanum rostratum " [[Ditto for: com]] Physalis 'l.' laevigata " [[Ditto for: com]] Quercus macrocarpa Catalpa bignonioides Ulmus fulva " [[Ditto for: Ulmus]] americana Silphium lacinatum Rudbeckia Populus monolifera Sambucus canadensis Rhus toxicodendron
July 27 Left Belle Plaine at 10 A.M. [[underline]] Wichita [[/underline]] Geomys hills com, W. of Ark. R. on sandy bottoms Strike clay praire about 5 mi. W. of Wichita - [[underline]] Gandard [[/underline]] Lepus sylvaticus 2 [[underline]] Garden Plain [[/underline]] P.D. town, numerous over 40 acres - Speotyto, com, 6 seen around one P.D. hole. A small River Lepus texianus 1 seen Ceryle alcyon 1 [[underline]] Cheney [[/underline]] Creeks & sandy soil, Geomys hills, com Lepus tex, very pale Clay again & no [[Gophers?]] [[underline]] Murdock [[/underline]] Yucca angustifolia 1 Red clay & shale - bare Geomys or thomomys hills P.D. Lepus texianus 3 [[end page]] [[start page]] small river, sandy - Geomys hills com. at [[underline]] Kingman [[/underline]] Geomys hills abn, to [[underline]] Calista [[/underline]] [[underline]] Cunningham, [[/underline]] Dark
[[underline]] Cairo, Kansas, July 28 [[/underline]] Colinus virginianus Argialitis vocifera, com Rallus heard, Willet 1 seen Zenaidura com Otocoris 1 Quiscalus com Xanthacephalus a few Agelaius phoeniceus com Malothros ater. a few Sturnella neglecta. com Ammodramus 1 Chelodon erythrogaster. com Tyrannus tyrannus " [[Ditto for: com]] [[Epriza americana?]], com Aryle alcyon 1 Chardiles Spealyto hypogea 3 Geothlypis trachis 1 Colinus, flock of 25 nearly full grown, one of about 20 half grown, one large brood just hatched. Progne subis com Chilodon erythrogaster " [[Ditto for: com]] Petrochilidon lunifrons " [[Ditto for: com]] Totanus melanoleucas 3 [[end page]] [[start page]] [[blank page]]
[[underlined]] Cairo, Kansas July 28 [[/underlined]] Populus Yucca angustifolis, com Opuntia vulgaris " [[Ditto for: com]] Mammilaria " [[Ditto for: com]] Amorphia canesceus " [[Ditto for: com]] " " " [[Ditto for: Amorphia canesceus com]] Helianthus annus " [[Ditto for: com]] Petalostemon violacia " [[Ditto for: com]] Gramma grass " [[Ditto for: com]] Psoralea tenuiflora " [[Ditto for: com]] Devils claws " [[Ditto for: com]] Plantago " [[Ditto for: com]] Solanum rostratum " [[Ditto for: com]] Devils claws " [[Ditto for: com]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underline]] Garden Plains, Kansas [[/underline]] [[underline]] Aug. 2 [[/underline]] Tyrannus tyrannus com Colinus " [[Ditto for: com]] Zenaidura " [[Ditto for: com]] Aegialitis vocifera " [[Ditto for: com]] Sturnella m. neglecta " [[Ditto for: com]] Colaptes auratus, pure, 2 ad. & im Merula migratoria 1 Chondestes 1 Spiza americana, com Lanius " [[Ditto for: com]] Chordeiles 1 Speotyto 20 Harporhynchus rufus 2 Cardinalis cardinalis 1 Icterus spurius 2 Vireo bellii 1 Bitteris 1 Aegialis phoeniceus com Cathartes aura 1 Spinus tristis Cyanocitta cristata 1 Mimus pollyglottos 1
[[underlined]] Aug. 3, 92 [[/underlined]] Left Garden Plain at 6:45 A. [[underlined]] Wichita [[/underlined]] 7:30 A.M. [[underlined]] Melvane [[/underlined]] All clay soil, No [[greenery?]] [[underlined]] Udall [[/underlined]] Clay prairie [[underlined]] Seley [[/underlined]] Clay soil, Rock ledges & cliffs. Timber along stream as at Cedar Vale - [[underlined]] Winfield [[/underlined]] dry, rocky, rolling [[underlined]] Arkansas City [[/underlined]] Crossed Arkansas R. Plants along River same as at Cedar Vale - [[underlined]] Territory line [[/underlined]] big grassy prairie slightly rolling clay soil no farms, cutting hay Boundless prairie, splendid grass, gentle swells beautiful [[end page]] [[start page]] One Geomys hills on bank, all clay. No settlers in sight. Corvus americanus 12 [[underlined]] Kildare [[/underlined]]. station
