Field notes, Wyoming and Utah, May 16-July 3, 1890

ID: SIA RU007267

Creator: Bailey, Vernon, 1864-1942

Form/Genre: Fieldbook record

Date: 1890

Citation: Vernon Bailey Papers, 1889-1941 and undated, field notes and journals, 1889-1941

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This field book is comprised of plant and animal specimen list generated by Bailey during his collecting efforts in Wyoming and Utah in 1890. Bailey often includes the number of specimens taken from the field and usually also includes a cubic measurement of the specimen. He also often notes the number of live specimens observed in the field. Bailey occasionally takes notes on bird behavior at specific times of day. Specimen no. 1241-1264 are noted using scientific name cubic measurements, and often sex of specimen.

Date Range


Start Date

May 16, 1890

End Date

Jul 03, 1890

Access Information

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  • Animals
  • Birds
  • Mammalogy
  • Plants
  • Botany
  • Ornithology


  • United States
  • Wyoming
  • Park City
  • Fairfield
  • Utah


  • Fieldbook record
  • Field notes

Accession #

SIA RU007267

Collection name

Vernon Bailey Papers, 1889-1941 and undated, field notes and journals, 1889-1941

Physical Description

1 field book

Physical Location

Smithsonian Institution Archives


Box 1 Folder 3

[[Front cover]] [[underlined]] Field Notes [[/underlined]] 1890. May 16 to July 3. V. Bailey
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] V. Bailey Elk River Minn. [[left margin]] [[bracket]] Ft. Bridger [[/bracket]][[/margin]] Atriplex confertifolia Geranium richardsonii Allium reticulatum, Pentstemon gracilis, Clematis douglasi Caltha leptosepala Castilleia miniata [[left margin]] [[bracket]] Park City [[/bracket]][[/margin]] Aquilegia cǣrulea Acer grandidentatum " [[Ditto for: Acer]] glabrum Clematis [[strikethrough]] later [[/strikethrough]] verticillaris Physocarfros torreyi, Synphoricarpos oreophilus Cymopterus alfinus
[[underlined]] 1890 [[/underlined]] [[margin]] May 16 [[/margin]] [[underlined]] Rawlins, Wyo [[/underlined]] Cliff Swallows; a few (7) [[margin]] " [[Ditto for: May]] 17 [[/margin]] [[underlined]] Carter to Ft. Bridger [[/underlined]] Hirundo erythrogaster 1 Arabis lyalli. mustard - Zaraxic[[strikethrough]] ous [[/strikethrough]]um officinalis. " [[Ditto for: Zaraxicum]] scopulorum Louicera inodiciata Dodecatheon meadia - shooting star. [[strikethrough]] Tringoides 1. Pipilo ahlarrous com. [[/strikethrough]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underlined]] Harveys Ranch [[/underlined]] [[margin]] May 19. [[/margin]] Pisa hudsonisa, com. Robins com. Sturnella com. Scobocaftagus cyavo. a few. Blk. headed grosbeak 2 - Killdeers 2 Tringoides 1. Pipilo chlourous com. Dendrocea audufoni, com. [[margin]] " [[Ditto for: May]] 20 [[/margin]] Amodeauans 3. Spizella arevacro about 20. single or in pairs. Kingfisher 1.
