Descriptions of reptiles and amphibians with specimen numbers from Europe (1905) and Virginia (1906)

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This field book contains a specimen list of reptile and amphibian species with collector numbers 0100-0192. Specimen listed were collected in Europe between 12 May and 14 July 1905 and in Virginia between 17 July and 26 August 1906 and provide brief descriptions including sex and specific location. European locations include locations near Bergen, Norway and various locations in Nysted, Denmark. Virginia locations include various places in Augusta county and may include Shenandoah county and other areas within Virginia.

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May 12, 1905

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Aug 26, 1906

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SIA RU007074

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Leonhard Stejneger Papers, 1753, 1867-1943

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Box 26 Folder 4

L. Stejneger EUROPE 1905 Virginia 1906
L. Stejneger, U.S. National Museum Washington, D.C. U.S. America
1905. 0100. ^ ♂ ad. Kungsoj, Alverstraumen, near Bergen, Norway. Sea level. May 12, 1905. T.l. 155 mm; tail, 41; hindfoot, 18.5 0101 ♂ ad. Kungsoj, Alverstr., near Bergen, Norway Sea level. May 12, 1905 T.l. 160 mm; tail, 41; hindf. 19.5 0102 [[penciled word ?]] ♂ Skansen, Nysted, Lolland, Denmark Sea level; beach, 20 feet from Baltic. July 7, 1905 T.l. 123 mm; tail, 32 [[?]]; hindf. 19. 0103 [[penciled word ?]] ♂ Skansen, Nysted, Lolland, Denmark Sea level, beach, 20 feet from Baltic July 7. 1905 Tl. 110 mm; tail, 40 ; hindf. 13 0104 ♂ Road along Aalholm park, Nysted, Lolland. Sea level. Under young deciduous trees. July 8, 1905 Tl 107 mm; tail, 35 ; hindf. 18.5 0105 ♂ Road along Aalholm park, Nysted, Lolland. Sea level; under young deciduous trees July 8, 1905 Tl. 108 mm; tail, 34 ; hindf. 18
No 0106 Evotomys ♂ ad Ditch, road to [[Stapbercys ?]], along fence of Aalhom park, Nysted, Lolland July 9 '05. T.l. 136 mm; tail, 41; hindf. 18 0107 Evotomy ♂ juv. Road along Aalhom park under young [[deciduous crossed out]] mixed trees, Nysted, Lolland. Scaled July 9. '05 T.l. 111 mm; tail, 34; hindf 18 0108 [[?]] ♂ ad. Edge of park Aalhom, near old trees. Nysted, Lolland. Sea-level. July 9. 05 T.l. 232 mm; tail 132; hindf. 27.5 0109 [[?]] [[female symbol]] ad. Edge of park Aalholm, under old trees, Nysted, Lolland. sea-level. July 9. '05. T.l. 208 mm; tail 110; hindf. 26 0110 Evotomys [[female symbol]] ad. Road along Aalholm park, under young conifers; Nysted, Lolland July 10, '05 T.l. 143 mm; tail, 47; hindf. 19
No 0111 ♂ ad. Nysted harbor, water's edge, Lolland. July 11 '05. Tl. 116 mm; tail, 38; hindf. 13 0112 ♀ ad. Nysted harbor, water's edge, Lolland. July 11 '05 Tl. 117 mm; tail, 38; hindf. 13.5 0113 Eccotomys ♂ ad. Road along Aalhohm park under young mixed Trees, Nysted, Lolland. July 13 '05 Tl. 153 mm; tail, 51; hindf. 18 0114 Eccotoneys ♀ juv. Old beachwood north of Nysted, Lolland, Denmark July, 14 '05 Tl. [[strikethrough]] 135 [[/strikethrough]] 121 mm; tail, 35; hindf. 18
1906 No 0115 _ Diadophis punatatus -July 17 '06 above Corwell [Littisa?]] Spring [[strikethrough]][[Tanly?]] Springs[[/strikethrough]]Freemason Run, Va. 1750' Color above dark smoky gray (QR_ top of head olive, collar orange-bugg; underside "deep chrome", fading to cream color on throat. _ under stone. 0116 Plethodon glutinosus July 17. 06 same loc. as above. Mxed woods, chestnut, pine etc. under stone. Above bluish black with "pearl gray" specks; underneath slate color, belly with a strong purplish wash; throat, [[strikethrough]]mottled[[/strikethrough]] light gray with [[indistred?]]still pale spots; underside of hands and feet as will as [[?]] [[?]] pale gray. 0117. Plethodon glutinous July 17 '06 same loc & color as above. 0118 Desmognethus ad July 18 '06 Bear draft [[strikethrough]][[River?]] toward[[/strikethrough]] [[Freemason Run?]], near divide between that and Moffetts Run, near road between Mt Solon & [[Stribley Spr.?]] ab 1700' above "raw Sicuna" with a series of indistinct large round spots of tawny on either side of spinal line; a zigzag line of blackish spots on middle of back and a nearly staight and continous dorso-lateral line; sides pale clary color dusky and whitish mottled; underside very pale clay-colour, with the entrails showing through purplish; lips spotted with silvery way; iris & brassy strongly mottled with blackish. 0119 Dimognathus [[4larvae?] July 18 '06 Same locality; similar colored.