[[underline]] Ponca. [[/underline]] Aug. 3 Aegialitis vocifera, com Actitus macularis, 1 " [[Ditto for: com]] Calinus virginianus, com Cathartes aura a few Zenaidura, abn. Gallipavio said to occur. Buteo Coccyzus americanus , heard [[Driotrates pubescens?]] Melanerpes carolineanis 1. [[Driobatra?]] v. - 2 Rallus ? 1 Myiarchus crinitus, com Vireo olivaceus 1 killed Polioptila caerulea com Scissortail fly catcher 2 Cardinalis cardinalis com Sturnella com Passer ? Molothrus ater com Quiseolus com Chelidon erythrogaster " [[Ditto for: com]] Petrochelidon lunifrons , com Chordiles Spiza americana , com Corvus americanus 8 Galeoscoptis carolinensis 1 [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underline]] Aug 4 [[/underline]] Melanerpes erythrocephalus 2 Parus Vireo bellii 1 Contopus virens Chondestes gramacus 2 Merula migratoria 3 Sialia sialis com Bartramia longicauda 1 Aegialites montanus ? 3 Cyanocitta cristata 1 Harporhychus rufus Turdus mustelinus heard Gaurica cerulaea 1 Colaptes auratus 4 Geothlypis formosus 1 (P) Parus com Spizella 1 Thryothorus 4 Megascops asio 1 Buteo 1 Mniotilta varia 1 (P) Setophaga americana 1 (P) Sitta Falco c. suckleyi Tyrannus tyrannus Spinus trestis com Dendroica aestiva 1
[[underline]] Ponca Agency, Aug. 4. [[/underline]] Quercus macrocarpa " [[Ditto for: Quercus]] nigra Carya parcina ? Juglans nigra, com Populus narolifera Cercis canadensis Celtis occidentalis Ulmus americana Platanus occidentalis (Shepherdoides) (Coffee tree?) Negrindo aceroides Gledischia tricanthas Diospras virginianis Amorphia canescens Helianthus annuus Glycyrrhiza lepidata com Artemisia ludovicina " [[Ditto for: com]] Petalestemon violacea & others Astragalus ? shrubby. saved - Cassia marilandica Schrankia uncynita Solanum rastraturn Woodbine Menispermum canadense Fraxinus (viridis?) [[end page]] [[start page]] Rhus toxicodendron " [[Ditto for: Rhus]] glabra Desmodium acuminatum Cornus asperifolia Phytalacca decondra [[end page]]
Aug. 6. [[underlined]] Left Ponca at [[/underlined]] 11 A.M. [[underlined]] Red Rock [[/underlined]] Sandy prairie, small stream Geomys hills com. Cynomys a few Big prairies, lots of cattle [[underlined] Wharton [[/underlined]] Cynomys, a small town. Rocky ledges, red sand Red clay & shale Geomys hills scarce [[underlined]] Orlando [[/underlined]] Red clay, rolling prairie small waterways with trees. Geomys, scarce lots of farms, little board houses, good crops. No Amorphia canescens [[underlined]] Mullhall [[/underlined]] same country. Amorphia canescen & Psorailea tenuiflora, scarce [[underlined]] Guthrie [[/underlined]] a big town of little houses Quercus mulhemburgii [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underlined]] Seward [[/underlined]] Some oak covered ridges [[underlined]] Edmond [[/underlined]]
[[underline]] Oklahoma City Aug. 7. [[/underline]] Quercus nigra com " [[Ditto for: Quercus]] stellata " [[Ditto for: com]] [[insertion]] & var. [[/insertion]] " [[Ditto for: Quercus]] macrocarper, a few Populus monolifera com Platanus " [[Ditto for: com]] Cercis " [[Ditto for: com]] Celtis " [[Ditto for: com]] Ulmus americana com " [[Ditto for: Ulmus]] fulva " [[Ditto for: com]] Cornus asperifolia " [[Ditto for: com]] Diaspiras virginianus " [[Ditto for: com]] Juglans nigra [[(Shepherdoides)?]] Menespermum canadense Passiflora incarnata com Ampelopsis quinquifolia com Vitis 3 Amorphia canescens " [[Ditto for: com]] Psoralea tenuiflora " [[Ditto for: com]] Petalestimon violacea " [[Ditto for: com]] Cassia (Merilandica ?) " [[Ditto for: com]] Schrankia " [[Ditto for: com]] Artemisia ludoviciana " [[Ditto for: com]] Solanum rostratum " [[Ditto for: com]] Gramma grass " [[Ditto for: com]] Coreopsis tinctoria " [[Ditto for: com]] [[end page]] [[start page]] Rhus glabra com " [[Ditto for: Rhus]] capellina " [[Ditto for: com]] " [[Ditto for: Rhus]] toxicodendron " [[Ditto for: com]] Phytolacca decandra " [[Ditto for: com]] Phoradendron flavescens [[underline]] c [[/underline]]