[[margin]] May 21. [[/margin]] [[underlined]] Over to Henry's Fork [[/underlined]] Sialia arctica, 2 Pooecites 2 Salpinetus, com. Sparrow Hawk, a few. Colaptes caper 1. [[margin]] " [[Ditto for: May]] 22 [[/margin]] [[underlined]] Back to Harveys R. [[/underlined]] Sparrow Hawks nest in old Magpies nest, 5 eggs. nearly fresh. Colaptes cafer, several. Kingbird, 1 on fence. Dendroica auduboni 1. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underlined]] Harveys Ranch [[/underlined]] [[margin]] May 23 [[/margin]] Magpies nest. 5 bare young. nest in popple 12 ft. made as usual. [[Circus?]] 1 [[male symbol]] Poorwill, 1 heard. [[margin]] " [[Ditto for: May]] 24 [[/margin]] Catbird. 1 close up. Dendroica aestiva, com. Ammodramus 1. Turdus 1. Vireo q. swaini (?) 1. Greenwing Teal 3. Kingfisher 1
[[margin]] May 26 [[/margin]] Tyrannus verticalis 1 killed Pipilo chlourous 1. Kingfisher 2 Cat bird 1. Hebia [[melavocephdis?]] 3. D. aestiva abn. Z. [[leucophras?]] 1 killed Salpinctes com _ [[Orascaptes?]] (1?) 2 _ Falco sparverius 1. Accipiter [[strikethrough]] pur [[/strikethrough]] velox 1 Violet swallow 3. Sialia arctica 2 + nest of 4 blue eggs in hole in cliff. nest of sage lark Tringoides 1. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[margin]] May 27. [[/margin]] Helminthophila celata 1. Parius a. sep. 3. Catbird 1. Sparrow Hawks 2 Spizella nest in sagebrush 4 eggs. Colaptes cafer, nest in alder stub 6 feet. eggs 7, inc. far adv = Sturnella - nest, in meadow. Eggs 5, fresh Dendroeca auduboni 1. Poorwill, heard
[[margin]] May 28 [[/margin]] Robins nest with 4 eggs well insulated. Killdeer 1. Spirus tristis 1. [[margin]] " [[Ditto for: May]] 29 [[/margin]] Oriole 1. Caloptes cafer, nest in side of house. Poorwill heard in evening Coyotes bark " " [[Ditto for: heard in evening]] Sparrow Hawk caught a young sparrow while [[margin]] 30 [[/margin]] Took meadowlarks eggs, 5 Humming bird 1 ([[?]]) [[end page]] [[start page]] [[margin]] May 31 [[/margin]] Calamospiza melanocori [[strikethrough]] aff [[/strikethrough]] a flock of about 12. [[margin]] June 1 [[/margin]] [[underlined]] Up to Mts [[/underlined]] curlew 2. Hummer 1 heard. A. egretta 1 Hummers 3 Buteo swainson 2. Cirens 1 [[male symbol]] over pines Falco spar. com Sialia arctica, nest - Sphyrapicus 1. Juncos, in pine timber. Camped at Steel Mill 10000 ft.
[[margin]] June 3 [[/margin]] Went up the creek & near its source & up to timberline. Robins com. up to timberline Sialia arctica " " [[dittos for : up to timberline]] [[Arthus ludovocians?]], com. in parts high up Juncos, com. D. auduboni, com. to timberline [[Driotates villasus?]] 2 Zonotrichia leucopris. one in camp C. macrolopha 3 Tamias & Porcupine 7 [[Arctourns?]] up to timberline, [[end page]] [[start page]] [[margin]] June 4 [[/margin]] Canada Jay, com- Z. leucophrys 2 - [[margin]] 5. [[/margin]] up to timberline. [[vertical in margin]] A. tridentata up to old camp. Fragaria, com. Myosotis, com. in timber. [[/vertical in margin]] Picea to the top- Abies, from top down into timber, mostly shrubby Juniperus communis, abn. to top. Pyrola (?) 2 to top. Pine to 500 ft. of top. White Cowslip 10000 to 11000. R. glaberimus to 11000 - Frazeri at camp - Viola nuttallii at camp Primula " [[ditto for: at camp]] Castilae " [[ditto for: at camp]]