0120. Sceloporus undulatus [[image - male symbol]] July 18. '06 Near Mike O'Connell's place, Fres[[?]] River, near [[?]]bly [[Springs?]] ab. 1800' 0121. Crawfish 3. July 18, '06 Same Run as 0118. 0122. Bryn[[?]], [[?]] species July 18, '06 O'Connell's Place, Va. 0123. Desmognathus ad. July 19. '06 Same local as 0118 Similarly colored, though somewhat darker 0124. Desmognathus July 19. 06. do. do. Smaller than one of the larvae with well-developed gills, but apparently [[through?]] transformation and fully colored, but the pattern on the back more regular consisting of eight pairs of circular spots, rufous [[?]] with clay colored periferies. 0125. Desmongnathus larvae July 19. '06 do do. Larger than 0124. Color above clay colored with a blackish dorso-lateral stripe on each side. 0126. Sceloporus undulatus [[image - female symbol]] July 21. '06 Mike's place. 0127 Bufo July 21. '06 Mike's Rim
0128 Terrapene clausa jus. July 21. '06 Woods south of Mike's place. Under mush room. 0129 Plethodon glutinosus y[[oung?]] July 22. '06 River above/east of Mike's place Under stone 0130 Plethodon glutinosus ad. large July 22. '06 do do Under log. 0131 Rana young July 22. '06 [[Same?]] run below Mike's place. Greenish, between 'oil grass' and 'olive buff' with dusky spots. 0132 Rana clamitans ? [[youg]] July 22. '06 do, do. 0133 "Johnny dart[[eyes?]]" Lop[[reen?]] July 22. '06 do, do 0134 Desmognathus fusca ? ad. July 22. '06 Fre[[?]] Run below Mike's place. Much darker than 0118. Upper side nearly uniform. Ferruginous, narrowly yellowish along the blackish dorso-lateral line; along [[?]] line a [[omics?]] of small irregular blackish spots edged with yellowish; yellow, black-edged line from eye to a[[ngle?]] of mouth; sides mottled blackish and yellowish. 0135 Desmognathus Fusca juv July 22. '06 do, do Darker than the earlier ones.
0136._Phetios[[?]]? larva July 22 '06 do. do. Nearly uniform light aqua on back gradually fading to whitish on belly, sides indistinctly mottled with dark gray. 0137. [[Storavia oceipitomaculata]] July 25'05 -------- ---------------- South side of Little North Mt. ab. 1900 feet alt. Above dark russet with 4 narrow distinct lines; collar ochraceous continuous ; top of head [[scab]] brown; underside vry dark coral. nd verging on Chinese orange;. lips and throat white with small black specks; iris chestnut. 0138. [[underline]] Rana palustris [[/underline]] J [[male symbol?]] July 23. '05 Moffets Branch at [[strikethrough]] south end of Stribling Springs Gap. Color above pale delicate[[?]] olive gray with deep purplish brown cross mark with coppery reflections[[?]]; the dorso-lateral gland pale greenish golden [[?]] more or less [[?]] with coppery reflections[[?]] like the dorsal [[strikethrough]] [[velts?]] and the lateral glands, tympanum like the dorsal spots but paler; eyes golden, with a blackish [[justal?]] line. legs above like back, but paler and suffused with [[ivory?]]; [[strikethrough]] underside white, [[gravis?]] suffused with ochre yellow. 0139. [[underline]] Dradophis punctatus[[underline]] July 24. '06 1 mile east of Stribling Sprgs. Va. 1500' Similar to 0115, but slightly paler above and below. -- under bark of fallen log.