[[underline]] Oklahoma [[/underline]] 2 P.M. [[underline]] Aug 7 [[/underline]] [[underline]] Norman [[/underline]] Canadian R. Almost dry wide sandy bed. Geomy hills. abn [[underline]] Purcell [[/underline]] Cotton bales Cotton field [[underline]] Pauls Valley [[/underline]] Cotton in blossom. com Castor plant. large fields Broom corn Winnewood Q. rubra ? " [[Ditto for: Q]] (glabra) [[underline]] Washita [[/underline]] station wide clayey valley good cotton [[underline]] Davis [[/underline]] Q. hybrida? 1 " [[Ditto for: Q.]] prinus ? a few - com. Rockey knobs with many peculiar plants. timbered valley. Pawpaw [[end page]] [[start page]] [[left margin bracket]] [[underline]] Dougherty [[/underline]] a hotel & little town Bald rocky hills all around Dougherty, a good locality woods & stream & valley [[/bracket]] Juniperus Quarry [[underline]] Berwyn [[/underline]] Timbered hilly [[underline]] [[Ardmare?]] [[/underline]] Prairie & woods, clay, no Geomys - Lepus tex. 1 [[underline]] Oberbrook [[/underline]] sec. houses Oak woods - Clay [[left margin bracket]] [[underline]] Marietta [[/underline]] Prairie, clay [[/bracket]] Lepus tex. 1 [[underline]] Thackerville [[/underline]] station Sandy, woods - [[underline]] Red R. [[/underline]] Clay
Sophora affinis P.D. at mouth of little [[Wichita?]] 15 mi. N.E. of Heneritta [[end page]] [[start page]] Gainsville, Tex. [[underline]] Aug 9. [[/underline]] Sturnella com Ardea herodias 1 Bartramia longicauda 4 Colinus virginianns Zeraidura abn Cathartes aura com Tyrannus tyrannus Milvulus forficatus com Coccyzus americanus 1 Molothrus ater " [[Ditto for: 1]] Cyanocitta cristata " [[Ditto for: 1]] Geococcyx a few Cardinalis cardinalis com [[Puceae a. bachmani?]] " [[Ditto for: com]] [[Driobates pubescens?]] " [[Ditto for: com]] [[Driobates v. huduboni?]] " [[Ditto for: com]] Melanerpes carolinus 1 " [[Ditto for: Melanerpes]] [[erythrocephalus?]] 1 [[Polyoptila caerulea?]] com Parus carolinensis " [[Ditto for: com]] " [[Ditto for: Parus]] bicolor " [[Ditto for: com]] Chondestes " [[Ditto for: com]] Sialia sialis " [[Ditto for: com]] Mimus polyglottis " [[Ditto for: com]] Ammodramys 1 Icterus spurius com
Miss. Kite 1 [[strikethrough]] Dendroica d. albilora 1 [[/strikethrough]] [[Catharisstris atrata?]] 4 Lanius 1 [[end page]] [[start page]] Gainesville Texas Aug. 11 [[line across page]] Quercus stellata " [[Ditto for: Quercus]] nigra " [[Ditto for: Quercus]] rubra " [[Ditto for: Quercus]] parvifolia Ilex Carya olivaeformis com Psoralea tenuiflora " [[Ditto for: com]] Juglans nigra Populus monilifera " [[Ditto for: com]] Cetis Cercis Yucca angustifolia few. Opuntia vulgaris com Solanum rostratum, com Ulmus fulva " [[Ditto for: Ulmus]] alata " [[Ditto for: Ulmus]] americana Plum Morus Vitis labrusca ? Ampelopsis quinquifolia Viburnum prunifolium Cornus asperifolia [[Mimosaea procumbens?]] ? Schrankia Passiflora incarnata