[[margin]] June 6 [[/margin]] Spizella socialis, a few at camp. Regulus calendula com [[margin]] June 10 [[/margin]] [[underlined]] To Carter [[/underlined]] Hirundo, a few at Carter Calamospiza, scattered through the sagebrush. [[margin]] " [[Ditto for: June]] 11 [[/margin]] [[underlined]] Evenston [[/underlined]] Passer domestica, 3 seen in street. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[margin]] June 12 [[/margin]] [[underlined]] Park City, Utah up the Mt. [[/underlined]] Robins, com. Sparrow Hawk 1. Pipilo [[ablourous?]] 1. [[strikethrough]] Plat [[/strikethrough]] Hummer 1. [[insertion]] [[underlined]] com [[/insertion]] [[/underlined]] platicircus Progue rubis [[strikethrough]] 2 [[/strikethrough]] com. 2 pair breeding in w.p'k'r holes in popple. Contopus v. rich, com. G. macgilvrayi 1. Troglodytes, abn. Zonotricha leucophras 2. Colaptes cafer 1. Marten & Troglodytes & violet Swallow all in holes of a popple.
[[margin]] June 13 [[/margin]] [[underlined]] Up Mt [[/underlined]] Carpodacus casseni 5. paired, breeding Zonotrichia leucophosas, com in pairs in brush, anxious. Vireo g. swainsoni 1. Siedia arctica 1, [[margin]] " [[Ditto for: June]] 14 [[/margin]] [[underlined]] Up Mt. [[/underlined]] Pipilo [[oblouvus?]] 4. Geothlypis macgilvrayi [[strikethrough]] abn [[/strikethrough]] 2 Hebia melanocephala 3. Vireo g. swainsoni 1, com. Coutopus richardsoni. com. [[Picaesrvies?]] 1. [[Zenaidura?]] 1 [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underlined]] Up Mt. [[/underlined]] [[margin]] June 16 [[/margin]] H. celata 1. killed. G. macgilvrayi 2 seen Sphyrapicus v. nuchalis 1 [[male symbol]] Zenaidura, 1 Tamias lateralis, 1 in town. one chirped [[margin]] " [[Ditto for: June]] 17 [[/margin]] [[underlined]] Up Mt. [[/underlined]] A young Robin can just fly. Sialia arctica, com. high up
[[underline]] From Park City to Salt L. [[/underline]] [[margin]] June 19. [[/margin]] Scolecophagus com. R.W. Blackbird, " [[Ditto for: com.]] Cowbird. " [[Ditto for: com.]] Sturnella, " [[Ditto for: com.]] Killdeer " [[Ditto for: com.]] Tringoides " [[Ditto for: com.]] [[margin]] " [[Ditto for: June]] 20 [[/margin]] [[underline]] Below Salt Lake City [[/underline]] Bobolinks, com. R.W. Blackbirds, " [[Ditto for: com.]] Yellowheads " [[Ditto for: com.]] Bitterns " [[Ditto for: com.]] P. domestica Cliff Swallows " [[Ditto for: com.]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underline]] Lehi to Fairfield [[/underline]] [[margin]] 20 [[/margin]] P. domestica. - Hirundo com. [[underline]] Fairfield [[/underline]] Cliff Swallows, com. Oroscoptes 1 Sayornis sayi com. Nighthawk 2 Amphispiza v. nevadensis 3. Turkey Buzzard 1
[[underline]] Fairfield Utah [[/underline]] [[margin]] June 21. [[/margin]] Spizella breweri abn. & young full grown. Zenaidura. com. in prs. Killdeer, abn, at ford. [[strikethrough]] Ruddy Duck [[/strikethrough]] [[insert left margin]] Cinnamon teal [[/insert left margin]] 1. [[male symbol]] Hirundo. obv. Sturnella, com. S. cyanocephelus, com. & anxious Corvus, 2 [[Oroscaftes?]], com. & yg. full grown. P. domestica, numerous A yg. [[male symbol]] with only seeds in gizzard. Petrichelidon lunifrons, abn. [[end page]] [[start page]] Oriole a pair Sayornis sayi, com. Shrike 5. Progne subis 6 Tyrannus 1 [[margin]] June 23. [[/margin]] Tyrannus 1. Otocoris com. seen drinking at 5 P.M. Carpodacus, 8 drinking at 5 P.M. Tyrannus at the water at 6:30 P.M. Sialia arctica 1 - amphispiza nevadensis, com & yg. flying -- Milospiza 2 at water 6:30 P.M.