0140. [[underline]]Bufo[[/underline]] adul. July 24 '06 do do. Under log. 0141 [[underline]]Bufo[[/underline]] juv. July 24 '06 do do. Under stone. 0142 [[underline]]Plethodon glutinosus[[/underline]] juv July 24. '06 do do Under bark of fallen log. 0143 [[underline]]Plethodon glutinosus[[/underline]] ad. July 24. '06 [[Freemason rim??]], above Mike's place Ab. 1750' Under log. 0144. [[underline]]Plethodon glutinosus[[/underline]] ad. July 24 '06. do do. ab. 2000'. Under log. 0145 [[underline]]Bufo[[/underline]] juv. July 25 '06 Top of Buck Hill, Stribling Sps. Va. 2000' alt. Hopping on ground. 0146. Minnows, without dorsal spot. 9 [[op??]] Small creek at Mrs. Crome's houses 1/2 mile S. E. of O'Connell's on road to [[??]]. [[Solon]]. July 26, '06. 0147. Desmognathus ? ad. July 26. '06 do. do. Above uniformly tawny-olive, with obscure dusky marblings, gradually fading on the sides to the pale "ecru-drab" of the underside; sides with
indistinct whitish spots,as well as on the lips; an indistinct dusky post. ocular streak; iris mixed dusky and brassy. Interorbital region, top of snout and lores [[regoue]]. 0148 [[underline]] Desmognathus [[/underline]] larvae July 26 '06 Same loc. Essentially colored as 0147. 0149. [[underline]] Desmognathus [[/underline]] larva. July 26 '06 Same loc. Above dusky with numerous irregular rather large tawny-olive spots. 0150 [[underline]] Desmognathus fusca[[/underline]] juv. July 26 '06 Same loc. Colored like 0123 and 0124. 0151 Isopod 1. July 26 '06 Same loc. 0152 Planarians 2 July 26. '06 Near Mrs Crome's farm, Freemason Rim, 1500' alt. Under the bark of a fallen log. above Pale drab with chestnut reticulations 0153 [[underline]]Plethodon glutinosus[[/underline]] ad (very layest?) July 27. '06 Miller's Run, Freemason Creek (N. E. of O'Connell's) ab. 1600' alt. Under log. _ Tail in [[living]] [[oposurnt??]] abruptly pales in [[underline]]terminal[[/underline]] half, as if regenerated 0154 [[underline]]Desmognathus[[/underline]] ad. (very large) July 27. '06 do. do. Like 0147, but darker and with small though distinctly blackish spots on back. _ Under stone.
0155. Spelerpes longicaula ad. July 27 '06 Same locality. Above and on sides bright "raw sienna", pale underneath and suffused with ochre yellow on underside of tail and hind legs and greenish on belly; spots blackish; iris brassy with a concentric zigzaggy chestnut ring and a dusky [[strikethrough]][[?]][[/strikethrough]] horizontal diametrical line underside of hand and feet suffused with purplish. 0156 Plethoram [[glutinous?]] ad. July 27. 06 Same locality Under log. 0157 Dromognathus [[?]] fusca? July 27. '06 Same locality Colors like those of 0124, but the two rows of dorsals spots larger, only 4 pairs between apolla [[?]] and groin, and entirely surrounded by blackish rings, this very distinct pattern continued on tail; several black spots on top of head; the black-edged pale line from eye to angle of mouth very distinct. 0158 Plethoram glutinous ad. July 27. '06 Same locality; under log In alcohol for skull; tail lost. 0159 Thammophis sirtalis [[?]] ad. July 30. '06 Jennings Gap. Augusta Co, Va. 1600 alt Found under an old board - Shed skin in bag: dark spots nearly black; dorsal stripe "ochracerus buff", lateral stripes "olive buff", skin in the lower lateral
spots [[strikethrough]] olive-buff, in the upper [[survice?]] whitish; outer scale row [[isabella?]]-color; underside olive-buff, chin white, lower labials suffused with buff; iris burnt umber. 0160 Bufo [[underline]] ad. July 28 '06 Mt. Zion, on road to Mt. Solon, Augusta Co 0161 Salamander larvae 3. July 31. '06 West side of North River Gap, near Stokesville, Va. ab 1600' alt. In a cold spring. Color above "tawny olive", uniform, but speckled with minute black dots; Two conspicuous dorso-lateral lines of white pores on each side and [[several?]] groups on the head; underside whitish; iris pale brassy. 0162 Rana palustris ad Aug 3. '06. Just S. of Stribling Gap, Augusta Co. Va. In a dry field. Very active and jumping in various directions forwards and backwards when pursued. Color like 0138, and equally metallic. 0163 Rana catesbeiana ad. Aug 3. '06 Moffett Run, Stribling Gap. Above dull "oil green" with indistinct cinnamon spots; limb above [[strikethrough]] brownish olive with dusky blotches; Tympanum brownish olive, center oil green; sides of face bright [[strikethrough]] oil green, nearly apple green at corner of mouth and adjoining portion of lower jaw; underside nearly cream color, suffused with olive yellow