Persimon Catalpa Helianthus anuus Catalpa bignonoides Salt Grass [[Bodzeck?]] China tree, wild species Melia Crape myrtle Honeysuckle Fig Rhus toxicodendron " [[Ditto for: Rhus]] glabra ? saved " [[Ditto for: Rhus]] capallina Fraxinus com Tecoma radicans, [[underlined]] in [[/underlined]] yard. Euphorbia abn. [[end page]] [[start page]] Gainesville, Tex [[underline]] Aug 15, 5 P.M. [[/underline]] creeks & woods & prairies station [[line]] Prairies Silphium lacinatum com [[underlined]] St. Jo. [[/underlined]] X timbers hilly, dup yellow sand Scrab oaks, scattering timber & brush Helianthus annuus, abn [[underline]] Bonita [[/underline]] in X timbers Lepus tex. 2 [[underlined]] Nocona [[/underlined]] Opens gradula on to prairie. Clay soil, some sandy - [[underlined]] Belecher? [[/underlined]] big prairie Milvulus, flock of 20 Mesquite? [[Cucurbity?]] Everlasting prairie R.R. grade & tent town. [[underlined]] Doss [[/underlined]] Dark [[underlined]] [[Heneritta?]] [[/underlined]]
[[underline]] Wichita Falls Tex. Aug. 14 [[/underline]] Aegialitis voicfera com Zenaidura macroura " [[Ditto for: com]] Cathartes aura com [[Chondestes?]] " [[Ditto for: com]] [[Colinus v. tex?]] - heard Milvulus forficatus com Cardinalis 2 Molothrus ater com Chondestes grammacus " [[Ditto for: com]] Mimus pollyglottis 1 Sialia sialis, com Myiarchus crinitus 2 Progne subis 4 [[underline]] Aug 17 [[/underline]] Melanerpes erythrocephalus 1 Bartramia longicauda 1 Curlew 10 [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underline]] Wichita Falls [[/underline]] Aug. 16 Populus monilifera com Cedar Elm " [[Ditto for: com]] Celtis " [[Ditto for: com]] Prosopis juliflora " [[Ditto for: com]] China tree ([[Argentacoides?]]) " [[Ditto for: com]] Cornus asperifolia " [[Ditto for: com]] Opuntia " [[Ditto for: com]] Rhus toxicodendron " [[Ditto for: com]] Fraxinus " [[Ditto for: com]] Helianthus annuus " [[Ditto for: com]] Cucurbita perennis Honeysuckle vine in yd. Meliar tree in yd. Yucca angustifolia in yd. Pecan. 1 tree Echinocactus pollycephalus Melia azedirach
Aug. 17 Left Wichita Falls at 3:30 Station [[line across page]] Lyssium abn Neotoma houses, 8, 9, 12, Mesquite. abn. P.D.s abn. all along - [[underline]] Holladay, little town on plain [[/underline]] Whis[[image - of key]] is the Road to Ruin [[image]] [[line across page]] Red soil, clay - flat - Lepus sylvaticus run into P.D. hole 6, 9 seen Speotyto 2 [[underline]] Dundee [[/underline]] Station, hotel, store. Lepus texianus 1 No P.D. holes in corn, some in stubble fields. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underline]] Seymour [[/underline]] Aug. 18. Prosopis abn. Cedar Elm Celtis Xanthoxylum Lyssium Phoradendron flavescens on Celtis. Solarunum rastratum abn Datura Argemone Mentzelia Catalpa in yards Tecoma radicans " [[Ditto for: in yards]] Agave " [[Ditto for: in yards]] Honeysuckle vines " [[Ditto for: in yards]] Helianthus annuus com. Cucurbity perennis " [[Ditto for: com]] Opuntia Mammalaria
[[underline]] Wichita Falls Aug 18 [[/underline]] 1st In P.D. hole 13 mm bi. S. [[line across page]] P.D. on string 3 M. in hole 2nd 10 mm bisulphids 8 minutes dead, hole 90 x 100. [[line across page]] [[underlined]] 3d [[/underlined]] P.D. on string in hole 2500 mm hole 115 x 125 10 mm. bisulphide. 5 minutes [[line across page]] Aug. 20 8 Skunk in hole length of trap chain, poured in 17 mm of carton in 5 m [[stups?]] but heart beating. put it back for 8 m more with 3 mm of carbon. still show life. put back & left with 8 mm more bisulphide. Not dead 3 hr. later [[line across page]] P.D. in hole about 10 feet poured in 10 mm of biS. in 5 minutes apparently dead but broke strings & could not pull it out [[line across page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underline]] Aug. 20 [[/underline]] P.D. In hole 1300 mm Hole 95 x 100 mm Dead in 6 minutes 10 mm bisulphids [[line across page]] P.D. in hole 14 inches in trap. put in about 6 mm bisulphide took it out in 5 mintues, heart beating carried it home came too partly so it could crawl about but in 4 hours died at holet. [[line across page]] [[underline]] Aug 29 [[/underline]] Woodward, O.T. Geomys in hole 2300 M. Poured in 10 mm bisulphide from [[baths?]] 226 is cis., In 6 minutes taken out. & not quite dead. Revived [[line across page]] Aug 30. Woodward Geomys in hole 1.200 AM Carbon 8 x 226 mm In 6 minutes not dead. put back & in 3 minutes more dead