[[underline]] Fairfield [[/underline]] [[margin]] June 23 [[/margin]] Violet Swallow, 1 drinking 6:3, P. Falco mexicana 2 [[margin]] 24 [[/margin]] Turkey Buzzard 1. Melaspiza 1, [[margin]] " [[Ditto for: June]] 25. [[/margin]] Amphispiza, nest in Artemesia, of sticks, loose. lined with wool. 2 half fledged young. Sayornis 1. sayi. Turkey Buzzards 3. Redwing Blackbirds, com, in meadow & young out. Jack Snipe 2. Bank Swallow, [[superscript]] (2) [[/superscript]] com. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underline]] Fairfield [[/underline]] [[margin]] June 26 [[margin]] Geothlypis occidentalis a pair in meadow. Robins, common - [[Amerodranus?]] 1 heard common - Dendroica aestiva 1 [[margin]] " [[Ditto for: June]] 27 [[/margin]] Yellow headed Blackbirds 13 & 3 in fields. Orascoptes nest in sagebrush. 4 eggs nearly hatched. Spizella breweri nest of 3 eggs, inc. 4 Turkey Buzzard 1.
[[underline]] Fairfield [[/underline]] [[margin]] June 28 [[/margin]] Ravens 81 2 killed. Curlew 1 killed Marsh Hawk 2 seen. one killed, [[male symbol]] [[num?]]. one sp. wallis in stom. 9 A.M. Numenius longirostris, [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underline]] Cedar Fort [[/underline]] [[margin]] June 29. [[/margin]] Sunday, Saw a Blue Bunting Spizella breweri. abn. Chondestes 4. [[margin]] " [[Ditto for: June]] 30 [[/margin]] [[underline]] Up Pole Cañon [[/underline]] Magpies 2 Jays Pipilo [[melagoux?]] (?) common. 1 killed. Pipilo [[cholorous?]], com. Chondestes , 3 G. macgilvrayi, 2 + a young. Trochalis [[platicirens?]], com. M. Doves, abn. Colaptes cafer 1.
[[underlined]] Park City [[/underlined]] [[margin]] July 3. [[/margin]] Tamias lateralis. 13, 5 ad. & 8 im., seeds, grain, beens, green foliage & flowers in all. insects in all but 2, hoppers, crickets, worms, & flies. old [[male symbol]] is fat. Young chip sharply. [[margin]] " [[Ditto for: July]] 4 16 T. lateralis killed & examined, about half had insects, nearly all seeds & greens, some had cake, wood, potatos, fat pork, beans, corn, oats in stomachs, several ads. were fat, E eat roses. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[blank page]]
[[Blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[Blank page]]
[[Blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[Blank page]]
[[underline]] No. Sawmill June 4, 90 [[/underline]] [[margin]] 1241 [[/margin]] 420 x 33 x 125 x 90. [[superscript]] [[underline]] [[rare?]] [[/superscript]] [[/underline]] Lepus baridi [[male symbol]]. Iris brown. [[margin]] 1242. [[/margin]] 211 x 64 x 28 x 7 1/2 Thomomys, [[female symbol]] ad. Teats 4-5. [[margin]] 1243. [[/margin]] 332 x 135 x 50. Sclurus [[female symbol]] ad. 4-4 Embryos 3. [[margin]] 1244. [[/margin]] 305 x 102 x 50. " [[Ditto for: Sclurus ]] [[male symbol]] ad. Bobtailed [[margin]] 1245 [[/margin]] Tamias 4 v. [[female symbol]] 200 x 91 x 30. [[insertion]] Sunflower seeds in pouch [[/insertion]] [[margin]] 1246 [[/margin]] " [[Ditto for: Tamias]] [[male symbol]], 186 x 86 x 29 [[margin]] 1247 [[/margin]] " [[Ditto for: Tamias]] [[male symbol]], 181 x 83 x 29 [[margin]] 1248 [[/margin]] " [[Ditto for: Tamias]] [[male symbol]], 190 x 90 x 30 [[margin]] 1249 [[/margin]] " [[Ditto for: Tamias]] [[male symbol]]. 