on throat and blood red on posterior aspect of femurs; oil green marblings on throat very distinct, the skin[[?]] marblings on rest of underside rather obscure except on posterior aspect of femurs where they are very distinct and on tibia where they are suffused with olive; underside of feet dark brown with buff spots in rows along the metatarsals and the tarsus; iris golden, overlaid with numerous blackish dots except the inner edge which forms a bright ring around the pupil. 0.164 Rana clamitans ad. Aug. 3 '06 Moffett Branch, Stirling Gap, Va. Upper surface olive, [insert] whole head strong- ly suffused with oil green except on tympanum which is olive and on lips which are checkered blackish and whitish; back scantily but sides largely and strongly spotted with blackish, legs more or less cross-barred with same; sides with numerous glandular tubercles which are pale buff on the lower part; underparts whitish, throat obscurely marbled on the sides with dusky, posterior aspect of thighs strongly spotted with dark brown and diffused with blood red; soles blackish brown with buffy spots under the metatar-sals and a similar stripe on each side of tarsus; iris coppery overlaid with black dots, and an inner golden ring.
dorso-lateral ridges only well marked to the sacrum, skin between [[these]] granular with flat tubercles, top of head smooth in strong contrast. 0165. [[underlined]]Rana clamitans[[/undrelined]] ad. Aug. 3. '06 Same locality Similar in color to above, but [[strikethrough]] [gr]] [[\strikethrough]] oil green suffusion almost wholly confined to lens, and upper lip; [[strikethrough]] [[?]] [[\strikethrough]] tympanum rear cimnnamon, with a blackish brown rim and a central spot of [[ochre?]] color; contrast between smoothness of head and dull granular appearance of back less as the latter becomes distinctly tubercular only on sacrum. 0166. Agkistrodon contortrix [[female symbol]] ad. Aug. 4. '06 [[Lithia]] Spring, Mike O'Connell's place Stribling Springs, Va. ab. 1750 alt. In the spring house, coiled at the opening between the rocks from where the water issues. 0167 Agkistrodon contortrix [[male symbol]] ad. Aug. 6. '06. Same locality, and under same circumstances as no 0166, only that it was not coiled up. 0168 Desmognathus larva Aug. 6. '06 Bear Draft, near [[?]] 1800 feet [[Dusky]] sides; interstitial space narrow. 0169. 2 larvae Aug 6. '06 Same locality. Uniformly pale with [[?]] black dots and double series of lateral
white [[p--]] and group of [[p---]] on head. Interstitial space wide, much wider than eyes. 0170 2 planarians Aug 6. '06 Bear Draft, almost 1800' Under bark of fallen log. 0171 2 minnows Aug 7. '06 Mike's Draft, Freemason Run Below the house In deep pool. 0172 1 [[slug]] Aug 7. 06 Same locality Under stone 0173 2 larvae Aug 7. '06 Same locality 0174 [[underlined]]Rana clamitans[[/underlined]] Aug 8. '06 Freemason run (main) halfway between Mike's and Stokesville, 1500' Similar in color to 0165 but midtonal dusky rim and center to tympanum. Back and whole top of head nearly uniformly and finely tubercular; tubercles on sides larger. [[inderlined]]R. clamitans[[/underlined]] is apparently characterized by dorsolateral line, distinct to sacrum; larger tympanum; skin color with [[strikethrough]] [[?]] [[\strikethrough]] more or less distinct small [[dusky?]] spots; granular dorsum ^[[oil [[strikethrough]] gr? [[\strikethrough]] ]]; green ^[[super]]labial band. 0175 Molluscs Aug 8. '06 Same locality.