Woodward. O. T. Aug. 30. Geomys in hole 3,000 M. 12 by 226 mm carbon In 10 minutes not affected dug out. hole forked. dirt packed behind him. Hole 50 [[inc?]] in dia. Geomys im. [[line across page]] Kiowa, Kan. Aug. 31. Geomys in hole 4 inch; 8 by 226 carbon In 6 minutes not dead & soon revived. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underline]] Aug. 20 [[/underline]] Left [[underline]] Wichita Falls [[/underline]] 3 P.M. Along river valley [[underline]] Iowa Parks [[/underline]] P.Ds all along. Mesquits & same plants as at Wichita Falls. Red soil, hard [[underline]] Beaver [[/underline]] More open prairie Nothing but short grass S. 13 [[lineatus?]], 1 [[underline]] Harold [[/underline]] small mesquits & Lyssium Geomys hills, at D. 653 mi [[underline]] Oklahoma [[/underline]] D 650 mi - Sandy prairie Geomys common [[underline]] Vernon [[/underline]] D. 640 Crossed wide, flat river Mesquit abn. Lyssium " [[Ditto for: abn]] Yucca angustifolia abn. P.D. & Geomys com - [[underline]] Wheatland ? [[/underline]] D. 633 mi. Left Mesquit covered flats & climbed onto grassy prairie Lepus s.(pallidas) com
Little Tetradymia ? com. [[underline]] Chillicothe[[/underline]] D.b 626 More Mesquite. 4 Buttes S.W. [[underline]] Quanah [[/underline]] D. 672 More clay, no Geomys. [[underline]] Gypsum [[/underline]] Denver 604 [[underline]] Kirkland [[/underline]] D. 593 mi Clay [[underline]] Childress [[/underline]] supper, 582 Geomys hills, a few. [[underline]] Carey [[/underline]] (board) D. 577 Artemisia, few River Artemisia & Mesquit both com Dark [[underline]] Memphis [[/underline]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underline]] Aug. 21 Clarendon [[/underline]] Falco sparverius 1 Lanius 1 Otocoris com Sturnella 1 [[line across page]] Lepus sylvaticus 1 " [[Ditto for: Lepus]] texianus 2 Spermophilus holes com Cyromys, a few - [[line across page]] Artemisia com Tetradymia " [[Ditto for: com]] Chorizantha " [[Ditto for: com]] Prosopis com Acacia ? " [[Ditto for: com]] Mimosoa " [[Ditto for: com]] Yucca augustifolia " [[Ditto for: com]] Opuntia " [[Ditto for: com]]
Alt. 3538 [[underline]] Washburn. Aug. 22 [[/underline]] Sturnella [[overwritten]] 1 [[/overwritten]] com Otocosis abn Bartramia longcauda com Aegialitis montaims 1 Shiza americana 1 [[underline]] Aug. 23 [[/underline]] Lanius com Cathartes aura 1 [[underline]] Aug. 24 [[/underline]] Calenospiza bicolor 12 Falco sparverius 1 at Cañon Zenaidura 1 Speotyto com. Salpinctus .com. at Cañon Molothrus [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underline]] Washburn Texas. [[/underline]] Yucca augustifolia, com Opuntia " [[Ditto for: com]] Mammilaria " [[Ditto for: com]] Prosopis 2 little bushes. Psoralea tenuiflora. com Euphorbia " [[Ditto for: com]] [[underline]] At Cañon [[/underline]] Celtis Prosopis Juniperus Populus monalifera China berry tree Ptelia trifolata Lyssium Quercus Opuntia engelmanni " [[Ditto for: Opuntia]] arborescens " [[Ditto for: Opuntia]] tessilata Mammilaria Cereus Atriplex canescens Rhus aromatica " [[Ditto for: Rhus]] (microfolia) Yucca augustifolia [[Circocartens?]]