186 x 83 x 30 [[margin]] 1250 [[/margin]] Lagopus [[male symbol]]. 210 x 10 x 29 [[underline]] At timberline June 5. [[/underline]] [[margin]] 1251 [[/margin]] " [[Ditto for: Lagopus]] [[female symbol]] 205 x 10 x 29. 5 embryos. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underline]] Saw Mill June 5 [[/underline]] [[margin]] 1252 [[/margin]] Arv. [[falbil?]] [[female symbol]] 124 x 22 16 ad. 2 embryos. [[margin]] 1253 [[/margin]] Arv. riparius [[female symbol]] 152 x 39 x 19 [[underline]] Ft. Bridger June 10. [[/underline]] [[margin]] 1263 [[/margin]] 370 x 48 x 64, P.D. [[male symbol]] [[margin]] 1264 [[/margin]] 252 x 45 x 55. [[male symbol]]. juv [[underline]] P.D. [[/underline]]
[[strikethrough]] Scales, Spurs, Forceps, wire, shot, Charger. [[/strikethrough]] [[strikethrough]] Shoes pegged .60 Photos .60 Board 2.00 [[overwritten]] [[?]] [[/overwritten]] [[Lost?]] .50 R.R. fare 8.40 Bath .25 Lunch [[/strikethrough]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[strikethrough]] [[margin]] July 2 [[/margin]] Board 3.50 R.R. fare 2.00 [[margin]] 3 [[/margin]] " " [[Ditto for: R.R. fare]] 3.00 Board 1.00 .15 [[margin]] July 5 [[/margin]] Board 2.25 .45 Street car 2.10 Supper .25 Scales .50 Board 1.25 Ticket 1.00 Baggage .60 Board 2.00 Lost .50 Pictures .60 [[/strikethrough]]
[[margin]] 19 [[/margin]] [[strikethrough]] [[Ochoina?]] .50 [[margin]] 20 [[/margin]] Microscope 1.50 Ammunition 1.00 book of Mormon 1.00 Board 1.00 Carfares 2,1, Baggage .75 R.R. fare 1.30 Cotton .25 Team 3.00 [[moccassin?]] [[/strikethrough]] [[strikethrough]] Medicine 1.00 28 Cottons .25 Board 6.00 Moving [[/strikethrough]] [[end page]] [[start page]] Skulls 1320 & 21, 1328 & 9.
[[underline]] Plants [[/underline]] Ledum glandulosum. Allium bisceptrum. Erythronium grandiflorum [[overwritten]] or [[/overwritten]] & [[strikethrough]] [[?]] [[/strikethrough]] minor. Penstemon cyananthus, Polemonium foliosissimum Mimulus luteus. [[?]] [[?]] Rabbit [[female symbol]] 560 x 94 x 134 x 163 [[strikethrough]] 560 x 134 x 91 x 163 [[/strikethrough]] Crocidilite [[end page]] [[start page]] [[strikethrough]] Timetable books, - Latin, Scot history, blankits Cheese [[/vertical strikethrough]] [[underline]] Echo to Park City [[/underline]] 26 m. 262 x 93 x 39. [[female symbol]] 7. lateralis Microscope Flute Dirk Pincers & shot [[half circle line connecting:]] Spermophilus [[genus?]]. 30 455 x 195 x 62 x 21 [[female symbol]]. 4 - 4, ad. [[/half circle line connecting]] [[strikethrough]] 610 x 192 x 88, [[/strikethrough]] [[male symbol]] Anatomys.
1890 [[underline]] 1779 [[/underline]] 4 [[division mark]] 111 [[answer]] 27 [[/answer]] Spizella [[strikethrough]] [[arevacer?]] [[/strikethrough]] breweri nest - outside di. 80. inside di. 45. depth inside 33. outside 65. Of fine grass lined with rootlets & cow & horse hair - Set in forks of A. tridentata 1 foot from ground. bird on & shot 8 feet from nest- Eggs 4. May 27, 90, Ft. Bridger [[bracket]] Skulls 1222 & 1169 eaten by a hog. [[/bracket]] 585 x 185 x 89. [[male symbol]] Arctom. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[back cover - blank]]
[[Back cover]] [[blank page]]