0176 Rana clamitans? 3 larvae Aug 8. '06 Same locality. Color olive. 0177 Dromognathus 1 [[tra-]] 5 larvae Aug 8. 06 Miller's Run, near confluence with Freemasons main Run. The [[transforum]] open. like 0157 but even darker; when taken out of water nearly entirely ** (This section inserted after entry 0179) black above with small orange [[strikethrough]] spots [[\strikethrough]] dorsal spots in pairs** 0179 Molluscs Aug 9. '06 South of Stribling Gap where road on s. side of Buck Hill crosses stream. Under stones (limestone). 0180 Dromognathus 7 larvae Aug 11-14. '06 O'Connell's Draft, above house, 1750' 0181 4 larvae Aug 11-14. '06 Same locality. Uniformly sprinkled with [[2 very]] conspicuous dorso-lateral [[---]] of white [[p---]], no dusky side, nor pale line along dorsal base of tail. 0182 Lampropeltis [[male symbol]] ad. Aug. 15. '06 1/2 S of Stribling Gap, 1650 ' alt. Ground color [[---]] and on sides drab, with larger patches or russet bordered with black; underside milk white checkered with black; [[iris]] [[------]] overlaid with rufous. 0183 Sceloporus undulatus. [[Male symbol]] ad. Aug. 20 '06 Dry Pond, Lookout Mt., Augusta Co. Va. 2700' alt.
Start page blank endpage start page 0184.[checkmark]- Diadophis punctatus young Aug. 21. 1906 Below M O'connell's place. 1700' alt Colored essentially as 0115. Under old fence rail 0185. [checkmark]- Spelerpes longicauda ad. Aug 21. 1906 Old ruins of house below O'Connell's place, 1700 alt. Under stone. Colored essentially as 0155. 0186. [checkmark] [[?]] larva Aug 21. '06 [[Littria?]] Spring, O'Connell's Farm. Va. 1700' Two dorso-lateral [[s??ics?]] of white [[form?]] 0187. [checkmark] Bufo ad. Aug 22. 1906 [Miller's?] Farm, Va. 1700' Under old stump in pasture. 0188 [checkmark] Lampropeltis [[image-male symbol]] ad Aug 23. '06 Stribling Springs, Va. ab. 1690'[[?]] Colored like 0182. Tongue dark [[and?]] with black tips. Under an old board. 0189 [checkmark] Agkistrodon contortrix [[image-male symbol]] ad. Aug 23. '06 O'Connell's place, Stribling Sps Va. 1750' alt. Crossing the road about 8 pm. 0190 [checkmark] Diadophis punctatus ad. Aug 24. '06 Stribling Springs, Va. ab. 1675' Under an old board. 0191. [checkmark] Bufo ad. Aug 24. '06 Same locality.
0192. Eumeces fasciatus juv. Aug. 27, '06 O'Connell's place, Va. 1750 On a clothes poles. Color above and on sides brownish black with 5 narrow sharply defined whitish lines washed with metallic buff, almost coppery and [illegible] shading into greenish blue on the base of the tail The terminal half of which being magnificent ultramarine, underside of body drab, more buffy on throat and neck with a fine metallic gloss.
[[What appears to be a sister of the second half of this piece of paper is viewable at]] [[The combined text reads: Family ENGYSTOMATIDAE The Engystomas Jaws without teeth; shoulder-girdle firmisternian and sacral lateral processes dilated. Widely distributed over the tropical portions of the globe, two genera entering the United States, one of which is the little Carolina Frog, [[italic]] Engystoma carolinense [[/italic]]. Most of the forms are terrestrial, some burrow in the ground, some are aquatic, but none are arboreal.]] [[I imagine this to have deep ontological import for the Engystomatidae family, and I am moved to tears that I may have been the Indiana Jones who broke this Da Vinci code.]] [[or it's just an over-printing that got torn into bookmarks at the Smithsonian]] [[also tear-inducing]]
Family ENGYS The Eng JAWS without tee firmisternian and cesses dilated. Widely distribute portions of the globe, the United States, little Carolina Frog, ense. Most of the some burrow in the aquatic, but none are
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