[[underline]] Aug. 25. Panhandle [[/underline]] Same as Washburn - [[underline]] Aug [[/underline]] 26. Left Panhandle at 4:50 At [[underline]] Coddington [[/underline]] the country breaks down, streams, hills. Artemisia filifolia [[underline]] Miami [[/underline]] Sandy bottom Geomys hills Cottonwoods Willows Cedar Elm [[underline]] Canadian [[/underline]] Aug. 26. Geomys hills, 8 fresh in one night, 30 feet along in line. Squared up measure 8 x 10 x 4 1/2 in. average hill 80 4 1/2 ------ 320 12 ) 236 2/3 )1911 40 8 ------ 360 8 ------ 2840 [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underline]] Canadian Aug 26 [[/underline]] Zenaidura macroura com Cothartes aura com Aegialites vocifera " [[Ditto for: com]] Colinus 1 Melanerpes erythrocephales " [[Ditto for: 1]] Falco sparverius " [[Ditto for: 1]] Geococcyx, 1 killed, tracks Cyanocitta cristata , com. Milvulus forficatus " [[Ditto for: com]] Chelidon erythrogaster " [[Ditto for: com]] Mimus pollyglottis, com Circus a hudsonius 1 [[female symbol]] Buteo swainsoni 1 Ammodramus 1 Sturnella neglecta com Chondestes com Otocoris " [[Ditto for: com]] Chordiles " [[Ditto for: com]] Icterus 2
[[underline]] Canadian [[/underline]] Aug. 26 Populus monolifera Vitis Rhus Cornus asperifolia Yucca angustifolia Artemisia filifolia abn Chorizanthe Solanum rostratum com Opuntia engelmanii " [[Ditto for: com]] Euphorbia 3 species Cedar Elm Ipomea (megalorhiza) Cephalanthus Prunus gracilis [[line across page]] Perodipus com Geomys com Lepus [[texainus?]] com " [[Ditto for: Lepus]] sylvaticus com " [[Ditto for: Lepus]] ([[pallidus?]]) 1 Cynomys abn Canis tracks Spilogale 1 Procyon [[end page] [[start page]] [[underline]] Aug 29 [[/underline]] [[underline]] Canadian [[/underline]] 9:10 A.M. Cross river Sandy, good grass hilly Geomys hills com [[underline]] Glazies [[/underline]] no station. Pinnated Grouse, 3 flocks Amorphia canescens com Astragalus (black pods) Coreopsis tinctoria Psoralea tenuiflora com Erriogonum 2 Ipomea (megalorhyza) Ipomesa leptophylla com [[underline]] Higgins [[/underline]] a little town Smoother, clay & lime rock. Artemisia scarcer - Geomys still common [[underline]] small stream [[/underline]] Sandy again & lots of Artemisia [[underline]] Shattuck [[/underline]] [[Appyllon?]] - Asclepias verticillata com Baptisia com [[underline]] Gage [[/underline]] [[underline]] Woodward [[/underline]]
[[underlined]] Woodward [[/underlined]] Aug. 29 Zenaidura, lower Aegialitis vocifera, 2 Chartes aura, com Speotyto com Falco sparverius 1 Xanthocephalus icterocephalaes 2 in flock of Molothrus ater. Sturnella neglecta Milvulus said to [[?]] com Geococcyx, a few & are now common near Huron Chondestes com. Calamospiza 2 [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underlined]] Woodward [[/underlined]], Aug. 29 Artemisia filifolia Solidago Erigeron Oxytropis Euphorbia Cottonwood Celtis Rhus aromatica Prunus Vitis Cleona
[[underlined]] Woodward. Aug. [[/underlined]] 30 - 12:30 [[underlined]] Aliston [[/underlined]] [[left margin bracket]] [[underlined]] Crossed N. Fork [[/underlined]] Canadian R Cedar Elm Fraxinus virides [[/bracket]] Cañons full of juniperus, Elm, Oak Prairie rolling & sandy Badlands of red clay as we near the [[underlined]] Cimmaron [[/underlined]], past [[Atuckes?]] Cimmaron val. full of Prosopis sandy flat, [[alketei?]], big sand dunes Elms, Cottonwood. Walnut, ash. Milvulus 1 at Cim. R. [[underlined]] Wayroka [[/underlined]] [[underlined]] Eagle chief [[/underlined]] Eagle Creek Prairie [[lurler?]] P.Ds. numerous Geomys com. all along [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underlined]] Salt Fork [[/underlined]] Milvulus 4 [[Perodifusides?]] com - big prairie no Artemisia Erigeron most characteristic plant Kiowa, Aug. 31 Spermophilis 1, [[skin?]] [[male symbol]] Insect .80, Vegetable .20 Grasshoppers, a lot of little blackbeetles, a striped beetle, 3 worms all different Chewed grain probably beans:
[[underlined]] Kiowa, Kansas. [[/underlined]] Aug. 31. Zenaidura com. Aegialites " [[Ditto for: com]] Cathartes aura " [[Ditto for: com]] Pinnated Grouse, some. Falco sparverius Buteo swainsoni 2 Circus hudsonius 2 Speotyto com [[Milonlus?]] 1 yesterday Sturnella neglecta com Ictereus Lanius Passer domestica, a few. Chordestes 4 Night Hawks Calomospiza 1 Colinus 1 flock Cyanocitta cristata 1 [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underlined]] Kiowa, Aug. 31. [[/underlined]] Euphorbia com. Solanum rostratum " [[Ditto for: com]] Helianthus annuus " [[Ditto for: com]] Psoralia tenuiflora " [[Ditto for: com]] Salidago Erigeron Baptisia , scarce Oxitropis lamberti, a little. Yucca angustifolia, scarce. Opuntia engelmani " [[Ditto for: scarce]] Catalpa, com.
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underlined]] Kiowa, Kansas Sep. 1 - [[/underlined]] Left at 1:10 P.M. Crossed Salt Fork. [[Perodipusbales?]] common Solid fields, good crops, good homes good towns. [[underlined]] Hazelton [[/underlined]] Ardea herodias 1 Amorphia canescens, com Not seen between Woodward & Kiowa, some between Canadian & Woodward - Oxitropis lamberti, a little [[underlined]] Anthony [[/underlined]], salt works Amorphia canescens becomes abundant. [[underlined]] Freeport [[/underlined]] [[underlined]] Conway Sprs [[/underlined]] Zinaidura in flocks of thousands [[underlined]] Oatville [[/underlined]] Flats Geomys abundant from Kiowan to Conway, from there to Wichita none.
Sep. 2. 92 [[underlined]] Osawatowmi. [[/underlined]] daylight. No Geomys hills seen from here to Kansas City. [[underlined]] Kansas City [[/underlined]] 7:25 to 10. [[underlined]] Holden [[/underlined]] Geomys hills, a few [[underlined]] Warrensburg [[/underlined]] Geomys hills, a few - Tumuli [[underlined]] St. Louis 9:45 P.M. [[/underlined]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underlined]] Sep. 4 [[/underlined]] Left St. Louis at 7:55 P.M. [[underlined]] Sep. 5 [[/underlined]] Daylight [[underlined]] Shelbyville [[/underlined]] Sweet gum a few Beech Persimon Sasfras Sycamore Ash Elm Hickory Oaks Flat country soil white Hilly near the [[underlined]] Ohio River [[/underlined]] [[underlined]] Cincinnati [[/underlined]] 7:45 Follow Ohio R. Bluffy, land poor, washed clay corn & tobacco small [[underlined]] Stone City [[/underlined]] Sweet gum in valley Pine on hills land poor, clay
[[underlined]] Huntington. [[/underlined]] Dinner. Left Ohio R. climbing up a small river very hilly [[underlined]] Kanawha Falls [[/underlined]] Up a little river full of rapids, high, rocky ridges covered with pine & scrub timber. Sweet gum by river. [[underlined]] White Sulphur [[/underlined]] dark Stopped at White Sulphur. [[underlined]] Sep. 5 [[/underlined]] [[underlined]] White Sulphur [[/underlined]] - 5:10 A.M. crossed divide mountains hardly better than Ozarks Ridges 1500 ft to 2500 ft. few rocky cliffs, clay. Rocks mostly shale & stratified; some sand [[clay?]] Frest scrubby & much burned. Pines, Quercus alba, rubra, muehlenbergi, Tulip tree [[end page]] [[start page]] Persimmon, Sycamore, Alder, Robinia, Salix, Juglans, [[Caryica?]], Chestnut, Juniper, Hemlock. Clear rapid streams with rock beds & banks. Gorges, no valleys. Little patches of land cultivated. Little towns, few houses between. [[underlined]] Staunton [[/underlined]] quite a town. Foothills, some valley land & farms - Crops poor, people too. Very pretty hill & valley scenery. [[underlined]] Ropidan [[/underlined] a little town in rolling valley. Along blueridge to N.E. [[underlined]] Culpepper [[/underlined]] village A gently rolling country with fields, pastures & groves & farm houses. [[underlined]] Remington [[/underlined]] village
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[blank page]]
[[image - pencil drawing of coon tracks]] [[underlined]] coon track [[/underlined]] Aug. 26, 1892 [[end page]] [[start page]] [[blank page]]
[[image - pencil sketch of an animal]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[blank page]]
[[image - pencil drawing of prairie dog]] [[end page]] [[start page]] Lepus sylvaticus. Aug. 2. 35 x 40 x 99 [[male symbol]] ad. Garden Plain. [[line across page]] P.D. [[male symbol]]. 360 x 88 x 61, skeleton [[line across page]] Perognathus paradoxus [[female symbol]]. juv. 130 x 64 x 21 Aug. 2. [[line across page]] Spermoph. [[l Zlineatus?]] [[female symbol]], Aug. 2 263 x 97 x 36 skeletonized [[line across page]] Sciuropterus [[male symbol]] ad. 245 x 102 x 33 Oklahoma City, Aug. 6 92
Greek Alphabet Sounded α. alpha. ă β. beta. b γ. gamma. g δ. delta. d ε. epsilon ĕ as in [[underlined]] sterile [[/underlined]] ζ. zeta. z η. eta. ā as in our [[underlined]] alphabet [[/underlined]] θ. theta. th. ι. iota. i as in [[underlined]] sterile [[/underlined]] κ. kappa. C.K. λ. lambda. l. μ. mu. m. ν. nu n. ξ. xi. x. ο. omicron ŏ as in [[underlined]] not [[/underlined]] π. pi p ρ. rho r sometimes has [[superscript]] c [[/superscript]] = h σ ς. sigma S. τ tau. t. υ upsilon u. y. as in [[underlined]] crude [[/underlined]] φ phi. ph χ chi. ch hard, not soft ψ psi. ps. ω omega ō. as in our [[underlined]] alphabet [[superscript]] c [[/superscript]] (comma) signifies "h", or rough breathing. {‘‛︢ accents}
Cedarvale, Kan. July 20 Passum [[male symbol]] im. 640 x 295 x 60 [[line across page]] Possum [[female symbol]] im. 565 x 243 x 54 [[line across page]] Job Davis, Belle [[Place?]] McDermit D. H. Anderson, Belle Plaine Glass, Winfield A. C. Brown P.Ds, near Clearwater, Kansas 22 mi. N.W. of Belle Plaine. Spilogale 475 x 195 x 50 [[female symbol]] I2 1/1, A. 2/2, P. 2/2 Spilogale 370 x 140 x 45 [[male symbol]] im. Lepus [[male symbol]] 570 x 85 x 133 [[strikethrough]] 7.00 [[/strikethrough]] " [[Ditto for: Lepus]] [[female symbol]] 600 x 95 x 128 [[strikethrough]] 1.25 [[/strikethrough]] Spilogale, [[female symbol]] 470 x 145 x 95 [[female symbol]] I 1/1, A 2/2, P 3/3 [[line across page]] P.D. [[male symbol]] 360 x 88 x 61 skeleton Aug. 2 Garden Plain [[end page]] [[start page]] 1.71 .85 [[line]] .81 [[Two columns of figures]] [[First column]] [[underlined]] Personal [[/underlined]] .40 5.15 .90 .15 .10 .40 [[line indicating addition]] 7.10 [[underlined]] Aug. [[/underlined]] .10 .40 5.30 1.10 1.00 .40 .25 .50 .40 .40 [[line indicating addition]] 7.85 [[/first column]] [[second column]] [[underlined]] Official [[/underlined]] 3.65 2.50 1.70 .20 5.56 1.35 3.35 [[line indicating addition]] 18.31 [[underlined]] Aug. [[/underlined]] 5.45 4.05 6.25 5.50 2.75 4.00 4.35 4.85 3.10 7.30 2.10 2.75 7.60 4.90 5.50 4.75 [[line indicating addition]] 75.20
[[blank back cover]]